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"Akira" I heard a loud shout from a distance so I became even more nervous and sped up. I quickly entered a room and closed the door before locking it, I leaned against the door due to exhaustion. I was nervous when suddenly someone knocked on the door and tried to open it. "f*ck Akira open this f*cking door" he yelled again and forced the door to open so it was even more if he pushed the door to block it and he couldn't enter. "n-no please s-stop" "Love please, open this godd*mn door and let me in" he begged and promised and knocked on the door but I just shook my head, it's dangerous when I let him in. "K-keroz stop please, t-it's okay" His crazy. I was almost hoarse from talking and crying He even tried to push it, making me scream and cry in fear that he might enter. "Akira love don't test my patience" he promised horrifyingly and suddenly the noise outside stopped. I also stopped crying and moved away from the door, I was surprised to look at the door when suddenly it was quiet outside but because of the nervousness I felt I went straight to the closet to hide, I went to the big cabinet there were more expensive clothes on hangers but I ignored them it was because of the fear I was feeling, I immediately hid behind the curtain so that I wouldn't be seen. I was still sobbing because of crying, but I was almost standing where I was standing when the person I was afraid of entered, the person who made me nervous, Keroz. I immediately covered my mouth when I saw him enter the closet. I was even more nervous when he looked at my side. He grinned directly at where I was hiding so I bent down so he couldn't see me. Oh my god, does he know? I opened the curtain in front of me to see if he was still there, I was relieved to see that there was no one outside, but I was immediately filled with trepidation when I felt something next to me, I looked at it as if I didn't want to do it. "Looking for me Akira love?" he said with a smile and looked me straight in the eye which made me even more nervous. "K-keroz"

Chapter 1 about my daughter's wedding

Chapter 1

Akira's point of view

I woke up when I heard my alarm clock so I immediately turned it off.

Well, it's past eight o'clock.

I immediately got up from the bed and went straight to the bathroom to wash up. Then I left the room and went downstairs.

When I got down, I suddenly felt shy, I didn't know that Mama had a visitor, they just smiled at me when they saw me, I couldn't greet them because they were busy talking.

I just bowed while walking to the kitchen and the couple looked at me.

"good morning sister" greeted the two brothers while eating I just smiled at them "good morning too"

I spooned some rice and dishes and sister with them. After we ate, I was the one who did the washing up, and the two of them went upstairs.

Mom and Dad ate first. I had just finished washing when Mama suddenly came to me.

"son" he called me so I turned to him.


"Our guest would like to talk to you" even though I was confused, I just nodded and followed him.

"uhmm Mr. and Mrs. Villafuerte" Mama got the couple's attention so they looked at our place. "This is my eldest son Akira Jade" Mama introduced me so I looked at her.

The couple smiled at me but I didn't reciprocate because my eyes were still on Mama who was looking away from me and was restless.

"Ohh she's pretty huh" the lady complimented me so I smiled sparingly, I didn't want to be rude to the guest.

"By the way, how old are you?"

"19 po" I politely answered the gentleman.

"Nice to meet you Akira, my name is Livian Villafuerte" introduced the lady "and my husband Kristoff Villafuerte" and pointed to the person next to her who was smiling at me, I just nodded to them and smiled lightly.

"So I guess you have already told him about my daughter's wedding"

"Marriage? I'm getting married?" I asked in surprise and looked at Mama who avoided looking at me.

"yes, why?" the lady asked, wondering what I said. She turned her gaze to Mama" Haven't you told her Feliza yet? Actually all you need is your signature to become a Villafuerte" said the lady who made me gape.

I didn't realize that I got away from them and went to my room. I closed the door and shed my tears there.

I didn't know that my parents were hiding something from me, how could they do this to me?.


I looked up when someone spoke and I saw Mama at the door. He immediately came close to me and hugged me so I started crying even more.


"I'm sorry son, I'm sorry if I didn't tell you that right away"

"it's okay"

Mama broke away from hugging me and touched my cheek.

"We were in debt to the Villafuerte family, it reached 100 million, they gave us and your father two years to save up more payment but we couldn't handle it because Ethan got sick" Mama explained crying.

"We paid the hospital bills for the money owed to the Villafuertes, they also said that they wanted you to see their son as the heir of the Villafuertes, so you were the one agreed upon"

We are not poor or rich, just able-bodied.

"Daughter, forgive us and your father" Mama begged me.

Even if they keep something from me, I can never bear anger towards my parents.

"It's okay, Mom, I know you're doing it for us."

"Be patient, it only takes four years to finish that" I just nodded to what Mama said.

I stared at the mirror because I was wearing the expensive dress that Maam Livian had given me earlier, because we had a family dinner today and I was supposed to meet their daughter.

I just put liptint on my lips because I'm not good at make up, I just let my long and chocolate colored hair loose, I also wore four inches heels to make me look taller.

Then when it was time to fix it, I left the room and went straight downstairs just as they were fixing it.

"You look beautiful now, son," Dad complimented me and looked at me in amazement.

"Of course dear, who inherited that from his beautiful mother" Mama interjected, Papa and I just laughed at what she said.

"Hey, let's go"

The two siblings did not come because they were sleepy.

We got in the car and went straight to the location Maam Livia said earlier. After we got there we went down.

"is that here dear?" Papa asked and looked around.

"maybe dear, let's go"

After we entered there, Mama and Papa approached a staff here at the restaurant. I just noticed that only rich people are here.

I just looked around to see the design of the restaurant, when I finally noticed that someone was looking at me, I bowed in shame and approached Mama.

"They are said to be on the 2nd floor on the terrace side"

"oh let's go"

I just followed Mama there. And that's right, Maam Livia's family was there, her husband was next to her, I looked next to Sir Laurence, a man who looked like her ex, maybe he was their son, I didn't realize that he was also looking at me. I just looked away and followed Mama.

"Oh, it's good that you arrived soon, Feliza," greeted Maam Livia. "have a seat come on". Mama sat down so I sat down too, I looked at the person in front of me who was also looking at me. It is admitted that he is handsome in his clothes and his face, he has red lips, a sharp nose, thick eyebrows and long eyelashes, his ocean-colored eyes add more attractions to him.

I was able to look away from him when someone suddenly said something.

"yeah you two haven't met yet, uhm son she is Akira your soon to be wife" Maam Livia introduced me, I looked away because of what I heard.

"and Akira this is my son Keroz" I just smiled at Maam Livia and nodded.

They started eating and talking but I couldn't focus because of the strange look in front of me. I looked at Mr. and Mrs. Villafuerte when they stood up and announced that someone was going.

"ahh, you want to be here first, huh, because our client called your dad, we're just going to talk about something at their house" Mama said goodbye and quickly left.

"Wait, Ma" I stopped them but they had already left. who can deliver it to me? I looked at the person in front of me who had been staring at me.

"you look beautiful"

I looked away when he said that, I also felt my cheeks heat up at his words. Sh*t I'm sure your cheeks are turning into a tomato.

"t-thanks" I don't know if I'm stuttering, don't now Akira calm down.

"y-you look g-good too" I shyly greeted him.

"I know your upset about our marriage so I apologize for that" he said directly, I just smiled a little.

After we got out, the people inside were looking at us so I bowed down, I was surprised when Keroz suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the restaurant.

He also voluntarily let go of my hand when we were in the parking lot, just as I was about to open the back seat door when he spoke.

"who told you that your gonna seat there?" he asked coldly so I swallowed to reduce my nervousness.

"hisn't it?"

"tsk! of course not I will never allow you to seat there" he went straight to the driver's seat and looked at me "come on seat by my side" he smiled.

I just went to the shotgun and looked out the window so I wouldn't get caught. It was a few minutes before we got home.

"thanks for bringing me, K-keroz" I was still shy when I said that, he just nodded.

I thought he was going to leave but I was surprised when he brought his face closer to me, I backed away because of the shock and I looked at him with wide eyes.

I almost fell asleep when he kissed me on the cheek.

"goodnight Akira, Min future fru" he just grinned at me before driving the car away.


I felt warm because of that, I was surprised to see his car driving away. I grabbed the cheek he kissed, I just shook my head and went inside

After signing the marriage contract, the couple said their goodbyes and went home.

"Thank you for understanding your mom and me" Dad said so I just smiled at them.

"We also have an agreement that he will live there in their mansion" said Mama which surprised me.

"how about you?"

"We're fine, you can also visit us if you have free time" I just smiled at them and nodded, they hugged me so I could hug them.

"oh so we will visit you and your brothers"

"Group hug! " We looked over there and saw Larra and Ethan running with both of their hands up and hugged us. We just laughed at them, I wish we were like this, Happy!

Today is the day I will move to the Villafuerte mansion. Even though it hurts because I can't be with my families, maybe I'll just visit them when I have free time.

"Mom, be careful here" I said goodbye to them while hugging her.

"You too don't jojowa huh, study first and you'll take care of Tantan huh" I told Larra and hugged her.

"yes sister" she answered crying

"Come on, the driver has been waiting for you for a while so he's bored" Papa said, I smiled at them all before getting into the Van. I waved to them through the window as the Van started to move.

After an hour, we arrived at a beautiful house.

Wow! very beautiful.

The van stopped so the driver got out and opened the door for me, I smiled at him before getting out.

My jaw almost dropped when I saw that the wealth of the Villafuertes was really different.

The driver took my suitcase and walked first so I followed him. The big gate opened in front of us so we walked inside.

On its side, there are luxurious cars parked while in the very center there is a large fountain surrounded by beautiful flowers that make it even more beautiful.

"how's your ride huh?" Welcome to Mrs. When Villafuerte saw us outside, he had two maids and a body guard with him.

"You're okay M-maam" I answered shyly and smiled.

"ohh Akira just call me Tita or Mommy totally your my son's wife"

"okay aunty"

Aunt just smiled at me "anyways lets go inside" I just nodded to what Aunt Livian said.

We just followed Tita who was walking ahead, I was even more amazed when we got inside.

Wow! as in

We saw the large chandelier on the ceiling, a long glass staircase on the left and an expensive sofa on the right with expensive flower vases and paintings on display.

I just meditated inside until I reached another spacious living room, my smile wide as I looked at the paintings.

It's wider than what I saw earlier, there's a fireplace and a grandfather clock next to it, there's also a big TV in the back, there's a wide sofa and a wing chair in the middle, there's also a cushion in each corner of the sofa so it's more attractive look.

I froze in my tracks when I heard the familiar voice behind me.

"You're here"

I turned to the person who spoke, he was holding a wine glass in his right hand while the other was frothing but his face remained emotionless.

"u-uhm yes just a while ago" I swallowed several times as he looked at me for a long time.

"Why do you stutter?" He raised an eyebrow when he said that.

I didn't answer immediately because of fear and remained silent.

I just watched him get some wine from the wine cellar before pouring another glass.

"wanna drink with me?" he offered me but I just shook my head and shyly smiled at him.

"aren't you drunk?" I asked so I wasn't the only one watching his every move.

He just shook his head and poured some more wine "I have a high tolerance for alcoholics so I don't get drunk right away" he answered bored.

I just nodded at his answer and smiled

To Be Continued...

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