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Nemesis Of The Lycan’s Triplets

Nemesis Of The Lycan’s Triplets

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Mia, an omega without the wolf gene, endures years of torment and bullying by the Lycan King's triplets. Left for dead after being framed and beaten by them, she is saved by a witch who trains her in ancient magic. Now, seven years later, Mia returns with a revenge plan that could unleash darkness in the world. But a twist awaits—the news of her true identity and the fact that her biggest bully, the ruthless eldest son of the Lycan King, is her mate. As secrets unravel, Mia faces a choice: continue on her quest for vengeance or embrace love for peace. What path will she choose? A gripping tale of power, revenge, and an unexpected bond in a world on the brink of chaos.

Chapter 1 Introduction

My alarm clock rang aggressively for the third time, awakening me from the amazing sleep I was enjoying.

Groaning loudly, I stretched my hand to reach out for the clock by my bedside, whilst my face remained planted on the pillow.

My nose twitched when I found nothing.

Still, I let my hand wander, whilst my mind calculated the distance that has always been between my clock and my bed. My face scrunched in unbelief and frustration after a few minutes of wandering when my hands came up with nothing.

Groaning again, I opened my eyes, not having any other choice, the scrunched lines on my face relaxing when I saw my mother standing close to my bed, a short smile on her face, my alarm clock held safely in her hands.

“I still don’t understand your grudge against mornings, especially during school days. Worse, you are keeping the clock from doing its work. Get up Mia. Today is just Wednesday; you still have two more school days to go before the weekend. Don’t give up yet.'' I heard her state and sighed tiredly.

“Can I sit back today? I can feel a fever coming.” I pleaded with a pout on my lips, sitting up on my bed.

And really, there was a fever coming. I was already feeling the jitters, the result of being submerged in the school’s pool for more than three hours.

But Mrs Sharon didn’t know that, and doesn’t need to know that.

“No, you can’t. That trick wouldn’t be working on me again.” My mother replied, putting down the alarm clock on its rack.

I knew that her just concluded statement had been because of the incident last week.

Tuesday, last week, I had faked a fever and had managed to stay home, to avoid the day’s bully reserved for me.

Unfortunately, I had quit the bed sheets and strolled up to the sitting room to watch the TV when everyone was out.

I hadn’t expected that my mother would be coming back soon to pick up something that she had forgotten at home, and so, I had turned on the music channel, and worse, increased its sound to the highest volume, dancing with all my might to the songs, obviously celebrating my freedom from being away from school for a day, and perhaps that had been the reason why I hadn’t heard her come in.

She had been aghast and terribly annoyed that I had lied to her. But if she knew what her precious daughter was facing in school, perhaps she would have let me stay, or would have paid some tutors to home-school me.

But alas, telling her would be subjecting her to lots of thinking, and I didn’t want to trouble her with my problems. She already had enough with my two elder siblings who seem to see me as an outcast because of my wolflessness.

Yes. My name is Mia and I am the only wolfless girl in my pack. I am also an omega, or so they say. I am actually beginning to doubt that I am even a werewolf, since my mother is the only one that seems to like me in the whole pack.

I once asked if I had a different father, because her mate, my father, treated me like the rest of the pack; Like an eyesore, a pariah.

However she had laughed it off, and had cited that I was rather overthinking, before changing the topic of discussion. But I knew that I wasn't overthinking; my mind had never been clearer.

A snap of the finger in front of my face, brought me back to the present. It seemed to my beloved mother that I had zoned out. I do it alot these days.

Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying to hide in the safe zone of her mind where she is in control of the scenarios that her mind creates and distributes, something I definitely don’t have in the real world.

“What are you thinking about? Get your lazy ass out of the bed now! Breakfast is ready. So, take your bath and hurry out of here. Your siblings are almost done with breakfast and they will soon be off. Be fast, so that you can secure a ride with them.” My mother stated before turning around on her heels and walking out of the room.

When she left, I exhaled heavily, wishing a spirit of sickness would just infiltrate me now. Even though I hated being sick, I preferred that to going to my lame school, especially today. Today could be tagged doomsday for me.

Taking in a deep breath , I got up from my bed, and trudged to my bathroom, to freshen up myself, not wanting anyone to call me out again.

After I was done, I threw on an oversized polo and oversized jeans, finishing off the weird look with nike boots and a baseball cap.

I didn’t even check myself out in the mirror, never thought it mattered since for some reason my siblings think that I am fat and ugly, before strolling out of my room to the dining table.

We might be omegas but we still lived off well compared to other omegas from neighboring packs.

Our Alpha, a lycan, was a benevolent king, only to his pack and colonies though. I have heard horrifying tales about him and his conquests. No wonder, he had had three demons as sons.

I hissed when I got to the dining room, unable to stop myself, when I thought of the three boys who appointed themselves as my lords. This act of course attracted the attention of the people on the table.

“Mia, what is the meaning of that? You think that the food we are eating is trash?” My father, Oliver, asked out aloud, hostility ringing his voice, hostility which died down when my mother tapped him gently on his hand.

“I’m sorry, Dad.” I said with my head hung low, and my hands clasped in front of me, biting my lips when I heard my sister scoff.

“It’s okay, Mia. Sit down. You are already late for school.” My mother mentioned, and I nodded, before pulling out a chair, and sitting down. We were having a simple breakfast; waffles , eggs and bacon.

So, how could my father say that the reason why I had hissed was because I loathed the food? They were like my favorite breakfast pile.

However I wasn’t surprised. He never knows anything about me.

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