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img img Romance img The Flight Of Love's Wings
The Flight Of Love's Wings


In a small town, there are two loving hearts that find happiness and strength in each embrace. Wendell and I, our love seems eternal and never-ending. But with the passage of time, the course of fate changed. One night, in the middle of yesterday's fading away, a weight landed between us. The wind carried unspoken and unshed tears. In that moment, our lives changed completely. We sat in our favorite spot, looking out over the town reflecting our memories. Silence permeates the surroundings, and our feelings cry out for words. I looked at Wendell, hoping to see answers, but his eyes remained distant. "Alex," she whispered, her voice full of sadness and surrender. "I can't take this anymore. I can't stay in our relationship anymore." My heart suddenly fell, and I couldn't understand this sudden separation. "But... but why?" I managed to choke out, my voice cracking with the weight of my emotions. Wendell stared into the distance, unable to meet my eyes. "I've realized that I need to follow my dream of becoming a pilot. It's something I've always wanted, and I can't ignore it any longer." Pain shot through my chest, and I grabbed his hand hoping he would come back to me. "But what will happen to us? What will happen to the love we shared?" He removed his hand from mine, leaving me empty. "Sometimes dreams come first, Alex. I have to follow my dream and see where it takes me. I can't keep getting in the way." I couldn't stop the tears from flowing, and in the middle of my pain. I want to stop him, I want to hug him so he won't leave me but I can't. I understand, who am I to trade him for his dream, right? Who am I to stop him from fulfilling his dream? In order to achieve his dream, he has to destroy me with a ganto. Don't leave me please? Wendell. I'm pregnant. That's what he wanted to tell him just to stop him. But I can't, I can't. Because if I'm the one making the story between us, I'll choose him to reach his dream, rather than regret by my side. Days passed, and with each passing day, the pain did not go away. I tried to find strength in the support of friends and family, but losing Wendell continued to hurt my heart. The town where we fell in love has become a place of memories and sadness. I heard stories of Wendell's progress, as he moved forward with his dream of becoming a pilot. He flies through the skies, reaches the clouds, and leaves me on the ground, alone and hurt. His dedication and hard work show in every step he takes. And as I watched his success, I couldn't help but feel a mixture of pride and pain. Our paths may have diverged, but the memories of our love remain etched in my heart. I continue to walk the streets of our town, carrying the pain and memories of our love. And with every passing wind, I hope that one day, our paths can meet again, and our dreams can form again. And I hope that when we meet again, he will also know that he has a child with me, that he was the father when I was carrying him. You did fulfill your dream, but you left us as your child. I hope you're happy Wendell.

Chapter 1 The truth

Chapter 1


"Daddy promised, when I have money I will buy it" I said to the boy, because he was already showing you the doll's house commercial on TV.

He kept quiet and ignored me.

"When Daddy collects it, he will put it on your wishlist. Isn't Christmas almost here?" I sat next to him and tried to coax him. It's still hard to persuade this child.

"You've always been saying that, you're always away from home" He said sadly, of course I was also saddened by what I heard. It was right in the mouth where my son came from.

"Ah" I said looking for good words so I wouldn't be hurtful "It's because of you that I'm always away from home. Of course Daddy needs to work so that we can have something to eat every day, so that you can also go to school Right? Then Daddy will collect the toy you want" I said, playing with his hair. And based on the softness of her hair, I remembered where she got it.

"I agree, Alex. Leave it alone, go to your work. You might get caught, you'll be fine" I looked at my mother who was cooking in the kitchen.

"Yes, I'll talk to Rhys first" I answered.

"Don't make him understand, why is he a coward who got you pregnant and left you" he said mother without hesitation. So I quickly went to the kitchen and confronted him.

"Mom" I said "I told you not to say that in front of Rhys" I continued.

"Oh, I'm behind him" Mom was still philosophizing. I didn't laugh at his joke.

Rhys can't know the truth, and I don't want to tell him. He has no father and mother to know but only me, only me. Nothing else.

"Why did that father leave you? You know I'm also surprised that you can carry people. But I'm more surprised that that man didn't even cut you. He's just lucky and I don't know him" He said. yes, it's looking to hurt the man if he has anything here.

"Mom, don't you say that to Rhys again" I kissed her in disgust and then walked towards Rhys.

I kissed him.

"Daddy is gone" I said.

He didn't say a word.

"Rhys" I said again, he looked at me.

"Daddy baby, be careful" He said pouting and kissed my cheek.

Understand everything, son, Daddy can stretch his bones just to give you everything you want.

And I hope you know the truth and you won't leave me. You know your father is rich and can buy the things you want, compared to me.

But the only thing I can promise you is that I will take care of you and love you. I will never leave you. Just like what your father did to us.l

"Oh your late again !" I bowed down when I heard the shout of our boss. Because I have always been late to work. And because I have a lot of excuses, I'm not satisfied.

What is a good excuse?

"S-sorry, ma'am, there was a beggar who almost ran over at the corner. That's why I helped him cross. Nako, poor him" My boss hit his head. I wanted to laugh at the thought, but that was all that came to my mind. What can I do?

"Alright, go inside and there will be many guests here later" His anger was obvious on his face. So he didn't just criticize. Too bad I would have teased her, because her eyebrows are not even.

I entered the hotel directly and I didn't wonder why there were so many people. Because the fiesta is coming up here, people are all out and about to go on vacation at the beach.

"Ma'am is mad at you again, what?" He is fixing the cart so he can clean the different rooms. It's just like people here are going to use the room, they still leave it cluttered.

"Mejo, I'm only 2 minutes late" He pushed out the cart containing mops, wipes and various cleaning materials.

"Why are you late?" We were walking together, this cart was also pushing. I looked up.

He is my friend, he is also the reason why I am here today. Why am I living somehow as a mother and my child.

Actually, when that old man left me. I also left Manila. So here I am and landed in Mom's province.

I don't regret it, because besides the fresh and beautiful scenery. It's easy to get fresh vegetables and fruits here. It's good that you can only pick it here if you want it, manila is still for sale.

"Erika, you know my situation, right?" He looked at me.

I glared at him.

"Yanna, again?" She looked at me concerned.

"O-oum, there are people who want to keep toys, I can't afford it, and if we just eat and buy toys, we won't be full" He took out the mop when I was close to the room where I was assigned to clean.

"You should have explained it to your son" he said simply.

"What do you think of me?" I pointed to myself, he just laughed "Of course I explained, I know Yanna understands that, but there is a part of me that even though I know she understands I feel guilty. Because I can't give her everything she wants." I shrugged, I stopped at the door engraved with the number 0120.

"Just give it to his father, he's rich, right?" He also stopped, I didn't know here on the third floor was assigned, he went with me and we were on the fourth floor. are you floating?

"I feel like I want to hurt now" I smiled at her, running my hand through her hair.

"Okay sissy, bye we're going to clean something" He ran like a flash and effortlessly pushed the cart.

I shrugged before letting my deep sigh.

My life is like your life.

I didn't knock anymore, because by the time the people who checked in were cleaning, they were no longer inside. I slowly turned the door.

To my surprise, there was no one. The scattered clothes appeared to me. Ragged comforters and bedsheets.

But what I can't bear to look at is the c*ndom that is spread on the floor, it's used because there's something else in it. My gosh. Disgusting.

I decided to go with the big mirror on the side first. I wiped it off. I still can't get over that...... Yucks.

When I finished that, I immediately picked up the clothes that were scattered. I stopped picking to see what kind of clothes I was holding now.

Pilot attire.

I let it go.

And at the same time as the clothes were dropped, the cr in the bedroom was also opened. I slowly kept my head, which I hope he didn't do.

We have met again for how many years.

Welcome back. Wendell Percival Santillana.

What the heck!!!

"Hey" I waved my hand weirdly.

Her hair was wet, and based on her body, her bottom was also wet and wrapped in a towel. It's just a new bath.

The shape of her body is also different, she has a v-line now. His abs got bigger and bigger. His biceps are also bigger. His face is different. He grew as a real man.

While he is becoming a real man, we as his son are making it difficult.

I started cleaning the inside, he couldn't move where he was standing, his eyes were just focused on me.

Every once in a while I look at him, but I immediately take it away because it's too hard to keep up with his hot gaze.

He was about to pick up the c'ndom but, he quickly walked towards him and immediately kicked him.

"Don't touch that, the person who used that might be sick" He simply said, took the broom and dusk pan from the cart and he mixed it up and put it in the trash bin.

So is he sick? What the h3ck?! There are many ways for us to meet again, in this same scene. And who can pay 3x this? It's good for him that he can have fun, while I have to stretch my bones so that his son can live.

I did everything I could to stop the anger from surging through my body. I might hit it with a mop.

"Are you sick? What is HIV? You've had it 3 times with different people" I clap my hands weirdly, pretending to laugh.

I looked at him, he was looking at me seriously.

"It's not me, Alex" The way he said my name made me stand still.

"W-weh?" I laughed weirdly as I picked up the tiles.

I didn't look at him anymore.

"Yeah, that's my friend. When I arrived here, I tried to check-in but sadly to say that the rooms here at the hotel are full. So, Charlie chatted me, they said they were done just in time yes, I'll just use the room he paid for to take a shower and rest" He sat on the end of the bed.

I let out a deep breath.

Possible, he didn't even call someone to clean it? How can he rest if the room is very, duh.... Yucks.

"Possible" I said softly, only I could hear.

"What?" It said in surprise.

"Nothing" I smiled a bit, " I whispered and walked to cr to check if there was something I could clean. But that's not really the purpose, I'll see if that's where his s3x hid.

There is no one.

Just wet boxers hanging on the sink.

"How are you?" It is currently wearing clothes. He had his back to me, so I was constantly working on him.

I'm not okay

"I'm fine, how about you and your dream?" I promised sarcastically turning to him. He is now wearing his color gray shirt, he's only wearing boxers, maybe he's going to rest.

"Yeah" he said, what the hell is wrong with him? " Did you eat already?" He took the clean comforter and bedsheets from the cart and fixed them himself.

I didn't pay attention to his question, he sped up his cleaning and maybe he would ask something more about what, and maybe where else it went.

I have to admit that I feel pain while seeing him.

He reached his dream, and now he's a successful pilot. As for me, I cleaned and became a janitor at the hotel... Look at the difference. Is it too big?

He chose his dream over me. And me. I choose to be the mother of his child.

I wiped a few tears from my eyes, I didn't show it. I approached the cart where he was standing. I walked with my head down, doing my best not to let him see how it affected me that he was here now.

I silently put the mop on the cart, I was supposed to push it but he was the first to hold the handle of the cart.

"It's me, W-wendell" I bit my lower lips, stopping myself from being st*pid.

He went to his suitcase to get a pair of white shorts, put them on and immediately went to my place and started pushing the cart out.

I also walked.

"Wendell, I said it" I pulled the cart, but he was too strong to defend it.

"It's me, Alex, I'm also coming down to eat, so he'll just take it with me so it won't be difficult for you" He said and walked quickly.

I was left looking at his back.

Why is he acting like nothing happened between us?

He is the father of my child, but how will he know if I keep it a secret from him.

I let out a sigh.

"You don't deserve Yanna and I" I said bitterly.

He looked behind him.

"Alex, let's go, come with me" He smiled widely.

I smiled bitterly. He walked towards him.

Gosh self.

To Be Continued...

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