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He went to my backside and started trailing his kisses on my back. "I want you to stay still for me Addie. Can you do that for me?" I was moaning my answers, I just couldn't seem to think. "Answer me, Adriana, I will reward you with every answer you give me." ***** Billionaire Escort (Sugar Series) 1. Sugar baby 2. Sugar Daddy 3. Sugary Goodness Adriana is a very successful business woman. She had powerful, successful, wealthy men and women on her grips. Coming from a dark world of prostitution she knows how to make money. She's the daughter of a very dangerous and notorious business man. Everyone feared her father. He's no mob, but he killed like one. She never had boyfriends, she had lovers, she enjoyed sex, one thing for sure, she would never commit. That's what her father taught her before he was brutally shot by her own mother, which then she killed, because she loved her father more. She was daddy's little girl. She loved her father more than anything in the world. ***** Alexander is a very handsome playboy actor. He wasn't always this wealthy. But he was an inspiring actor, and he had fucked his way up the ladder. He'd do anything for power, for money. He craved the envious looks of other people when they saw him bathed in luxury and beauty. He's your typical male specimen with ripples of muscles and face to kiss and licked. He's your sex on a stick and he knows it and had play it to his advantage numerous times before. He was on the top of his game after twenty years being in the industry. That was why it shocked him, when his agent Drew told him to call a very expensive escort service, to fix him a date for his next premier. Drew had been with him since the start, he trusted his life with Drew. He said something about making a new self image and keeping the public wondering and keeping them thirsty about his personal life. Alexander was not ready when he called Adriana, her voice gave him the chills down below his belt.

Chapter 1 Another Day at The Office

This book is a stand-alone, but you will understand the characters better by reading the books in order:

1. Sugar Baby

2. Sugar Daddy

3. Sugary Goodness

"That's not how it is supposed to work Mr. McCain. Yes... I know you had paid a large amount of money. Yes... but our girl is still free to decide. It is quite clear on the agreement sir. Let's see, how about if I set you up with a more suitable girl for you? I'm really sorry about this. Why don't you take Jaquelyn to dinner first, anyplace of your choosing all expenses are on us, as a token of our apology. Then if you deemed appropriate, she will replace your previous one? And I will take care of everything personally. Yes sir, I understand. I will set it up with Jaquelyn tonight. Thank you, sir."

Damn billionaires!

I finally ended his call. Mr. McCain was one of our top paying clients, with his fetish habits of extreme daddy kinks, only a handful of our girls would comply. Tough the arrangement that we made was more of a sugar daddy type of thing, but the kink itself was always optional.

I sighed as I drink my morning espresso, and puffed my cigarette.

Ah...this is the morning that I was waiting for.

All quiet... alone in my office, polluting my spacious dark paneled interior office. I had been trying to quit smoking for months now. But it seemed too precious for this kind of morning me time.

Then there was a knock at my door. I smiled immediately looking at him.

"Francois darling, this is too early even for you, isn't it? What can I help you with? What do you want?" He came into my office looking all dark and brooding.

Oh, he is just too handsome.

"You baby, I want you." He laughed and sit in front of my desk, he laced his fingers and crossed his legs casually.

"Some of the babies had been harassing me. Shocking, with these handsome features I know. I should've known better. Just tell Charlie and Darla to back off a little okay, oh... and what's his name, Harold? yes, also Harold. He seemed to think I'm all for one and one for all kind of guy." He explained his issues, making me laugh at him.

Francois is our professional photographer. He had been making our girls and boys personal portfolio photos for years now. He's the best. He could make all the photos look so sinful, and made them looked so innocent and sophisticated at the same time.

"Oh, Francois you are too handsome for your own good sometimes. Stay, and have some coffee with me." I puffed out my cigarette one last time, and put it out, then went to the balcony door and open the outdoor space, to let the fresh air in.

That was when I felt him behind me, resting his arm around my waist. "But it's you that I want Adriana, always you." I chuckled and turned my body, to face him.

"All in good time Francois, you will have your way with me tonight. Oh... sorry tomorrow night. I got this McCain thing to settle, that man got some challenging fetishes that only some girls could handle." He groaned, but relax as I kissed him deeply.

"I'll wait for you baby. Now, where's my coffee." He whispered seductively in my ear, making me laugh again.

We spent the morning talking about work, the babies, and about how they came on to him, making me laughed hard at him.

"Oh my god, Francois! Stop it! My stomach hurts, it's too fucking hilarious. Maybe you should start wearing those t-shirts, with words on them. And write it, oh... I don't know. Something like, for work only, sexual advances please." I started laughing again.

"You know what, I just can't baby. I'm so sorry. You're too fucking handsome as a photographer. And when you're in front of the camera and telling them to strip. I think that's when they mold themselves to your wishes and take it literally." I told him sitting on his lap while drinking our coffee on my office sofa.

Francois and I had this on and off sex buddy, non written agreement. It started when he was comforting me one day, after too much stress and we ended up fucking our brains out. Since then we would casually meet up for sex a couple of times a week. It was casual, it was comfortable, and it had been working between us for a couple of months now.

We would cuddle and flirt in my office or in his studio, but back to being professional in front of everyone else. People would suspect, but none had ever dared questioned us. I think that was also why Francois was being approached by the sugar babies.

"Did you ever think that they knew about us, and that's why they're making advances towards you?" I smiled seductively at him, trailing my hand to his chest.

I love our cuddling time. Francois is such a romantic, not that I would actually date him. He had asked before, and I had said no to him already. Cause he meant too much for the company, and should anything go wrong between us, I would lose a very valuable asset.

I kissed him again one last time and stood up, I finished my coffee and gathered my things.

"I'm going to the country club now, I'll see you later this afternoon Francois. And I will call the babies later regarding your complaints okay?" I winked at him and strutted my way out of the office, passing through my secretary.

"Gary darling, please forward important phone calls to my phone, I'll be waiting for McCain and also get Jaquelyn to call my mobile, will you? I'll be back around three okay... Thank you, Gary." I tapped on his desk and went straight to the elevator.

It was all about appearance here at the office, Gary is a very beautiful handsome man. I didn't even know his preference, he looked manly but sometimes he had his quirks that would show, whenever he had too much to drink.

The main thing was, that he decorated the front of my office beautifully. He always looked sharp with his office attire, he would make women asked for him. Yes, we also catered to women, and I had asked him to be one of the babies but he just laughed at me. Saying that he was flattered, but not sure he could perform under such pressure. His modesty amused me, that was also why he had been my secretary for the longest time.

The elevator finally open, and I got in and started typing on my phone, while I wait until I arrived in the basement. Then I continued to drive to the country club in search of new sugar babies for my listing.

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