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The Mafia Heir's 30 Days Wife


Warning: Matured content (R 18+) Elaine Swift's parents died in a car accident and she is forced to live with Bryce Gilbert, leader of a large mafia gang, as collateral for her parent's debt to him. Bryce becomes a father to her and puts her in school. She graduates as a junior law student and is forced to marry Evans, Bryce's son and heir to his mafia gang, to pay for her parents' debts and her grandfather's surgery. They get into a marriage of convenience and Elaine would have to put up with him for thirty days to save her grandfather's life. In the process, she finds Evans to be a strange man but still falls in love with him. Everything changes when Jared, her ex, and Annie, his ex, come into the picture. The duo tried to break their relationship but their love proved strong. Elaine gets kidnapped and almost killed in the process.  Will their love prove strong or will they heed the biddings of their former love? Find out in this thrilling story of hate and love, trust and betrayal, friends and enemies, and finally hot thrilling romance

Chapter 1 Mr Byrce

Elaine's POV

I heaved a huge sigh as I stepped out of my black Audi car and gazed up at the villa standing tall before me. It was the residence of the Gilbert who happened to be one of the wealthiest families in the nation. They owned the largest Mafia business company in the country named Gilbert's company

I had been sold to this family to repay my parents' debt to the CEO and Big boss of Gilbert's company. Mr Bryce Gilbert. He bought me off my Grandfather at 16 as payment for the debt my father owed him.

My parents had obtained a loan of a million dollars from him to start up a business back when I was 14; and my father had wanted to make a better life ahead for both my mother and me, but ended up dying alongside her in an unfortunate car accident, leaving me alone to this dark cruel world.

I moved in with my Grandfather right after the burial and I thought I had gone through enough until two years later when some goons burst into my Grandfather's small rusty old house and began breaking and destroying our property.

I watched in horror, anger, and pain as one of the guys in all black; picked my Grandfather up from his sitting position by the collar and manhandled such an old man

"Are you nuts?" I remember screaming at them until they finally let him go under the commands of their leader. That was the first time I met face-to-face with Bryce Gilbert. A grumpy old man in his late 60s but looked like a young man in his late 40s, his hair was all black, and not even a single grey hair could be seen.

He walked up to me wearing all-black like the rest of his men and stretched out his hand to me, The aura around him was overwhelming, cold, and domineering.

"If you don't want your Grandfather to be mistreated this way then you would have to give back to me the money your greedy father took from me before dying like a coward. That's the only way you can help your Grandfather little one " I looked up, staring into his dark cold eyes in anger

"I'll pay you your money, but don't you think your men are disrespecting my Grandfather" I remember yelling at him stubbornly

"Ok, let me remind you of our deal then old man" he suddenly faced my Grandfather who was trembling in fear

"The only way you can repay your son's debt is by giving me his daughter. You both used her as collateral even before he died, so it is only right that she gets sold to me. I mean you can't make enough money to repay your son's debt old man" his words struck me like lightening, my father and grandfather had used me as collateral

Once he left; I went to my grandfather and handed him a glass of water. He threw it down and instead went down on his knees before me

"Dear child, please show your Grandfather some mercy. If you don't go to him then he will kill me, I do not want to die yet" he was crying pitifully before me.

"But then, I'd be enslaved by him for a lifetime" I murmured

"At least our family's name would be alive child. Think carefully child, I know you are really smart. If he kills me then you would have no other family " I took one look at Grandfather and realized he's words were true. Left with no other choice; I got the address from Grandfather and went to the Gilbert mansion.

Mr. Gilbert was hard on me at first but with time, he became nicer and always made sure I was doing okay; I was treated as a slave and always made sure to do my work diligently. As time went by, I started to feel like family because he already had far enough maids who serve him.

He came off as a Grumpy Mafia boss sometimes but in reality, he was a generous and honest man. He got me educated and wanted me to study business but I promised to study business after studying law and he sponsored me, understanding my passion.

I studied Law for 6 years and business for three years and now 10 years later, I am a junior-law student and personal assistant to Mr. Gilbert. I had my own rented apartment, a car, a driver, and a loving boyfriend. I hadn't paid up my father's debt yet, that's why I agreed to work for Mr. Bryce in hopes that someday I'd be able to completely pay up all my father's debts.

Today I returned to the Gilbert's villa after being away from the mansion for three years; to formally welcome the heir to The Gilbert's Company who will be coming home after being away for 15 years. His father had sent him out of the country to study business and now that he was finally done with his studies he was coming back to learn more about the Company as he was going to be the CEO when his father retired

I had just arrived at Gilbert's mansion after covering up some things at the company for Mr. Bryce, he had decided that he wouldn't go to the company today so he'd be home to welcome his only son.

Normally I'd tease him until I'm finally able to convince him to go to work. But today, I decided to cover up the important things over there and returned to the villa on time as instructed by him.

I walked gracefully on the grass and met Mr Bryce just outside the doors that lead into the mansion, he was in someone's embrace. All I could see was a broad back, bent over slightly to embrace Mr Bryce.

I waited for a while before he and whoever he was embracing finally pulled away from each other, and I met face to face with the most handsome-looking man I had ever laid my eyes on, he had freshly tanned effortless skin, short black wavy hair, and beautiful brown eyes. He wore a casual yet attractive black shirt and pants that made him look regal.

He locked gazes with me and I felt my whole body stiffen and my knees buckling. The aura around him was so cold that I felt it drop weather down to zero degrees. His good looks would make any girl want to be close to him but the cold gaze in his eyes was far enough to make one go far away from him.

"Oh, that's Elaine Smith. My assistant and Elaine this is my son and you're future boss" He introduced us. I instantly realized that this was Evan Gilbert; Mr, Bryce's son and heir to the Gilbert's company

We kept staring at each other as though speaking telepathically, I stood there feeling stunned. My limbs had lost their senses and all I could do was wonder why Evan had to look this hot. So hot that I... I could just taste his lips...

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