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The Luna's Secret

The Luna's Secret

img Fantasy
img 29 Chapters
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img Nikita Steyn
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Abigail Hawthorne, or Abby as her friends like to call her, is the Luna of the strongest pack in Ireland. With 500 members to protect, her warriors are known to be ruthless and deadly. Born with Alpha blood in her veins and training to be a merciless bounty hunter to catch the evil of the world, Abby is proud to be the Luna of such an amazing pack and CEO of a security company at only 21 years of age. But what will happen if Abby finds out the dark secret her family has been keeping from her since she was born? Will she be able to make the right choice or will she succumb to the pressure?

Chapter 1 Luna

"He will get you soon enough, Princess"


The burning sensation of my cuts and abrasions under the scalding hot water coarses through my body as I stand under the shower head, the thunder and lightning outside making my head spin. Tonight was supposed to be easy but he slipped right between my fingers. I was chasing him through the Conagher forest when he looked at me and suddenly vanished before my eyes, only to land on top of me when I was caught in the moment of shock by his sudden disappearance. According to my Intel, he wasn't supposed to just vanish into thin air since he was a Doppler. His only ability was supposed to be shapeshifting into another person. Caught off guard by his sudden attack, I fell down to the ground when he started delivering blow after blow, not caring where he was hitting me as long as I stayed down.

In the midst of our fight I felt a sharp pain in my thigh. This bastard stabbed me, only fueling me and my wolf's anger more and making me see red.

I struck a blow to his ribs hearing a bone crack once I got an opening. He staggered back for a few seconds laughing at my attempt to hurt him, giving me an opening to stand to my feet. Flipping myself over, I grabbed the gun that was in my boot laced with my special witch bullets and point it at him, him smiling with a gun pointed directed at his face.

"Any last words, asshole?"

With a smirk on his face, "He will get you soon enough,Princess".

I pulled the trigger, putting an end to this psychopath's murdering spree.

30 girls suffered in the hands of this man, all of them the same age as me, but his lasts words seems to be haunting my thoughts without end. Who was he talking about?

Stepping out of the shower, I wrap myself in my towel. I just had to get that pig's blood off of me. It's one in the morning and my entire body is aching for the softness of my bed and I am answering it. Pulling my long silky chocolate brown hair into a low bun, I walk from the bathroom to my bed and just fall down. Time to get some sleep, tomorrow will be long ass day.

"Abs!! Wake up!! Time for breakfast!". Waking up to Kat's voice so early in the morning is not putting me in the best of moods, but a almost Luna has got to do what she has to do. Putting on a blue and white tank top, my yoga leggings and combat boots, I go down the stairs for breakfast. Seeing everyone's smiling faces put me in a bit of a better mood, but I still need coffee and something to eat before training. Before I could even say good morning or put my butt on a chair , our head chef came rushing into the dining room, heading my way with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in her hand. "Morning Luna, what do you want for breakfast? I just finished baking chocolate croissants and there is fresh pancakes with fruit if you like?" Mrs Samuels said coming from the kitchen. Smiling at our her, I took my seat at the table."Thank you Mrs Samuels. I will take three croissants and a cup of fruit please". With a huge grin on her face, she walked through the packhouse kitchen doors. I looked at my dad and he was staring straight at me with a concerned look on his face. "Abby, is that a black eye?" , he finally said with a worried voice. "Shit, sorry dad. I was busy with one of my missions last night. He attacked me and got a few punches to my face", I said with a timid voice, scared of his overprotective dad reaction. My dad never wanted me to be in this position, but since his first born is a girl and the Alpha and Luna of Frost Pack didn't have any children after me, the responsibility of his pack and company fell onto me by werewolf laws when I turned of age. He didn't give me the pack right away on my 18th birthday since he wanted to see if I find my mate first so that I maybe will be a Luna of another pack and not take over his business of being a bounty hunter and CEO of his special forces business. After waiting almost three years, he decided it would be better to hand over the pack even if my mate was not with me yet.

"Well, since you got attacked and me being tired of seeing you get hurt since you insist to be alone, you will be getting a bodyguard to take with you wherever you go", he said without missing a beat and waiting to see my reaction. I huffed in annoyance. "I don't need a damn bodyguard. I am almost 21 and almost the Luna. I don't need a babysitter. I can take take care of myself", I growled at him, giving an eye roll as well. He knows how it went with my last bodyguard ."Not by the looks of that black eye, my sweet girl. I am still your father and Alpha of this pack, but for me, your safety comes first', he said, with a bit of tears in his eyes. "Fine, as long as he doesn't run his mouth like the other one. I need someone who can fight by my side, not being a whimpering mess just because he saw me slice off a wolf's head for the first time", I gave in and everyone including my Beta and Gamma broke into a laugh because of my choice of words regarding my last bodyguard. With the final bite of my breakfast and scarfing down my coffee, I run towards to training field.

After two hours warm ups. sparring with the warriors of our pack and the pack run, training with my swords felt different. I liked the guns but this sword is just something else. After 2 more hours, I was a sweaty mess and decided I need a shower again. After my shower, getting dressed in a pair of jeans, a tshirt and my sneakers, it was time for being a Luna and business, but while I was busy making my way to the school to see if they need any help, my dad linked me.

Abigail, I need to see you in my office immediately, please.

On my way!

Running to my dad's office, I don't even knock, just bursting through the door, worry evident on my face.

"What happened? Is something wrong?", and with my outburst rushing into his office, my dad just laughs. I stand there confused, not knowing what to do.

"Abigail, meet your new bodyguard, Arkyn"

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