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Riches or Rags Love Prevails

Riches or Rags Love Prevails

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Happened to be loved by my classmate whom I never thought will love me, "Will you marry me baby?"Mary asked curiously. She was not sure if his man, Love of her life was serious. what she expected surprised her since?...

Chapter 1 How it started

I was in the classroom when Mary appeared, she was beautifully blessed, she was tall light skinned and adorable girl, that day I was the only student who came early in the morning to class, I was to break out all my homework and assignment that our Math’s teacher had given to us. "Good morning Dan have you finished your homework, can I have a look? “I was among the top students who were doing well in mathematics.

She came near me and I didn't expect her to come to me because of all, I was just a new student in that school. Mary had a pleasant aura which made my mind bling-bling., I gave her my exercise book and she started 'copying' I wish she knew what was in my mind. I adored her and if wishes were I would make her my girlfriend. I started explaining to her how I managed to work and I was quite sure I was right. After 30 minutes Mary had done everything and she thanked me for helping her, she went back to her desk and waited for the teacher.

It was our Math’s teacher who had a lesson that morning. Within an hour, the classroom was full and the class governor collected the exercise books, as we waited for the teacher. When the teacher arrived,he told the governor to take the books to his office and we started working out the given assignment. After he was done, I had nothing to worry about since, I had passed everything unexceptional to Mary who had also passed.

When our Math’s teacher just stepped out of the classroom Mary came to my desk looking excited and happier, she whispered to me "Thank you Dan, today I will be offering a gift to you." And she dashed out. She left me wondering what kind of gift she was going to give me.

I thought of exercise books, I thought of bread for breakfast, I thought of every kind of gift that she was going to give me but it was just an niassumption. Finally, break time came and I went out as usual. The moment I stepped out of the Classroom Mary was before me holding a juice in her hand, I was surprised and perplexed to see her giving me juice,

I said thank you as she gave me a hug which raised the attention of two other students around us🤔. After giving me a hug she left and went back to the classroom. I stood there not knowing what to do but just gazing as if my eyes will pop out of their sockets. One of my friends Moses came and started to caution what was happening between me and Mary, "Dan are you having a secret liaison with Mary?" I said no as he picked the juice and headed towards the Shadow of the tree, we open the juice and started to enjoy ourselves, as we were having talks. My mind never stops thinking about Mary, she tickled my heart, and I wanted to tell her how I was feeling about her but I was quite not sure if she will accept my request.

Transpired to be loved by my classmate whom I never thought could love me. She was from a wealthy family so I didn't know if she can correlate with me.

Few days passed,not able to focus on education but love. one fine morning I found her revising mathematics under a tree. It was games time and we were not busy as such . I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to say sweet words to Mary 😁

"Hi Mary, can I join you?"

"Why not Dan" she gave a hot smile making me blush, I helped her to work out few tasks as I timed the perfect time to introduce my topic

" Wait Mary, it has been a while since I saw you dear. I don't know how to say it but whenever I see you, my body gets uncomfortable. I feel like sparks in my body telling me, you are mine dear"🤐🙏

I posed to see if I had delivered any point.

She only smiled waiting for more words but i had well prepared I continue.

Dear, you know how much...

My friend interrupted my story and I had to pretend doing something...🥲


Mary loved me. I felt like I was the most blessed because she provided me with whatever I liked or anything I needed. It was the last part of my High School when our love started to grow and we never knew where it will lead us. We continued nurturing our love and it was all perfect. I managed to pass my final examination with flying colors hence I joined the Prestigious university in the country. Mary's parent's financial capabilities enabled her also to join a college that was near my school. We used to meet each other whenever we wanted to during the weekends. Mary was caring and loving; she oftentimes took me to the shopping centers and buy new stuff for me.

My lifestyle was as if I was from a rich family. In my second year, Mary's actions changed. I did not know what was happening with her but I wished she doesn't stop loving me. After a short period, I found out that she had fallen for someone and it was not me. It hurt me and I didn't know what to do. It was my first heartbreak ever and I had never experienced it before. A few months passed,I tried begging her to come back but she never eavesdrops on me. I gave up on loving this gender though I never failed to work hard in class...

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