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Whisper of the fate

Whisper of the fate

img Adventure
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In a small town, Bianca a beautiful young orphan girl, abandoned by all. Being a orphan, she hardly get to eat a meal a day. She warily reached the age of sixteen, but she accidentally offended the town bully. The bully's comrade beat her to an unrecognizable state. She curl there, thinking about her life, unknown to her a light shown on her left leg leaving a tattoo on her,as she was thinking,she saw a hand stretch to her, wanting to help her.she find herself enthralled with the enigmatic new guy Fredric. From there, their love life begins. She had no idea that he is a werewolf defending a convert pack. Bianca discover her own supernatural background as thier love grows, upending their entire existence. She started to feel uneasy. " What is the matter with me?

Chapter 1 A new dawn

The moon sparkled brilliantly, adding to the beauty of the warm night. Illuminating the darkness, nine years old Bianca raced through the woods, desperate to escape the relentless pursuit of a ferocious boar.

" What the hell am clearly a kid myself, I can't satisfy your hunger"

" O lord! Help me out these once "

" You can't afford to lose a gem like me" Bianca said shameless as she continue running. She spotted a hole and quickly hide in it. Just when she thought she had outsmarted the beast, it let out a bloodcurdling snarl, sending shivers down her spine. With every step, the danger seemed to loom closer, and Bianca's heart pounded with fear.

Darting into a narrow crevice, Bianca held her breath, hoping the creature wouldn't find her hiding spot.

Seeing it's prey has disappeared, the boar left dejectedly.As the sound of the boar's heavy footsteps faded into the distance, she dared to peek out and only came out of the hole when she felt safe.

With the threat temporarily averted, Bianca emerged from her hiding place. She was clearly hungry, as evidenced by her growling tummy. She thought that packing some stone and tying it to her stomach would help her overcome her hunger, but sadly, it didn't. Bianca continued her quest, luckily she found a squirrel not quite far from where she stayed, so she set up a trap and fled as soon as she had lured and trapped it. Excited, she returned to her run-down hut with only a mat, a solitary pot, a dish, a spoon, and a little jar as her sole possessions. She quickly built a fire, cleaned the squirrel, and cooked it, adding various kinds of spicy food that she could find, Which serves as her ingredients,after the food was done, she serve herself. Even though the door was useless, after eating, she still thought it would be wiser to lock it before going to bed.

The following morning, Bianca got up at the sound of a bird crow, signaling her hour, and got dressed before heading outside to beg for food. A sign that said "a maid needed" caught her attention as she was traveling. She contemplate whether to go in or not she was afraid of being rejected but she still made up her mind "if am rejected,at least I tried my best" Bianca thought to herself and move on to the house, when she knocked on the door of the residence in search of a maid, a woman's voice could be heard on the other end.

The woman on the other end said, "come in."

As Bianca walked in, she noticed a plump, unremarkable-looking woman with a "don't mess with me" facial expression. The woman treated her with contempt, assuming that she was begging for money or food.

"Go to the corner, you will see some leftover; grab it and get the hell out of my store," the woman angrily yelled at her. The woman yelled at Bianca, who was shivering. Despite this, she bravely though initially stuttering.

Bianca addressed the woman, saying, "Um...erm ma am not here to beg, I saw your signboard and I thought of applying."

"What nonsense are you talking about, you want to work here,are you daydreaming, with what strength do you want to start with?" the woman exclaimed, breaking into a fit of laughter.

"Ma am serious," Bianca retorted firmly.

"Go on, how are you going to work with your fragile body, am listening and I also want to know why I should allow a begger in my store" said the woman.

"Ma I can help with the dishes, wash the plate and clothes in fact am good at any house chores" said Bianca.

The woman felt sorry for Bianca, but she soon put on a pretentious look. Bianca notices the shifts in the woman's expression. Inside, she was grinning. Because of what she has experienced, she was able to read the woman's expressions. Whenever she begs for food, some people are happy to help, some are disgusted, and so on.

"Child, where are your parents and why do you want to work here?" the woman asks in a gentle tone as she begins to soften a little.

"I am an orphan," Bianca retorted, adding, "all I need is a place to sleep and food."

The woman is incredibly sympathetic to Bianca.

"All right, you're hired," the woman informed her. Stunned, Bianca tried to think of how to respond. The woman began to like Bianca more after observing how she was responding to this.

"Sarah" the woman called out a slender, average-looking lady who was no older than sixteen and was carrying a tape measure. Despite her silence, Bianca remained perplexed as to why the woman had called this lady out.

"I want to know if there will be any delays, so measure the girl and have her gown ready by tomorrow morning. The woman asked the young girl, "Do you understand?" The woman added

"Yes, ma, there won't be delay, everything will be ready before tomorrow morning" Sarah answered.

Bianca didn't realize that the woman had called Sarah out to take her measurements until now." Really, I will be wearing a uniform" she exclaimed, beaming, as Bianca thought to herself.

The woman said to Bianca, "You can resume to work as soon as possible."

"Yes ma," Bianca joyfully replied.

The woman said, "Okay, you can go. Wait, what's your name?"

"Bianca ma," Bianca quickly answered.

The woman chuckle lightly at how Bianca was reacting

"Alright, see you then tomorrow," the woman said.

"Yes, ma" Bianca answered.

she ran back home happily. The day flew by, and before long it was nighttime. Bianca went hunting for her dinner, not caring if she caught any prey or not because she was too happy to care. She caught some crickets and fished the river for fish, and after processing everything, she was satisfied. Considering the start of her new life, she couldn't bring herself to close her eyes but eventually gave in to exhaustion.

Due to her sleeping early, Bianca woke up early, tidy up herself, put on one of her rags she has, at least the one that appears nice out of all. She arrived at her to be working place, it was too early when she got there,so she had to wait for a while, she wasn't bother about the time but very nervous about how to start her day.

" This will be my first job" Bianca murmur to herself cheerfully


Sarah arrived first, her eyes widening in surprise at Bianca's early presence. "You came so early," she remarked, impressed by Bianca's punctuality.

Bianca, feeling the weight of her little white lie, merely nodded in response. Sarah led her inside and gestured for Bianca to take a seat while she fetched a uniform and food. "I can see you left home early without eating," Sarah observed with a chuckle, but Bianca insisted she was fine.

"Ok, go and get ready, time is not by our side" Sarah urge her

"Maam" Bianca called

"Yes" Sarah replied

" Ma what about the big boss" Bianca asked timidly.

" Oh you mean the woman who hired you yesterday, Mrs Sharon,she won't be coming today she has her things to take care off" Sarah replied

" Ma what......" Bianca wanted to ask more questions but was cut off by Sarah " no more questions, go and get ready to start your work, all what you need is in your room" with that Sarah left Bianca

As Sarah left to attend to other tasks, she instructed Bianca to tidy up in room number 13, her new quarters. With unanswered questions swirling in her mind, Bianca obediently headed to her room to prepare for the day ahead.

After dressing and eating, Bianca observed other girls arriving in similar uniforms. she was somehow excited since this was her first job.

" I guess this is the uniform given to everyone" Bianca thought

Most of the girls who came in were either her age mate or slightly older but are not as fragile as she was, only few are already close to lady Sarah age.

Not quite long,a bell rang. Bianca saw each girls forming a que, Sensing a camaraderie among them, she joined the assembly line, Bianca who was excited to see what happens next, was pushed to the back of the line, she could only tiptoe since she is very short, waiting for instructions from Sarah

hanging who has a lot of questions to ask.

" Alright everyone listen up, as you can see we have a new member here, let's invite her here to give us an introduction about herself" Sarah said and guesturing Bianca to come over. Bianca replied by nodding,then walk up to her, standing by her side and facing the crowd, Bianca was nervous.

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