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img img Romance img The Paranoid Billionaire's Trap
The Paranoid Billionaire's Trap

The Paranoid Billionaire's Trap

img Romance
img 608 Chapters
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img Nevsa Ybarra
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Henrik, a paranoid young man from a rich family, believed that women were gold-diggers. He disguised himself as a car mechanic and married Noreen just to get back at her. In his eyes, she was just a frivolous woman who hated him because of his disability. He put on the mask of a loving husband who cared for his wife, but in reality, he had no feelings for her at all. It was all a ploy to get her to fall into his trap. One thing led to another and Henrik's plan slowly got out of his control. It wasn't until the divorce was finalized that he realized what a fool he had been. Noreen wasn't like other women at all. He soon found that he was head over heels in love with her, so he tried to win her back without backing down. Noreen frowned at him for the umpteenth time and sneered, "Mr. Sanchez, you must have mistaken me for someone else. I was never married to you. My ex-husband was just a mechanic. You are the richest businessman in the country. How can you be my ex-husband? Please I would appreciate it if you stop pestering me." Henrik was at wit's end now. Out of desperation, he blurted out, "I can be a mechanic again, just for you. I'll resign from Sanchez Group and become poor again. Just come back to me, honey." Noreen was too stunned to speak. What the hell had gotten into him?

Chapter 1 Run Away From The Wedding

Noreen Wheeler stared at the ceiling as she lay on the bed, her sweat seeping through the mattress.

From time to time, she would steal a glimpse of the handsome man beside her.

All she could think about was how she let a strange man take her virginity.

Well, that wasn't completely accurate. He wasn't exactly a strange man. After all, they had gotten their marriage certificate not long ago.

Legally, he was her husband.

His name was Henrik Sanchez, and he was a car mechanic.

Getting married to him out of impulse was one of the two most outrageous things she had done in her pathetic life.

The other one was running away from the wedding.

For their family's interests, her foster parents asked her to replace their biological daughter, Melany Wheeler, and marry the disfigured, abnormal, and disabled man of the Sanchez family.

Of course, she didn't want to marry him. She ran away, and in the process, she was saved by Henrik. She was in dire need to escape from that wedding and avoid marrying that man at all costs. Feeling that Henrik was a good man, she asked him if he was willing to marry her. It was such a preposterous proposal that she didn't expect him to agree. But he did.

In the morning, she ran away from the wedding. In the afternoon, she was already married with Henrik and had sex with him at the same night. To say it was an eventful day was a complete understatement.

"Let me carry you to take a shower," Henrik offered as he sat up. His voice was hoarse and magnetic.

As he did, the blanket slipped from his body, revealing his muscular torso and tight abdominal muscles. Noreen took a furtive glance at his body before quickly looking away.

Flashes of their sexual encounter flooded her mind at this moment. The thought of it made her cheeks burn and her mouth dry. Feeling a bit embarrassed, she clutched the blanket and covered her body with it. Then, she stood up and said, "No. I'll go by myself."

With the blanket acting like a makeshift gown, she ran straight to the bathroom.

As Henrik watched her disappear into the bathroom, a cold look flashed in his eyes.

In the bathroom, Noreen stared at the mirror, reflecting the numerous hickeys littered across her body. She couldn't get the images of what had just happened off her head.

For some reason, she wasn't acting as she would normally do. Was it because of the alcohol? Or was it because she just wanted to vent her anger?

She turned on the shower head and let the water run through her body. As the sound of trickling water calmed her down, her mind began to wander. It was fortunate that she had foresight. After Melany was taken back, Noreen bought herself a small apartment. If she hadn't done this, she wouldn't even have a place to live now.

Once she was done taking a shower, she walked out of the bathroom with only a bathrobe covering her body. Her face was still red, and her eyes were downcast as though she couldn't bear to make eye contact with anyone.

When Henrik saw her like this, he sneered inwardly.

When they were having sex, she was as wild as an animal. But now, she was pretending to be pure.

"I'm done. You can go and take a shower," Noreen said with a cough as she sat on the bed.

As soon as she did, she felt a sharp pain between her legs that made her wince.

It hurt!

It felt so great, but at the same time, it was also painful.

"Here, take this. Let me help you apply it."

Henrik noticed her pained expression and grabbed the ointment on the table.

"No, I'm good. I can do it myself." Noreen refused hurriedly, her face turning even redder.

If he helped her apply it...

Her cheeks felt so hot she thought they were on fire.

"Okay." Henrik placed the ointment on her palm and went to the bathroom.

Noreen glanced at his strong, naked body through the corner of her eye but immediately lowered her head.

Once the bathroom door was closed, she squeezed out the ointment and applied it on her private parts. It felt cool against her skin and alleviated the burning pain.

She didn't expect her husband to be so considerate.

She put on her pajamas and changed the bed sheet. Then, she felt the accumulated weariness settle in her body all at once, and shortly after that, she fell asleep.

After taking a shower, Henrik walked out of the bathroom while drying his hair.

When he got out, his eyes landed on Noreen's beautiful face.

It turned out that the most beautiful woman in Bladiff was just a frivolous woman who would marry the first man she saw in the street.

Since Noreen was his future bride, he had her investigated.

She loved another man. Since she despised her husband-to-be for his disability, she decided to run away from their wedding. But in the end, the man she loved abandoned her and she then married Henrik without knowing he was the one she was supposed to marry.

The reason why he agreed to marry her was that he wanted to take revenge on her.

Since she didn't want to marry him, Henrik must marry her.

He would make her fall in love with him, and once she did, he would divorce her. When that time arrived, he would savor the expression on her face.

How dare she run away from their wedding?

Henrik stared at her red lips for a long time.

He couldn't deny that he did enjoy having sex with Noreen.

His hair had not yet completely dried. After he lay down beside Noreen for a while, she moved closer into his arms.

When their bodies touched, Henrik couldn't stop the lust from stirring inside his body.

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