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img img Romance img Second Chance With The Scorned Lover
Second Chance With The Scorned Lover

Second Chance With The Scorned Lover

img Romance
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"Make me happy! I'll do everything you want!" Johanna was desperate. Her family was tricked into bankruptcy, and she was running out of options. Thus, she became Carson's sex partner. Unexpectedly, the man was careful toward his supposed plaything. He lavished her with affection, backed her up, and eliminated her hardships. But as the tapestry unraveled, Johanna realized that she was just a pawn in Carson's elaborate schemes. Disillusioned and heartbroken, she fled and learned to thrive on her own. When they met again, Johanna was surrounded by a flock of suitors. Carson couldn’t believe that the once docile woman he knew was now a seductive minx. "What will it take for you to return to me?" "Sorry, Mr. Russell, but I am already married."

Chapter 1 How's The Size

Johanna Gordon felt the man's grasp tighten around her waist.

The moment his warm palm made contact, a wave of weakness swept through her legs.

"Carson Russell! Our agreement has concluded, you can't—" she whispered, a hint of firmness in her voice.

In response, the man's grip shifted, fingers pressing against her chin with an assertive, almost impudent force.

His voice, a low murmur, carried an undeniable edge. "It's not over until the midnight. Until then, you still belong to me."

A frown marred Johanna's expression, a silent testament to her turmoil.

She found herself questioning the reasons for her presence with this man once more.

Today marked the culmination of their agreement, the finality looming with an undeniable weight. Merely half an hour earlier, she had arrived with the intent to gather her things, poised to embark on a departure from this chapter of her life.

Yet, upon his entrance, Carson began to strip away his clothes without a word, his actions cutting through the silence like a decree. Without allowing her a moment to articulate her thoughts, he enveloped her in his familiarity.

It was a dance they had performed countless times over the span of three years—a duration that tread the fine line between fleeting and eternal.

Her body, having memorized every contour and cadence of his, yielded without resistance, sinking into the heat that built between them with an intensity that seemed to set the air ablaze.

The wine cabinet rattled noisily behind her.

"I have commitments tomorrow. Please, no marks," Johanna whispered, a plea of some sort.

He paused, a sneer curling his lips, before his response came not in words but in a surge of renewed passion— a tempest that promised to sweep away the remnants of their agreement.

An hour slipped by.

After refreshing herself, Johanna emerged from the shower and confronted her reflection in the mirror. The marks he had left on her were undeniable.

Outside, Carson was a figure of nonchalance, smoking on the balcony.

Resting against the railing, he cast a glance over his shoulder, his gaze landing on her. "Are you sure you don't wish to extend our arrangement?" he inquired, the words hanging in the air between them.

Johanna found herself hesitating at his question.

Three years ago, at the tender age of twenty-two, her life had been thrown into disarray by her family's financial ruin. The subsequent loss of her father and her mother's illness had forced her into hiding, dodging creditors while struggling to manage overwhelming medical expenses. At her lowest, she had faced nights on the streets and had even contemplated taking her own life, a desperate escape from her burdens, alongside her mother.

Her encounter with Carson had seemed like a stroke of fortune amidst despair. Their arrangement was transactional, each fulfilling the needs of the other.

Carson had shown her kindness, even in bed, without any peculiar kinks involved; he also generously covered her mother's medical expenses and provided additional financial support.

Yet, the unintended consequence of their agreement was the depth of feeling she developed for him.

As he claimed her body, so too did he occupy her heart.

Was she going to renew their agreement?

The question was a tormenting proposition.

As the water ran in the background, her voice carried a hint of resignation. "No. My mother's health is improving, and one day, she will yearn for me to give her a grandchild."

At her words, Carson closed the distance between them, positioning himself behind her.

The cigarette he smoked filled the air with an unexpectedly enticing aroma.

He leaned in closer, his question casual yet pointed. "Have you found someone already?"

"Yes," she answered, simplicity in her voice.

"And you know him well?" he pressed further.

"Men are fairly similar. Emotions can evolve," Johanna observed, her voice reflecting a mix of realism and resignation.

He ventured a more personal query. "What about the size compatibility?"

A hint of red tinged Johanna's cheeks as she replied, "We're young. That's not a concern right now."

Then, with a shift towards seriousness, she affirmed, "Carson, this is important to me."

Her words were few but laden with earnestness.

Her words hung in the air, a blend of ultimatum and inquiry, yet they stood little chance against the impending reality.

Carson's laughter broke the tension, his question laced with jest. "Why never consider marriage as an option between us?"

Johanna's silence in the face of his mockery was her tacit admission of defeat.

As she turned to face him, their proximity brought their lips dangerously close, an unspoken promise lingering between them.

Carson's eyes narrowed, betraying his intention to close the distance with a kiss.

Johanna, however, sidestepped his advance, her gesture towards the clock a clear boundary.

Her tone was sweet, yet her words carried an undeniable finality. "It's past midnight. Our agreement has come to an end."

To cross that line again would be a mistake.

Carson's response was a chuckle, unfazed by her declaration.

He brushed a kiss against her earlobe, his voice a blend of admiration and nonchalance. "I truly appreciate your levelheadedness."

His next words were an offer, seemingly generous yet underscored by the power dynamic between them. "Should you find yourself in need of financial support, remember I'm always here. Until then, Johanna."

Carson had a way of delivering sharp insights with a tone that was both tender and disinterested, making it hard to discern the depth of his sincerity.

As they maintained their physical and emotional distance, the atmosphere chilled, signaling the definitive close of their chapter.

Johanna held her composure until the door sealed shut behind him. Only then did she allow the facade to crumble, tears streaming down her face as she whispered into the void, "Goodbye, Carson. Our story ends here."

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