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img img Romance img The Second Life of The Wasted Wife
The Second Life of The Wasted Wife

The Second Life of The Wasted Wife

img Romance
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img Aira Tsuraya
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"You must die today!!!" That was the only sentence that rang in Mina's ears before she closed her eyes forever. Mina Namari's life changed drastically after her father died. Mina became ill and could not do anything. She was even sadder when she found out that her husband was having an affair with her half-sister. Mina also accidentally found out about her stepmother's evil plan to make her sick just to seize her wealth. Mina wanted to run and go for help. However, she died at the hands of her husband. She should have died and been buried properly. However, God had other plans. Mina was allowed to repeat her life before she got married and avenged her husband, stepmother, and half-sister. An incident leads Mina to meet Alby Allister, a millionaire who will help her get revenge. Alby is willing to help as long as Mina wants to do a contract marriage with him. What is Mina's next attitude will she accept Alby's terms or choose revenge in her way? Follow the rest of the story only here.

Chapter 1 I Don't Want To Die

"Ssh... be quiet. She'll wake up," a man's voice hissed softly.

This room with an all-white interior and an area of about thirty-three square meters is where Mina Namari has been spending her time for the past few months. For no reason, the 27-year-old girl was suddenly completely paralyzed, and her fingers and toes were difficult to move. She also often suffers from shortness of breath at night. Not to mention her head is always dizzy and makes her very painful. Even doctors have not yet finished determining the diagnosis of her illness.

Mina had been asleep since this afternoon after a nurse gave her medicine. Now her eyes opened as she heard strange noises filling her hospital room. Mina did see her husband coming before she fell asleep. Bruno was always in charge of guarding her at night. Bruno, the husband she had only been married to for two years, was very attentive to her. Maybe it was Bruno's presence that made Mina excited to survive.

"Aah... sssh... ." The sighing sound came back and Mina caught it very close to where she was sleeping. She also felt she recognized the sound.

"Does anyone else sleep here besides Bruno?" muttered Mina to herself.

Indeed, the place where Mina slept with the waiting sofa was currently separated by a curtain. Bruno always closed the curtain when Mina slept. He said it was so that Mina would not be disturbed by Bruno's activities. Bruno often brought his work home to the hospital. Since Mina couldn't actively help in the company, Bruno was the one who stepped in to handle the company left by Mina's father.

"Again, Dear. Don't let go..." Again, the voice with sighs and labored breathing rang in Mina's ears. Mina was curious and wanted to know what was going on behind the curtain.

Mina slowly lifted her body with difficulty. She was almost completely paralyzed and could not move her limbs. However, Mina did not give up. She had to find out what noise had disturbed her sleep this time.

Mina's hand was already stretched out to touch the dividing curtain then with slow movements, Mina pulled the curtain between her bed and the waiting sofa. Mina's eyes widened in shock.

She saw her husband sitting on the sofa while Melan, his half-sister sat on his lap facing each other. Neither of them was fully clothed and this was not something worth watching. Mina was dumbfounded, her eyes bulging with her mouth wide open. Her hands were shaking and she accidentally pulled hard on the curtain, making a loud noise.

Instantly, Bruno and Melan turned to Mina. Bruno should have been surprised and tried to apologize for his actions. But instead, he asked Melan to step aside, and then Bruno got up without adjusting his pants and walked over to Mina.

"Are you awake, Dear?" Mina didn't answer, she just covered her mouth with both hands and nodded her head.

"It's good that you're awake. You just stay here. I want to continue my game with Melan. You know how many months you can't serve me. I'm a normal man, darling. It's only natural that I seek my satisfaction," Bruno continued in an innocent tone.

Meanwhile, Melan sat with her legs crossed on the sofa. She had even taken off all her clothes leaving only her underwear. Mina glanced at Melan, there was hatred in her eyes but she could not say anything. Her heart ached and hurt, and only tears kept rolling down her cheeks.

"That's it! I'll close the curtains first. I don't want to see you craving later."

Bruno turned around and closed the curtain with a quick hand movement. Then there were more sighs and moans, even more noisy than before as if to show Mina that the two of them were enjoying their hot game.

Mina cried silently. Her heart broke for the second time, she regretted why she had accepted her father's arranged marriage. She regretted having to marry a man who turned out to be rotten-hearted like Bruno. Even though when they first got married, Bruno was very attentive and affectionate to her and treated Mina well. However, everything has changed since her father's departure.

Mina cried until she finally fell back asleep. She didn't know how long she slept, but she woke up when she heard soft voices whispering around her.

"So you already know how much money we will receive if she dies?" Melan said quietly.

Mina blinked her eyes as she looked around. The curtains were not closed tightly and she could see two women sitting on the sofa and a man standing by the window.

"Yes, Dear. Mama has made sure of it. This time we'll be filthy rich. Their property will be ours, including the life insurance and then you can marry Bruno."

Mina was surprised to hear that especially since it was Mrs. Jesica, her stepmother who she thought was nice all this time.

"So this is what they have planned for me? Could Papa's death and my pain also be their doing? They want my wealth and life insurance premiums," Mina thought.

"After this, we will execute him and no one will know it was a murder."

Melan and Mrs. Jesica's giggling voices could be heard. Mina could only cry without being able to do anything. Who should she ask for help? Her body was so hard to move that Mina didn't even know why her voice was gone. What kind of medicine had been put into her body to make her like this?


Suddenly, the door opened and a well-built man with deep-set eyes and charming sideburns stood at the door. The man was stunned for a moment as he wandered around. Mina who was still on the bed could see the man. Indeed, the place where she slept could directly see towards the door.

Their eyes met for a split second and somehow Mina felt that it was time to ask for help. Maybe God sent this man as her helper, that's all Mina could think of.

"Who are you looking for, Sir?" Bruno who was standing by the window approached and asked the handsome man.

"Eng... sorry. I think I got the wrong room. I was looking for my grandfather earlier. He's being treated for heart disease," the man said.

"Oh... I see. It looks like you have the wrong room. This is my daughter's room," Mrs. Jesica said. The handsome man only nodded while glancing at Mina who was lying helplessly.

Again for a few moments, the handsome man's eyes met Mina's. Mina tried to ask for help through her gaze. She hoped he would catch the SOS signal she was sending through her eyes. However, the man just stood still in his place and was ready to say goodbye.

Mina didn't want to miss the opportunity, so her hand deliberately nudged the glass on the table next to her bed. The sound of the glass breaking immediately caught their attention. Everyone turned their heads towards Mina including the man even now they all walked closer.

"Mina, what are you doing?" exclaimed Mrs. Jesica.

"Honey... why didn't you say you wanted a drink." Bruno pretended to pay attention.

"Maybe she asked earlier, but you don't know. I saw him talking through eye signals. Can't she speak?" The man raised his voice again.

Mrs. Siska, Bruno, and Melan looked at each other. The three of them took turns signaling to, get rid of the unknown man.

"If you don't mind, I have a doctor acquaintance who can help her. I would recommend it for your daughter, Ma'am." Once again the man let out the words and now while looking sadly at Mina.

"Thank you, Sir. Maybe we can continue next time. If I may, what is your name?"

"I am Alby Allister." The handsome man extended his hand and was greeted by Mrs. Jesica. Then they chatted away trying to distract themselves. Meanwhile, Melan and Bruno tried to dissuade Mina from gesturing again.

After a while Alby had said goodbye, leaving only Mrs. Jesica, Melan, and Bruno. They were now standing around Mina with sinister looks.

"Do you have any last requests, Mina?" asked Mrs. Jesica with a wicked grin.

Mina just stood there shaking her head. She wanted to scream, she wanted to get up, she wanted to run, but she couldn't do any of that. Then Bruno came closer and kissed her lips greedily.

"This is our last kiss, Dear. You must die today."

After saying that, Bruno took out a syringe from his pants pocket and swiftly injected the liquid in the syringe into Mina's body through her IV. Laughter and a wolfish grin filled Mina's hospital room.

Mina was silent, staring at the faces of her murderers one by one. She couldn't accept it, she couldn't accept being treated like this. She would seek revenge. She would avenge her death, avenge all their treatment. However, is it possible? Meanwhile, her body was getting weaker, her breathing felt labored and her eyesight was also blurred and difficult to open.

Slowly Mina could see her own body lying helplessly on the bed with three bastards surrounding and laughing at her. Now that she could even touch the ceiling of her room, she was floating in the air and had become a spirit.


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