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Super Son In Law

Super Son In Law

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Ten years ago, thirteen-year-old Bai Shuang saved Lin Yuan's life when he was seriously injured. Ten years later, Lin Yuan, a nobody who was seriously injured and dying, has grown into an invincible God of War who shakes the entire underground world! In order to repay the kindness, Lin Yuan willingly gave up the supreme glory and dignity of being the God of War, and sign a contract of son-in-law, accompany her side. Lin Yuan did not care cold eyes and ridicule, , he endured humiliation and became the super son in law

Chapter 1 Unbelievable

Xia Cheng HuaiYang District, Liu Lake, a block of beautifully decorated villas rise. This villa area is called Qingyun Bureau, one of the highest villa areas in Xia Cheng.

In one of the two-story villas, Lin Yuan is spraying plants with a pot of water next to a pile of cleaning tools.

Today is a day of cleaning.Do some hard work, Lin Yuan is hanging on the face with a faint smile,he seems very happy.

Three months ago, Lin Yuan suddenly fell to Xia Cheng, the host of this villa, white home.Bai Family has the history of nearly 100 years, also being in Xia Cheng quite a famous big family, and Lin Yuan married Bai Shuang of Bai Family!

Since he became a servant, Lin Yuan has been doing all the housework of the villa, from cooking to watering flowers and weeding.Rather than having a son-in-law, the Bai family hired a cleaner!

And in these 3 months, he does not have the communication on half minute feeling more with Bai Shuang. Do not mention sharing a bed more.Because Lin Yuan is in mediocrity in the home actually as a man, rely on a wife to raise a family even, this point lets Bai Shuang look down upon very!

So they are not married to each other.

"Bang!"At this moment, a vigorous figure suddenly jumped down from the top of the wall, whisk a sweep to the back of Lin Yuan, that speed, absolutely not ordinary people can reach!

"I say old brother, you unexpectedly water a flower here?"After that person sees Lin Yuan's action, immediately stunned by Zhang’s big chin, incredible of surprise way.

"What's the problem?"Lin Yuan did not look at him, taking care of his beloved flowers.

"This......"Zhao Feng speechless of looking at Lin Yuan, could not help sighing tone: "eldest brother, if that Gun God know you to water a flower here,what would he think you this first god of war?"

"Gun God?Lin Yuan frowned and said, "What?Is he still looking for me?"

"You don't know?Zhang Feng stares big eyes: "you disappeared of these 3 months, Gun God that guy almost turned over whole underground all!But we battle temple have Yao elder sister, she still dare not to act wild."

Speaking of the Gun God, Zhao Feng's face is a little heavy up, this guy even if strong as Lin Yuan have some headaches, a hand of superb skills, was hailed as the underground Gun God.

And Lin Yuan, but more powerful, a body strength vertical and horizontal subterranean world, a few so-called outside the king of special soldiers, in his eyes is a gang of rabble.He also has a resounding title, God of War!

Different from the Gun God, Lin Yuan is worthy of the god of war!He also founded the largest underground organization, the Temple of War.Against one side, become the underground myth!

"Elder brother, you don't know, this guy for the thirty-seventh challenged you, almost took the whole world to visit a country, if he knew you were here, I'm afraid..."

"Then you came to see me!"Lin Yuan could not help staring and shouting.

"I wanted to know what you were doing..."Zhao Feng shows the expression of grievance: "just did not think of you to be able to water the flower here to wipe the ground......"

"What do you know?This is called love! 'Lin Yuan puckered his lips and said.

ZHAO4 FENG SILENT A WHILE, SOME HEAVY OF OPEN MOUTH: "ELDERLY, YOU REALLY PLAN NOT TO RETURN?The brothers are all worried about your whereabouts, and Sister Yao..."

Lin Yuan's face sank and then he shook his head. "I'm not going back. Please say hello to everyone for me and tell them I'm fine."

"Then you came to see me!"Lin Yuan could not help staring and shouted.

"I wanted to know what you were doing..."Zhao Feng shows the expression of grievance: "just did not think of you to be able to water the flower here to wipe the ground......"

"What do you know?This is called love! 'Lin Yuan puckered his lips and said.

ZHAO4 FENG SILENT A WHILE, SOME HEAVY OF OPEN MOUTH: "ELDERLY, YOU REALLY PLAN NOT TO RETURN? The brothers are all worried about your whereabouts, and Sister Yao..."

Lin Yuan's face sank and then he shook his head. "I'm not going back. Please say hello to everyone for me and tell them I'm fine."

"All right." Zhao wind helplessly shook his head, it seems that this look at the world of the war god, really planing to close the hand: "to the old, you can be careful Gun God that guy, although I have no exposure whereabouts, but his means you know, estimate how long he can chase over."

Lin Yua almost a foot will kick him fly, Gun God he is not afraid, afraid of the other side to disturb their own hermit life!

Boom! Lin yuan was too late to respond.Outside suddenly spread a roar, Lin yuan saw a Pagani from his door fled out, couldn't help the corners of the mouth a smoke: "This boy, or so arrogant!"

Until the afternoon, Lin Yuan just finished cleaning all the health of the villa, leisurely lying on a chair, wearing sunglasses to see the sunset, red clouds rising in the sky, Lin Yuan calculated the time, Bai Shuang is also off work.


Sure enough, a Mercedes Benz in the line of sight of Lin Yuan drove into the villa.

In his eyes, the value of millions of Mercedes like scrap iron, really lets his attention is the driver of the graceful woman.

In the Lin Yuan look forward to the vision, a tall image slowly gets off, two slender straight legs take the lead on the ground, wrapped in black stockings lure force is full! Afterwards, she was dressed in a professional outfit, with a black skirt that fitted her waist perfectly and showed off her hot figure.

More surprising for the day is that exquisite appearance, those beautiful eyes bright like starlight, white face slightly powdered. At the moment she is like a spirit. Beautiful breath almost lets a person not move eyes.No doubt, this is a beautiful woman.

The only regret is that this woman has a cold and Bai Shuangy temperament, so that she may feel as if people are thousands of miles away.

"Wife, are you back?" Lin Yuan hurriedly ran to the past, revealing a smile of understanding.

Bai Shuang glanced at him faintly, with disgust in her beautiful eyes. She doesn't like Lin Yuan. This man is lazy, good for nothing, almost a social worm! And yet she had married such a man!

If the only good thing about this man was that he listened to her, almost to her orders, as if he were her own servant. Leaning on this kind of redundant way to seek a life, this is the place of Bai Shuang aversion.

As a man, shouldn't you strive to be what you are? By a woman to eat soft rice, when the little white face, such people do not deserve to be called a man, more do not deserve to put her husband!

'You, come here! Just at this moment, Bai Shuang suddenly faces a cold, staring at the flower grass in a show not good expression.

'What's the matter? Lin Yuan asked in the past of doubt.

"What's the matter with all these flowers? "Asked Bai Shuang, pointing to a withered flower.

'Perhaps, ill? Lin Yuan is a little puzzled, does not know what the meaning of Bai Shuang.

"Well..." Lin Yuan looks at Bai Shuang’s exquisite appearance, and does not know the other party exactly want to express what meaning.

"If you can't take care of a flower, how can you take care of me?" See Lin Yuan speechless, Bai Shuang says.

"In that case, I'm going to divorce my father tomorrow. Do you agree?" The Bai Shuang narrowed her beautiful eyes threateningly.

"This......" Lin Yuan's tone was slow, and then his mouth swept up a smile: "It's not up to me. I'm afraid I have to ask my father-in-law."

Lin Yuan spread out his palm and pretended to be helpless. In fact, he had already grasped Bai Shuang's soft rib!

Bai Shuang is very filial, very listens to his father's words. Even when Lin Beitian asked him to marry Lin Yuan, she didn't hesitate too much!

Of course, if she had known Lin Yuan's appearance after marriage, she would not have made such a hasty decision.

Bai Shuang melancholy of saw Lin Yuan one eye, subsequently raiseing beautiful hair, twist charming body entered villa. Bai Shuang's front foot went in, Lin Yuan's back foot followed in.

Bai Shuang disgusted of saw him one eye, the little idea in the brain is active.

"Lin Yuan, go and wash my socks! Hundreds of dollars a pair, don't use the machine wash, wash by hand!" Bai Shuang bends down exquisite waist, element hand goes out from thigh pick, black silk stockings fade and fall, reveal white fair fair slippery tender jade leg!

Lin Yuan suddenly leng in there! Embellish jade leg exposed in front of the eyes, like a gift from heaven, slender straight as white jade!

"Did you hear that? Bai Shuang frowned at Lin Yuan when she saw him glaze over.

Good! Aren't you always there? I have plenty of ways for you to bring it up!

"Very well! The next moment Lin Yuan suddenly grinned, can give daughter-in-law to wash socks, simply not too happy!

"You!" Seeing Lin Yuan's appearance, Bai Shuang suddenly became angry and pointed out to the outside: "Get out of here! Don't get in my way!"

Bai Shuang is thoroughly understood, this man in order to be able to ascend a mansion, what matters are capable! No referrals!

"Wait, Lin Yuan, come back!" Bai Shuang suddenly remembered what, vision a cold drink way.

Lin yuan smell speech hurriedly carry silk stockings come back, gallant of looking at Bai Shuang: "dear, still have what thing?"

"Give me new sheets in my room. And I washed the car, too!"Bai Shuang sneer of looking at Lin Yuan.

These jobs do not belong to his dry, including usually washing clothes are also machine wash. Today she is clearly in trouble Lin Yuan!

"This......" Lin Yuan hesitated to speak.

"How? Don't want to? If you don't want to, divorce!" "Ice groaned coldly.

"No, wife, wasn't the sheet changed yesterday?" Lin yuan feel suspicious of looking atBai Shuang, this just less than two days each other on the sheet dirty, what did she do in bed?

Lin Yuan's mind couldn't help wandering!

"I'd love to! Is it in your hands?" Bai Shuang white chin one Yang: "you say you do not do?"

"All right." Lin Yuan is dejected of droop of pull a head, suddenly again cuot can not prevent of rise to smile: "dear. The sheets have been changed, but should we change the coverlet? !"


"Change!" See Lin Yuan this picture do not stand up to the appearance, Bai Shuang could not help but gnash teeth, then head also do not go back to the bath room.

Every morning when she goes to work and comes home from work, she must take a bath. This is Bai Shuang's habit for many years, even when Lin Yuan moved in three months ago, it has not changed.

Lin Yuan spoils the eyes looking at Bai Shuang leave, the girl he really like! Until Bai Shuang went into the bathroom, Lin Yuan's pair of pupil son suddenly showed a cold expression, that kind of expression, with just Lin Yuan as if two people!

He knew that although his nominal wife was an ice president.She had never been so sorry for herself at home. When he just got off, he noticed that the bottom of the Bai Shuang's eyes still had a touch of residual anger.Apparently, someone had provoked her!

As for himself, he should have become a temporary vent bucket...

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