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Silent confessions

Silent confessions

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"Calista!" Nix called out to me. "What? Is there a problem?" I felt the tension in his eyes. "You're not going to jail anymore, Caliee. The accident proved everything!" He shouted, embracing me and kissing my forehead. I couldn't help but slowly start to cry. "It's okay, Caliee, I told you that you're innocent." "T-thank you, Nix." I checked all my social media accounts and found both negative and positive comments at the same time. This is the reality that I can't avoid haters in the online world. Many are on my side, many are on Caleb's, as if we're fighting our own beliefs. I sat down on the couch, feeling incredibly happy and anxious at the same time. I know Caleb won't give up on me. "Calista!" I heard someone call my name outside the hotel door. "Come out!" they shouted, banging on the door. When I opened it, the heavily intoxicated Caleb greeted me, "C-Caleb?" I asked. Many were holding him back, but he was struggling, "L-let go, bro." He looked at me as if scrutinizing my entire being. "Fine! Let out your anger on me, what else do you want? Everything's been proven... It was all an accident!" As the guards left, he entered my room, slowly approaching me until I leaned against the wall. His eyes were filled with rage and hatred, as if he could kill me at any moment. "W-what do you--" I couldn't speak anymore as he punched the wall next to me. “Why, Calista? Why did you take away the woman I love?" He shouted at me while continuing to cry. "W-what do you want!" I shouted back, pushing him away. He threw my belongings, hitting my foot, causing me to stumble. "D-damn it, what!" I held my injured foot, looking straight at him, observing his angry face. I took a deep breath and spoke again, "What do you want to make you quiet? My body? Money? Wealth! That's all I have! If you want me to bring back your fiancée..." "I'm not God! Do you understand? If I could bring her back, I would've done it already, I regret it every day, every hour." I want this to end, I'm so tired. I can't take it anymore. I straightened my head bravely. I uttered the words I knew I would regret. "If I have sex with you, will you forgive me?" I bravely asked, tears slowly streaming down my cheeks. He stared at my entire body, unable to even look into my eyes. "I will never forgive you," he replied weakly and hoarsely. "Why? It wasn't intentional, it was all an accident! It's not my fault that your fiancée died, I lost my brakes, how many times do I have to tell you that I-I'm not at fault!" "It's your fault! because damn you, why? Calista? why did you kill my fiancée!" A loud shout stunned me. It's not my fault, it's not my fault, it's an accident, I didn't mean to kill anyone, I didn't have brakes that day! "Why don't you just give up? Why do you still fight for your beliefs, even though both of us know that it's really you! f*ck you! Calista." I took a deep breath and looked at his face. "W-will you have sex with me! After that, my debt to you will be paid, can we do that, prosecutor Villanueva?" I bravely asked again. He stared at me, unresponsive. "Stop," he shouted loudly. "Why? Don't you want to? So I can pay you back! You'll disgrace me! Take away my dignity! Because it's my fault! Because I'm a b*tch! Because this is what you want, to feel every day that something is being taken from me! That I'm being robbed! But you don't want money, you want me to regret it every day, so here it is." He approached me and kissed me, my tears flowing as he kissed me, while he undressed me, I was sobbing softly, he continued kissing me, from my ears down to my neck, he observed my entire body. He slowly laid me down, slowly removing my clothes, as he did, I closed my eyes. He continued to explore my body, from my thighs to even the deepest parts of my femininity. DESCRIPTION: "Caleb Wyven Villanueva" is a prosecutor who is willing to do everything for his loved one, recognizing nothing, but what is in accordance with the law. But what if one day this man wakes up that the woman he loves is already de@d? Will he fight for her? Or will he just let go?

Chapter 1 1

"Brother Larry, is that still long? I'm going to be late for my exam!" I shouted here because of the long traffic.

"Wait a minute, Ma'am, because the one car in front isn't moving, it's broken."

"Fúck! What the hell is that, do they think they own the road?" I got down and moved to the driver's seat, repeatedly honking the car's horn

"HEY MOVE YOUR FÚCKING CAR" I yelled here, "Brother, get out of there, I'll drive, Are they going to tear me apart if I'm late for my exam, it's annoying!"

I started to drive my black car to cross the other way but suddenly my car was stopped by a strong impact.

"Ma'am, you damaged a car" Said my driver who was in the passenger seat next to me

I'm not flaking anymore, money is the solution to that, does anyone hate money?

I handed an envelope with only money to my driver "Oh..give it to me, I have to go"

From inside my car, I could hear the answer of two men and one of them was my driver "Hey, brother let's go"

He approached me and whispered "Ma'am, I'm dead! I don't want to accept the money, ma'am"

I went out to see who the stubborn man was, he is wearing a black polo, its order cannot be denied.

He looked at me from head to toe and he frowned, what's the problem with this mess, can you think!

"Brother, maybe we can settle it, I already gave the money, maybe we can split it first"

"Is this it?" He held up the envelope with only money, and handed it back to me as a warning

"Brother, let's settle it!"

He looked at me with a smirk on his face. "Settle? Why would I do that? You don't have enough money for the damage you did," he said sarcastically. I felt a mix of frustration and determination. I knew I had to find a way to resolve this situation.

The man crossed his arms and looked at me skeptically. "I don't need money. You need to learn a lesson. You can't get away with what you do without proper punishment," He replied firmly.

I laughed at what he said, "I'm going to be late for my exam, I don't have time for your law! accept the money, and have your car repaired" I gave him the money and tried to leave, but he grabbed my arm I.

As the man held onto my arm, a mix of fear and frustration coursed through me. I tried to pull away, but his grip tightened. "You can't just run away like this. You have to deal with the damage you did," He said, his voice filled with determination.

"Let go, I said!"

I pushed it with all my strength and immediately got into the car "Mr. Larry, give me the money if it's still insufficient and abusive call me, I'll send it!"

I pushed it with all my strength and immediately got into the car "Mr. Larry, give me the money if it's still insufficient and abusive call me, I'll send it!"

When I arrived there were a lot of people, Avery and Jia were there, Avery and I were the only two who were going to take the bar exam.

"Oh..what's up with you girl? There's no exam stress yet."

When I go inside, I feel a mixture of nervousness and fear.

"We can do it, Caliee" Avery told me

We were given six hours to take the exam, my head hurts, what I feel now is a mixture of nervousness and headache.

After six hours, Jia met us, but I was looking for someone else, so I tried to go around to see mommy, but they didn't come.

"Are you alright?" Jia asked.

"Ah? Yes, I'm fine" I felt a little pain in my feelings, this is what they want but they don't support me.

"I'm first, Caliee. Kian is already waiting for me" She said goodbye. I hugged her before leaving.

I felt my phone vibrate in the bag so I answered it, Manong Larry.

"Hello, man?"

"Ma'am, I'm in the precinct right now, I really don't want to accept the money, I need you here." I was almost shocked by what he said, who is that man? why are you punishing me! Well, I was in a hurry and he lost it.

I drove my car to the precinct, I saw Manong sitting and being interviewed I think the person interviewing him was an investigator.

"Uhmm? sir?" I called here and he turned his head.

"Have a sit" He pointed to the seat next to manong, but I didn't sit because I knew I wouldn't be staying long

"Sir, I'm ready to pay no matter what" I said without hesitation

"Ma'am, I'm sorry but Prosecutor Villanueva doesn't want to settle yet."

"P-po? who is that?"


From behind me I heard a loud voice, so I immediately turned around, I was surprised because he was a prosecutor.

"Do you have a problem if I don't want to fix it?" It said coldly. He came closer to me, and leaned his hand on the table.

"Reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property, The case I filed against you, Miss?"

It's pure, Why don't you want to forgive simple damage, it's a mess.

"Sir, please I don't want to go to jail" I begged

"Then...I hope you're careful!"

"You will be jailed for 30 days miss" said the investigator.

"Don't be..." This is an annoying animal, a man!

"Brother...I mean sir, maybe I'm just in a hurry because you know I'm going to take an exam"


He said it coldly, so I just held my forehead, I'm about to explode a little with annoyance here

"Please forgive me"

"You're facing thirty days in jail, and you're still asking me to forgive you? Is this really your best attempt to get away with this? You damaged property and put people at risk with your recklessness. I don't understand how I'm supposed to forgive that."

"I was really in a hurry, please I will pay for what I damaged" I immediately answered him

"Money doesn't fix everything. You could offer me all the money in the world, and I would still send you to jail for what you did"

I raised an eyebrow at him "Oh really?"

"I'm not kidding. Miss?"

"You don't seem to realize the severity of what you've done. You're looking at a minimum of thirty days in jail, but if I had my way, I'd give you at least six months. Maybe that would be enough time to teach you some responsibility."

"Six months? Are you fooling me, if I can pay, why can't I?" I said to him irritated. I noticed it took a deep breath before looking at me

"This isn't about the money. This is about responsibility. You need to learn that actions have consequences...And those consequences can be serious. If I let you buy your way off the hook, you won't learn anything. You'll just be a brat who thinks they can get away with anything by throwing money at it."

"Wait a minute, are you a prosecutor or a professor, you've passed the lecture today!"

"It's not a lecture, it's a lesson."

"The fact that you're acting like this just proves how immature and irresponsible you really are. Maybe a few months in prison will be good for you." He smirked

"Immature? irresponsible? What are you implying? Huh?" I narrowed my eyes, ready to lash out at him

"Do I have to spell that out, just so you understand? You're an irresponsible and immature brat. You think you can get away with anything, and when you don't get your way, you throw a fit like a child."

I growl under my breath and clench my fists, trying to control myself. If it weren't for the situation we were in, I would slam him against the wall and make him regret ever even looking at me that way.

"Look at that. See how angry you're getting?" He said with a patronizing tone. "You can't even control yourself right now."

"Tell me, if you want to lock me up, lock me up, don't do it" I said to him irritably, I glared at him.

"You're dàmn right, I'm going to send you to prison for this. You know what? Just for that comment, I'm going to push to give you six months instead of just thirty days. See if you learn a thing or two in there." He said, trying to conceal his smirk.

That shit, wait...When I become a lawyer, I'll fire you! Wait? can the lawyer remove the prosecutor?

"Caliee" I was brought back to my senses when someone called my name.

"What happened?" Avery immediately asked me, I didn't look him in the eye. Avery even surpassed a parent no.

"This...going to be imprisoned for 30 days, shit." I cheerfully opened up to him and laughed sarcastically

"Huh? What did you do?" She asked, and hugged me.

I looked at her, my eyes filled with confusion and fear. "I damaged a car!" I said, my voice barely a whisper. "I wasn't careful to express myself, because I was in a hurry, and now I'm facing a 30-day sentence because of that crazy prosecutor."

Her eyes widened in surprise, "Can't it just be a fine?" She asked, her voice filled with concern.

"I don't know about that crazy person, I thought his car was worth millions" I rolled my eyes

She sighed and tightened her grip around me, "What are we going to do then? Wait, let me try to talk to that prosecutor, hmm?"

"Why, do you know?" I asked her seriously

"We understand, please"

I waited for hours, Avery took so long to convince that guy, it's annoying, why is that guy like this, is he crying

"AVERY!" I shouted, which caused me to get everyone's attention

"Hey, maybe you're forgetting that you're in the precinct, girl?"

"Oops, sorry." I covered my mouth as everyone looked at me.

"So, what? Did you convince him?" I asked.

"Yeah, luckily he's my college classmate, he just took the bar exam earlier than us. You didn't mention it was Caleb, by the way"

"Did I know! That guy with the cry is your college mates"

"Thank you, friend, that's why I love you so much. Don't worry, I'll treat you to a snack later" I said, wrapping my arm around her.

Before we could leave the precinct, that guy appeared in front of us again, does he have a breed?

"You're lucky, woman. Your friend begged me"

It's still my conscience, it's good to be punched, it's annoying to make a face "Oh, you're there" I shouted.

"Are you shouting at me?" one of his eyebrows raised, isn't it obvious that he is deaf?

"Isn't it obvious?" I raised an eyebrow at him, clearly asking.

"Do you want me to return the case I filed against you?!"

"Oh, of course not, I'm just kidding, it's not funny" I patted his arm

I grabbed Avery and left, I was afraid that if I didn't control myself, I might become a múrderer and stab this Caleb.

"I feel like he has a crush on me," I said to Avery, making her laugh.

"Huh? You? Girl, he's not into spoiled brats. Besides, as far as I know, he's engaged, so don't assume it's that bad.."

"But... he's handsome" I said here and laughed angrily

"ISA CALISTA AZALEA HARRISON" She shouted so I covered my mouth

"I'm just kidding right"

The next morning. I'm sitting on the couch, reading a book. I'm wearing an oversized sweater and my hair is still a mess.

I sigh, closing the book and taking out my phone. I check my social media notifications, when you're done I'm ready I just took a shower.

When I finish taking my shower, I brush my teeth and put on some comfy clothes. All this time, I've been thinking about the last thing that happened between me and that damn prosecutor

I exit the bathroom and head for the kitchen, where I pour myself a cup of coffee. I start drinking it as I stare out of the window, lost in thought

As I finish my cup of coffee. I looked at the clock. It's been an hour since I woke up, and my day is already going terribly. I sigh and decide to get some breakfast.

I prepare my breakfast, which consists of sausage and bacon with toast, I'm not on a diet right now. I bring the plate to the table and sit down, trying to enjoy the food

I try to focus on my breakfast, but I can't help thinking about my last exchange with that gódàmn prosecutor again, I start grinding my teeth as I take a bite of the food.

"Bwisít, you're messing with me until I eat, aren't you?" I said to myself

I put my fork down and sigh. Then I decided to ignore the stupid prosecutor and just focus on my food instead.

The bar exam suddenly entered my mind, what if I don't pass?

I shake my head as I take another bite of my food. The thought of failing the bar exam haunts me, and I start feeling anxious about it. I put down the fork I was holding, 'cause I'm losing my appetite from thinking too much. I put what I ate in the sink.

I sit back down at the table and take a deep breath. "I need to calm down and stop overthinking. I have studied hard for the bar exam and I know I can pass it." I said, trying to calm myself down

We waited for months for bar exam results, which are usually released by the Supreme Court. Every night and every passing day was filled with anxiety and tension to me.

I pace back and forth in front of the window, my heart pounding from the thought of whether I passed or failed. "What's up Calista, you did your best?"

In the next morning, where is the day I dreaded, and everything. The result will be known.

I just took a shower, I put on the long sleeve that daddy gave me, my bottom was a long skirt, I was surprised when the door opened, it's Avery and Jia.

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