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You-Know-Who's Beloved Wife

You-Know-Who's Beloved Wife

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Carol Jones provoked a milkman when she was a teenager, which led to her unfortunate marriage. She was forced to be someone’s wife, shameful and disgraceful. Moreover, she had to fulfill her duty as a wife. During the dark days, the man occupied her all the time. However, it didn’t make Carol surrender. Instead, she was tougher. A person who got bad cards was destined to lose? She, Carol Jones, had to tame her husband into a loyal dog.

Chapter 1 Sudden Change On Wedding Day

Carol, after looking after her father in hospital, returns to her wedding home, in the dusk of the evening.

She opens the door and is greeted by a fragrant smell. Roses in full bloom spread over the ground and the way to the stairs, just like a red carpet, stopping at no end.

After a slight trance, she, holding the dress in her hands, walks carefully upstairs, so as not to trample the romantic flowers.

The door of the bedroom upstairs is narrowly closed, and there is a strange sound from a man and a woman.

Wesley said that he would give her a surprise at home. However, this sound...

Carol, holding her breath, flings the door open.

On the big red wedding bed, a man and a woman are entwining, completely nude.

After several seconds, Carol finally resumes her voice, "What are you doing?" She says.

The two, caught by Carol, show no trace of panic on their faces. Instead, they cock their heads and look at her with jeer, as if Carol was the third one who shouldn't break in.

While, in fact, the man on bed, Wesley, is the one who held a wedding with Carol during the daytime. The woman is her friend, Stella.

"Carol, you are really a psycho with the vice of watching others have sex." Stella looks at her flauntingly, full of provocations and complacence in her exquisite evil eyes.

Carol shivers, "Bullshit, I am Wesley's wife. We just had a wedding today.".

Stella sneers, "Carol, you still live in your dream. Wesley and I married today. You don't know?"

How's that possible!

Carol looks at Wesley, with her glaring eyes.

Wesley has no intent to explain. He reaches out to throw a document and red certificate to Carol, "Carol, your father signed an agreement with me. If I marry you, he will bestow everything of your family to me. I have fulfilled my promise and now we are done here. You can leave now and do not mess up my wedding night." Wesley says.

Carol picks up the document stiffly from the ground, with her pale face just like a piece of paper. Her dad transferred all Jones's Real Estate Company to Wesley one month ago. While the red certificate is the marriage certificate of Wesley and Stella. The date is today.

Carol glares at the two people betraying her. She, with her teeth clinched with rage, says, "Wesley, my dad treats you like his blood, trusts you and gives you everything. But you really give me surprise. Stella, your mother is mistress, and your father never gives you legitimate position, let alone alimony. I saw you through all kinds of difficulties. Now you seduce my husband. How could you do this to me!"

A gleam of guilty conscience flashes on the faces of Wesley and Stella, but then turns into a haze.

"Carol, we were extremely embarrassed in front of you. That's why we both hate you and wish you go to hell.

"See, everything of Jones Family belongs to me now, including this house, Jones's house. Carol, you have nothing but your half-dead father. Now get out. Do not let me see your face."

Carol clasps her hand, with her slender fingers turning white due to hard squeeze.

Stella, having fuound that Carol has no intent to leave, arches Wesley deliberately, "Honey, she doesn't want to leave. What can we do?"

Wesley pinches Stella's face, "If she wants to stay here, just take her as the air. Let's continue."

"Hey, little nasty."

"You little evil."

This is Carol's home, but suddenly it is occupied by evils. They are her most trusted people, but now they humiliate her in such a dirty manner.

Carol cannot stay here any more. She turns around in haste and reels out.

She should cry, but no tear in extremely hatred.

Carol's all bank cards are frozen, and the hospital urges her for medical expense. The next day, she walks around in the boiling sun to borrow money, but in vain. Carol, like a noble princess, once protected from wind and rain by her father, is sitting on the street in the park, just like a dumped puppet.

She has learnt a lesson from the fickle world. She grabs her hair with both hands disparately to know what she can do, where she can borrow money. Without money, her dad will die immediately.

"Excuse me, are you Miss Jones? My boss wants to see you." A man's voice comes to her head suddenly.

Randall, Nightking bar.

Nightking is quite boisterous at night. Women come here to find rich men or have a sleepover with someone, while men come here to prey for fun.

Third floor, a supreme VVIP room. The man opens the door and invites her to go inside.

Carol hesitates, with no idea about the boss inside. But under her circumstance, the word "boss" is quite enough for her to go inside.

The room is suffused with dim light and soft music. A man is hidden in the corner of the sofa, not clear for her, but he is tall vaguely with incense smoke around his lips.

Carol stands far away form the man. He smokes without a word, while she hesitates to ask, "Who are you? Why you invite me here?"

The man gets back his composure. He, picking his eyebrows, realizes that the woman has arrived.

The man looks at Carol in the dim. His eyes are sharp and dark, with a sense of hunting. After one minute, the man stubs out the cigarette in his hand in the ashtray on the coffee table. "You don't know me", he says slowly.

The man's voice is as good as the midrange of the cello, and the end syllable is provoked with a clear question.

Carol has neither graduated nor gained any work experience. She, having been protected pretty well by her dad, lives with rare interaction with outside. Therefore, she knows few except her circle.

But from his tone, she should know him. So she walks a few steps forward and wants to see his face more clearly.

Gradually, Carol sees the man's appearance. He is characterized by honey-colored skin, robust shape and a clear-cut face. His eyes, deep and dark as they are, form a bottomless abyss; his nose is straight; the strong line of his jaw looks pretty and perfect.

There is no doubt that the man is quite attractive and handsome. Deep eyes render him an air of dignity, just like a king.

Carol, after seeing the man's face clearly, suddenly stops and blurts out, "Kenny".

Kenny hears this exclaim, with his tensed facial features loosening. He sneers and gets up from the dim to the light. Then, he, just like an elegant leopard, walks slowly to Carol and stands beside her, "Miss Jones, long time no see."

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