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img img Modern img Super Rich: Start With A Billion-dollar Reward
Super Rich: Start With A Billion-dollar Reward

Super Rich: Start With A Billion-dollar Reward

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Have you ever experienced being humiliated by your ex? Well, I have. But have you ever imagined turning your heartbreak into a billion dollars just by humiliating your mean ex? That was exactly what happened to me. I was going to meet my high school ex-girfriend and I wanted to show her that I had been doing well these years. So I rented a designer suit, an expensive watch, and a Lamborghini car. But on my way, I got bound in something called 'Invincible Rich System'. The system told me that I could get rewarded with a billion dollars if I succeeded in humiliating someone. "What? This must be a joke. There's no way this is true!" I didn't believe it despite the series of explanations the system gave me. When I met my ex-girlfriend, she humiliated and insulted me. I was so furious that I decided to take the offer from the system. I wanted to strike back. And it was successful! I humiliated my materialistic ex-girlfriend and the system rewarded me with a billion dollars. It continued on and on. Afterward, after finishing more tasks of successfully humiliating someone,  I was rewarded with an opportunity to change my appearance into the highest level and an entertainment enterprise worth ten billion dollars. When I became the chairman of a company, the director's daughter was shocked to see me. "Dad, what is he doing here? Tell the security to throw him out!" she ordered. Wiping his sweat, the director answered in a shaky voice, "I can't do that. He's the new owner of our company. He's actually the one that has the right to fire me!" Wanted to know more of my story? Just read on.

Chapter 1 The System

It was the early autumn of the cosmopolitan city Ulgow.

Though the temperatures started to drop, it was still quite hot.

Downtown, Duncan Anderson was driving his Lamborghini along the road, ready to go on a date.

As his hands rested on the steering wheel, he felt agitated.

This date was different from his previous blind dates, for the person he was about to meet this time was special.

"I haven't seen Florrie since I graduated. I wonder how she's doing."

Duncan glanced at a photo on his phone, feeling melancholic.

The woman he was referring to was his ex-girlfriend.

When they graduated from high school, they had to go to different universities in different cities. They couldn't accept having a long distance relationship, so they decided to break up.

Duncan still vividly remembered the day they broke up and the promise they made.

They agreed to meet again once they had successful careers in the future.

As he thought of their agreement, Duncan stared at his designer suit and expensive watch, laughing at himself.

"Shame on me!"

He felt humiliated of his fancy garments, the expensive watch he was wearing, and even the car he was driving.

That was because none of them belonged to him.

They were all rented.

It cost him two months' worth of salary just to rent them!

When that thought crossed his mind, Duncan recalled his experiences after graduation.

Back then, he found a good job.

He had a fair bit of career success through two years of hard work. But sadly, the good times didn't last long.

He happened to run into a junior manager harassing a young female staffer.

Duncan's moral compass compelled him to chastise the junior manager. This ended up humiliating that man to the entire company.

To his surprise, that junior manager was actually the CEO's son.

Since Duncan had offended him, no good would certainly come of it.

Later on, the CEO commanded the other managers to make things difficult for Duncan. Oftentimes, he would work overtime and all the harder tasks would be given to him.

Finally, he couldn't stand it any longer and resigned.

During the past three years after the resignation, he had worked for at least eight companies.

Unfortunately for him, he didn't have any connections or good luck. He couldn't get a promotion or a job that paid well. All he earned per month was around several grand.

But Duncan was independent and persistent. Even though his salary wasn't that high, he would work part-time during his spare time. Therefore, he was able to make a living in Ulgow, albeit barely.

He had spent most of his time working and making money, so he hadn't gotten married yet.

His parents were really worried about him, so they arranged several blind dates for him.

But Duncan had no car, no house, and no savings. It was hard for him to find a suitable girl.

Thus, all of his blind dates had been total failures.

Gradually, Duncan accepted the reality and lost all hope on blind dates.

"After this one, I must tell Mom not to arrange any for me again. It's perfectly okay if I don't get married in my thirties!"

While driving, he thought of how he would convince his mother later on.

All of a sudden, he heard a robotic voice.

"A suitable master has been detected. His information is currently being downloaded into the system."

"Eh? What's the sound?"

Startled by the voice, Duncan quickly looked around the car.

However, he couldn't find anything.

"Were my ears deceiving me?"

It was then that he looked out the window, wondering if the sound came from the outside.

The following moment, he heard the robotic voice again.

"Download completed. The information has been registered into the system!"

"System? What system?"

This time, Duncan heard it clearly and it shocked him.

He didn't expect that something this strange and mysterious would happen to him.

"Congratulations, master. Your information has been successfully registered into the Invincible Rich System. Through this system, you'll be capable of anything!"

"Wait… what? Invincible Rich System? Am I being pranked or something?"

After the initial shock, Duncan was in disbelief. After all, this whole thing was too ridiculous to be true.

He even suspected that the whole thing was designed by the car leasing company.

"This system is absolutely reliable! If you do not believe me, you can try to complete a newbie quest. And once you finish it, the system will reward you for your time,"

the AI responded.

Duncan wanted to give it a try, so he asked, "What's a newbie quest?"

"Today's newbie quest is: if you successfully humiliate a woman, you will receive a reward corresponding to that woman's occupation. This task can be repeated three times today!"

the AI replied right after Duncan finished his question.

"You want me to humiliate a woman?"

Upon hearing about the task, Duncan was stupefied.

'Why would I humiliate someone for no reason?'

he thought, feeling conflicted.

The next moment, he remembered how his past blind dates had gone.

Every scene of how those women humiliated him replayed in his head.

And because of that, all the accumulated resentment in his heart surged through his body.

After a moment of pondering, Duncan muttered, "Well, humiliating someone is a piece of cake for me! I've been humiliated so many times, so I'm quite familiar with the process."

Once he had made up his mind, Duncan decided to find someone he could humiliate to try it.

He then took out his phone and sent his mother a message.

"You mentioned yesterday that Mrs. Holmes' daughter wanted to date me. I'm free now. Can you help me ask if she's available right now?"

Even though Duncan had a date with Florrie at a cafe today, it was still early, so there was no rush.

He planned to check out this system first before meeting her.

The reason why he didn't want to use Florrie as guinea pig for his system was because he still had feelings for her. If it were possible, he would do everything he could to avoid hurting her.

His mother, Reba Welch, sent him a message right away. "I've asked. She is free right now. But she's at home and asked you to pick her up."

After that, Reba sent the girl's address to Duncan.

Once he had turned on the navigation system, he replied, "Got it. Be right there."

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