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img img Werewolf img The Alpha's Secret Quadruplets
The Alpha's Secret Quadruplets

The Alpha's Secret Quadruplets

img Werewolf
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As Caiden's hand slowly stroked me, the pressure in the pit of my stomach increased rhythmically with each stroke, leaving me dumbfounded and almost out of breath. As the sensation grew stronger, I dug a finger into his hair. My muscles tensed, a spasm passed through my body, and I cried out as my head fell back. I just lay there, my body limp, astonished by what just happened. Whatever it was I didn't want it to end. "We're just getting started honey" Caiden whispered in my ear. And then the kissing and stroking began and my body was on fire once again. Caiden grabbed my hips and I felt a sharp pain, but it was only brief. Then came the amazing sensation of our skin touching and the friction starting a fire inside of me. He was gentle at first but then he pounded into me like it was his last. And there went my innocence.We made sweet love all night but something was missing. I was unmarked. Kamara Steele was rejected by her mate, Alpha Caiden. He was pressurized by his father to marry a stronger female to lead the pack which he did. He rejected Kamara because she was an Omega. Kamara left the pack. Unknown to Caiden, she was pregnant with his quadruplets. Kamara lived with her kids and found a reason to live for a few years until they were kidnapped. She had no choice but to return to the pack and seek Caiden's help in finding their children. Will they be reunited and live as a family? Will Kamara accept him when she finds out the secret that has been hidden for years?

Chapter 1 Rejected

I believed that nothing could sabotage my happiness. I was going to be Alpha Caiden's future Luna, and he would be pleased to hear the news I have been keeping for a while.

I went to meet Caiden after getting ready. I inhaled deeply, then gave him the sweetest smile. I was terrified of the odd way Caiden was staring at me. My wolf began to stir inside me, growling.

"Caiden," I exclaimed with excitement before giving him a cozy hug.

However, he didn't react or give me a hug in return as he used to. I gradually withdrew, hoping to make sense of what was going on.

I said, "I have something to tell you," but Caiden's face remained expressionless. "Plus, it's our anniversary—three years ago on this day, we were mated and it's my birthday."

"I am aware of all that, Kamara. Let's hold off on the good news until later." I knew there was a problem because of the arid and detached tone in which he spoke.

"Today you seem different from your usual self. Is there anything I should be aware of?" I asked, shocked and irritated.

Caiden said, behaving strangely towards me, "The rest of the pack have been saying the same thing. So maybe I've always been a very different wolf."

"The pack?" I knew that there were people who were still against our union because of my genes but he never cared.

"And since when did you start caring about what the pack thinks of us?" When I asked, he laughed it off.

"We love each other, we're mates."

With an unusual agitation, he raised his voice and said, "Kamara, I never loved you. I can't be your mate. You're an Omega and you're still a weak wolf carrying lower caste genes."

"Why would you say such words to me?" My voice trailed off.

"I just realized that this whole thing was a mistake," he said coldly, making everything appear to happen more quickly than it actually did.

I could hear Caiden's best friend and beta, Enzo laughing across the room, showing how gleefully thrilled he was to be present at that moment.

“I, Caiden Vance, reject you Kamara Steele, as my mate. You were a nobody before we were mated, now you'll go back to being a worthless she-wolf.

A stab of pain shot through my heart. Not only did I feel shattered, but my wolf also experienced the anguish of rejection. I questioned when I gave in to the delusion that Caiden was genuinely in love with me. How on earth could he trick me for three years straight? I questioned myself.

“I, Kamara Steele, accept your rejection, Caiden Vance,” I said. He looked at me, his face cold. My heart was beating so fast.

He gave me a disdainful look and turned to go without looking back and I forced myself to suppress the need to tell him that I was pregnant.

Caiden would definitely feel the bond between us being broken, even if I didn't feel it at the time. It was evident in his eyes. However, Caiden walked away without saying anything, showing no regret or expressions on his face. I was saddened all the more.

Enzo stayed behind to relish this very moment. He always said I wasn't good enough for Caiden.

"This is the time when you will desperately flee and never return to the pack." I heard Enzo say.

My voice lodged in my throat with the tears I refrained from streaming down my eyes. I realized that he wasn't just telling me, it was a command. With a growl, Enzo grabbed my neck and forced me up against the wall.

"Did you truly believe that a frail orphan such as yourself would be his Luna?" he asked with a smirk.

I was unable to respond because all I could feel was Enzo's resentment pulsing through my body.

He continued coldly, "Leave Kamara, no one wants you here. You'll always be a nobody."

He let go of me right away and walked away, grinning contentedly, without waiting to hear what I had to say.

I couldn't stand up as my legs grew weak. I decided, as I lay there on the ground, that I was going to move on from my past and Caiden's rejection.

I realized that before long, the whole pack would be aware of my rejection and would make fun of me for the rest of my life. So with all my might, I sprinted back to my room. I didn't have time to be sad and depressed. I unlocked the old box that held all of my possessions, removed everything, and sealed everything in a plastic bag.

In order to avoid being seen, I waited until dusk. My wolf kept sobbing because our mate had treated us so crudely. I vowed never to return as I took one final look at my house, my eyes blurry in the chilly, dark night. I wiped away my tears and ran deep into the jungle.

As I ran, memories of the day I and Caiden were mated flooded mind.


An ambush claimed my parent's life. My aunt, Larisa never discussed it, so I never found out how it had actually happened. Seeing me shift for the first time was all I wanted my parents to witness. Though my wolf was starting to show signs of being different from the other wolves of the pack, I still didn't want to shift.

My eighteenth birthday wasn't really thrilling. Nobody knew the whole thing except for my aunt. The omegas in the pack, however, had always been ignored, and nobody had bothered to find out what happened to my parents.

Anytime I turned a year older, my confusion and uncertainties returned and they plagued me. Things got worse as I was enslaved my aunt Larisa and her husband, Colin. I was under their vicious care till Caiden entered my life and saved me from her wicked grasp.

I was snapped back to reality when I noticed Enzo's presence in the room.

“Get dressed immediately, the Alpha's son is waiting for you.” Enzo said with contempt laced in his voice.

“Th- the Alpha's son?” I whispered, shocked at what I just heard. I met Caiden at a party when I was 15 and since then, I haven't been able to get him out of my head. I felt pulled towards him and I could only watch him from afar and well, have wet dreams about him. Who was I kidding? He's the Alpha's son and way out of my league. But I was confused. Why was he here and why was he waiting for me?

“Are your ears as useless as you are?” he growled “Worthless orphan, don’t keep him waiting.”

I could no longer hear Enzo's thundering footsteps as they gradually disappeared. But the pressure he had placed on my shoulders the moment he walked into my room continued to fester, virtually immobilizing me. He hated me because, in his eyes, I was of a lower caste and hence unworthy of being Caiden's mate.

Thinking about what Caiden wanted with me made my body shiver. I'd wondered for a long time what the son of an Alpha would want with an omega like myself. Maybe Enzo was correct to say that I wasn't deserving of the future alpha. What made me Caiden's mate of choice? I was hated my aunt hated and she used me as her personal slave while raising me as an orphan.

I was once told that although I wasn't as powerful as I should have been, I had a beauty that no other girl in the pack had. Perhaps there was something about me that Caiden found endearing. Did he really think I would be a good mate? Despite his reputation as a ruthless and unrelenting wolf.

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