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img img Romance img The President's Runaway Ex- Wife: His Triplets
The President's Runaway Ex- Wife: His Triplets

The President's Runaway Ex- Wife: His Triplets

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Dawson Group is a world-class multinational conglomerate with subsidiaries in every country in the world. It is a considerable force, and the current president, Galen Dawson, is the sole heir of the Dawson family. When Galen was young, his father, Bob Dawson, was betrothed to his best friend, Brooks. Later, the Brooks family declined, and the Dawson family increased and became a multinational conglomerate. Bob Sr. kept the promise and let the family's only heir, Galen, marry Catherine Brooks and gave Galen an aphrodisiac on their wedding night. Later, because of Galen caused Catherine's triplets' premature birth. Catherine, utterly dead to Galen, took the opportunity of childbirth, with two babies fleeing to England. This started a romantic love story in which the president chases after his ex-wife, and the three children play the auxiliary.

Chapter 1 Your love is great!

"Galen's coming back?"

With her eight-month-plus belly, Catherine was folding her new little clothes in the children's room when she suddenly heard the house servants murmuring.

Is he back?

Is it because she's having a baby?

A wave of ecstasy welled up in her heart, and all of a sudden, even her hands were trembling slightly there.

Galen is the father of the child.

Yet, from the time of her marriage until now, she and he had only met once, the night of her wedding, and after that, he was gone, never to be seen again.

"Baby, mommy knows that daddy doesn't like mommy, but that's OK. As long as Daddy can come over and watch you enter this human world, Mommy is happy."

Catherine, with tears in the corners of her eyes, continuously stroked her high and bulging abdomen, and her delicate and glistening white face was full of uncontrollable happiness.

Two days later.

Sure enough, Galen Dawson, heir to the Dawson family and president of the Dawson Group, who had disappeared for more than eight months, was back.

Kathryn heard this and ran down the stairs, excitedly clutching her enormous belly.

But what made her blush was that when she got to the stairway, she looked down, only to find that in the hall below, besides this man she had longed for, another woman was beside him.

"Galen, what do you mean? I told you to come back to be with the labor. What do you mean you brought this woman back?!!"

"Don't you know very well what I mean? I've told you before that this marriage has nothing to do with me. The woman I'm going to marry is Leah, and she's standing by my side right now!"

Galen, wearing a thin black trench coat, a handsome face as if carefully carved, and a pair of black eyes deep and cold, stared at his mother, "Emma" The whole person looked like a layer of frosty air!

Emma heard this and was furious to the bone!

"You rebellious son! Do you know that Catherine is now pregnant and about to give birth? How dare you still want to say such things!"

"Why can't I talk about it? If you guys hadn't drugged me on the night of our wedding in the first place, how could you have created such a thing? I'm telling you, he doesn't deserve to be in this world at all!"


There's no more sound.

Katherine, standing at the top of the stairs, only felt a sharp pain that tore through her heart and lungs after what seemed like a vicious stab in her chest; as she stood there, her eyes blackened, and she couldn't hear anything anymore.

He said his children don't deserve to be in this world!

She began to shake-"Ah! Miss Catherine, Miss Catherine is bleeding!!!"


In a flash, the entire Dawson family was startled.

The mother and son, confronting each other downstairs in the hall, jerked their heads and looked up.

A pregnant woman with a big belly indeed.

However, she was now standing at the top of that stairway, and large streams of blood had trickled down from under her skirt.

Galen blushed slightly.

"Galen, your love ...... is great. Step on the bones of your children to get happiness. For the rest of your life, sleep peacefully?"

Catherine stared at the man as she finally collapsed and said only this.

It was also the first thing she'd said since she'd married him!

Galen froze, wanting to say something, but before he could, the woman with the big belly had fallen heavily to the ground, splattering blood!

'Get us to the hospital, quick!!!"


A few minutes later, Catherine, who had passed out, was finally winded and taken to the hospital.

"Galen, don't think so much; this matter has nothing to do with you; what era is it? Still arranged marriages, still use that kind of tactics, that woman still dares to curse you, Galen ......"

Quieting the hall, Leah tried to talk Galen down.

However, no one expected that before Leah could finish her words, this man, who usually never lost his temper with her, suddenly swept his eyes fiercely towards her!

"You shut the hell up! When is it your turn to butt in on the Dawson family's business?"

He interrupted her harshly, and his gaze became terrifying for a moment!

Leah immediately shivered, no longer daring to say anything.

Katherine, you bitch!

It's best if you don't come back and die in the delivery room, one big and one small; that's for the best ......

An hour later, in the hospital.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Bob, the mother had bleeding and couldn't be resuscitated. However, one of the three children in her womb was resurrected and returned, so we did our best."

The obstetrician holding the baby finally came out of the operating room and, after seeing the Dawson family and others who had been waiting outside, told them the news with a heavy heart.


He has three grandchildren, a daughter-in-law, and only one left?!

The head of the Dawson family, Bob Dawson, couldn't take such a heavy blow on the spot, so he covered his chest and fell back.

"Master! Master!!!"


Galen had already left the Dawson family with Leah when he heard the news and was heading downtown to his private apartment.

When he suddenly heard this, the hand gripping the steering wheel froze slightly instantly.


"Yes, it is said that she was not in good health in the first place, and after the hemorrhage, she could not be saved, but the three children, one was saved over, a boy, and has been carried away by the master."

The assistant finished the matter in detail, afraid that he did not believe, and finally took a picture of a hospital bed covered with white cloth, a large and two small bodies over.

In a flash, the pupils of Galen, who was driving the car, shrunk!


The foot brake slammed there, and the car, so raw in the middle of the road, stopped.

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