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Revenge from the Ashes

Revenge from the Ashes

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Henry Marcus an old billionaire in his seventy woke up in the body of Bryan, a muscular and handsome young man with an exceptional figure who was rushed to the hospital after he was involved in an accident the same day and time Henry's soul the left his body. Henry was married to Sophia mendoza,a strikingly beautiful Mexican woman. His love and devotion to her blinded him from seeing her betrayal and deceit. His leased body now gives him a second chance to navigate his new reality and confront the darkness and treachery of the ones he trusts. Henry (in Bryan's body) orchestrated a plot of getting back at Sophia and her boyfriend Alex and to giveback to his daughters what truly belonged to them after being abandoned and sent away from the mansion built by Henry in his lifetime. This path Henry took didn't flow without counter plots by Sophia and Alex after discovering Bryan's body houses the soul of her late husband. "I know who you are and this time you are going to die for real old man!"

Chapter 1 Nasty Room

Henry's POV

"Arghhhhh" I screamed as I woke up with an excruciating pain in my body. I couldn't move any part of my body. My eyes were quite dizzy and my view was blurry as I tried to lift my hands to clear my sight but I failed. "Oh! What's happening to this old fellow?" I whispered to myself. I could barely open my eyes completely due to the intensity of the headache I was feeling and there was so much light. I heard footsteps of someone walking into the room but I couldn't phantom who it was because of my blurry vision. He got closer and said "Hey buddy! How are you feeling now?" He said as he stood near the bed I was lying on examining my frail body. "Bryan! Talk to me so that I can understand if your medication is having a good effect on you". He said again as the unfamiliar figure picked up an object from the basket beside the bed. I can see him wearing a blurry white dress but I couldn't actually say if he was a doctor. Did I hear him say Bryan? Who the hell is Bryan? I whispered to myself. "I am not Bryan Young man I am Henry". I said reluctantly. "Well I can see that the medication is interfering with your brain and will have to recommend another diagnosis for you Bryan". The fellow suggested as he got ready to inject me. Even though I couldn't see clearly I sprang from the bed and reached out to the collar of his dress and screamed "who the hell is Bryan? I told you severally I am not Bryan" The man got startled and I was shocked at the level of strength I displayed getting out of the bed. The clarity in my sight slightly increased when I realized the man standing before me was a doctor wearing his regalia and attending to me. I stood up properly as I winced in pain and released his collar. I stared at my surroundings and what met my eyes was the tiny room which is so messed up compared to where I used to be, I was left in shock. "Where the hell am I?" I asked the doctor as I scanned through the room . "Why am I here and not in my room at the mansion? What's this nasty place?" The doctor was taken aback with his eyes and mouth wide open wondering what scene of a movie he was about to watch. I can see the expression on his face looking funny. I turned back to him, and I said," wait a minute! Where am I?" I held the doctor with both hands which had already turned white. The whole Of my body was shivering. "You have always been here Bryan, where else will you be if not here?" The doctor replied with a confused expression. There was a knock on the door and a young lady in her late twenties worked into the room and saw me and the doctor standing each carrying a confusing expression. "Thank God you are alive Bryan, what would I have done without you in my life" she reached her hand to me for a hug but I turned away and drifted my gaze away from her direction. "Who are you please?" I said to her but the lady immediately went blank "Huh? Who am I ?" Doctor "what's happening?"

She said as tears ran through her face. "I am your lover ! Bianca! Don't you know?" She said as she came towards me and I kept moving back. The doctor walked up to her and held her hands. "Don't worry! He would be fine. I think the medication is making him have a partial memory loss" he said as he hugged her. "Oh Nooo!!! How can this be?" She cried gently hitting the chest of the doctor. I was looking at them very strangely and kept hoping I was dreaming. How did I end up finding myself here. There should be some sort of explanation to all this. I saw a mirror hanging on the wall across the room. I gently walked towards the mirror not knowing the horror that awaits me. Looking at the mirror I saw a muscular male figure, handsome, blueish eyes, a dark curly hair which almost covered his neck. What in the name of God is happening here, how can I be old and look different in the mirror. No ! I attempted cleaning the mirror for a clearer sight thinking someone's photo was in it. It still showed the same reflection. I am definitely screwed . Then I screamed "Can someone please tell me what is happening to me? I began to have a bang on my head, it was the headache again. I said again weakly holding the left side of my head with my hand as I was about to fall on the empty tiles in front of me."Wh! Whatt.. is happening to me?" Then I passed out and Bianca shouted. The doctor rushed to put me back on the bed with the help of Bianca . Tears flowing from her eyes like rain. "Let him be for now" the doctor said. "He would be fine when he is awake.

I will place him on new medication to examine the outcome and if necessary we go for a diagnosis of his case. " I think we should step out for now and allow him to get some rest". The doctor said as they both went out of the room which I was kept in. I passed out for a whole day and wished to wake up in my old self and life again. I could see Some blurry images of female figure smiling and could hear some sounds which I can't really understand. I also heard Andrea and Lola, who could they be as I saw myself just running around the house as I followed them. The last thing I could remember was driving off to my company when I tried to avoid being hit by a truck running so fast towards me but the brakes failed despite all the effort made by Mathew my driver. No way! Where is mathew. Oh my God! What is happening to me . And I now find myself in this place. I woke up at about thirty minutes past nine in the morning. I was feeling much better and stronger. I walked to the mirror again only to see myself in the same body . "Not again" I screamed to myself and shattered the mirror on the tiles. I sat on the bed and was crying profusely . How do I get out of this situation. How can I become someone who houses my body. We are a different personality. It dawned on me that I was trapped in another person's body. Bryan's to be clear. Is this some sort of second chance drama to relive the life I once had. How can I see my family again. My daughters and my priceless sophia. Even though I can't remember what their faces look like. I cried and my eyes turned so red like the red blood moon. I can't really describe the feelings I am having right now. A conflict of emotion is going on within me. I feel sad, happy and regretful. And how can I pretend to be a member of this family? I wiped my tears and went into the toilet to have a shower because I was stinking so bad, that I couldn't bear the odour from my body. Oh! Bryan's body. He had such a bad hygiene routine I guess. He couldn't even shave his armpits or scrape the hair on his cock. That's weird for a man of his age. I couldn't believe my eyes as I stepped into the bathroom. It smelled so bad that I instantly developed a stomach ache and ran out of the it. "Oh Henry! I guess you are in a much bigger trouble now". I said to myself. I was about to step out of the filth of a room when Bianca walked in and hugged me with a smile on her face. Arghhhhh! It felt so awkward and I pretended to still be in pain I held the side of my abdomen and said " Ouch!" . "Oh sorry! My love" she said as she looked at me. I shook my head and whispered to myself, whatever. "Let's go out for a fresh air she said as we walked out of the room. I shrugged my shoulder and followed her lead. She took me to the living room where I met some unfamiliar faces who came to wish me a quick recovery. "Bryan! My friend " a man with an average height, a brown hair and little bit chubby walked directly and held my hands come here my friend we are going to celebrate your recovery with some tequila wine. Come sit with us". I have never met this man . I sat down and greeted them all with smiles even though I don't know any of them. That's weird right! They all laughed and enjoyed themselves. Every other person left except the chubby guy with the brown hair. I whispered to Bianca " I am so hungry and would need to have a shower before that please". "Why say please my love , your breakfast is ready for over an hour now" she said as she touched my face with her hands. I felt a cringe anytime she came closer to me and don't waste the opportunity of sending her away from my sight. "You can have your shower in your bathroom right?" She asked. " Sure .....but I will need you to fix it, you know it's been quite long I used it " I said scratching my face. Her facial expression changed immediately and she said " what's wrong with you? We have used that toilet together for years now. Did having an accident suddenly changed your taste for toilet too?" She said as she glitched her teeth and clenched her fingers. You are absolutely right. How can a normal human being used such a filthy thing as a toilet. Huhhh! Someone should come to my aid. I need to go back to my body. "Ramos! Keep him busy while I fix his bath" she said as she stood up. Bianca is a cute, and beautiful looking naive girl. I wonder how Bryan could fall for such a young girl.

And who is this Ramos of a guy dressed like a cowboy ? Well time would tell! I am a man on a mission and I can't waste time with these people who think Bryan is still alive with them. I need to find an explanation to all of these.

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