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img img Romance img My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO: A Sweet Second Chance
My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO: A Sweet Second Chance

My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO: A Sweet Second Chance

img Romance
img 724 Chapters
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img Pumpkin Witch
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Eveline married Shane, an obstetrician, at the age of 24. Two years later, when she was five months pregnant, Shane aborted the baby himself and proceeded to divorce her. It was during these dark times that Eveline met Derek. He treated her tenderly and gave her warmth like she had never known before. He also caused her the greatest pain she ever had to endure. Eveline only grew stronger after everything she experienced, but would she be able to bear the truth when it was finally revealed? Who was Derek behind his charismatic facade? And what would Eveline do once she found out the answer?

Chapter 1 Groans In The Study

I stared at myself in the mirror, rolling my eyes. I just couldn't believe that I would dress in such a revealing way, but I had no other choice.

Shane Hayes and I had been married for two years. Today was our wedding anniversary. He had been seldom in the mood to have sex. If I didn't take the initiative to seduce him, it worried me that I might lose him. Thus, I decided to go all out tonight.

Seconds later, I heard a noise outside the door.

I took off my coat and walked out of the room in a red slip dress.

"Honey, I really missed you!" I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips.

Shane pushed me away, eyeing me up and down. I noticed that he was in a trance for a moment.

Truthfully, I was happy, thinking that he might like seeing me in such an outfit.

"Why are you dressed like that?"

he asked, walking to the sofa to sit down.

"Do you remember what day it is today?" I asked, sitting next to him, hoping that he knew the answer.

For a few seconds, Shane contemplated before he said, "What day is it?"

Disappointment flashed through my heart, but I kept on smiling.

"Nothing special. I was just kidding." I threw myself into his arms, sliding my hand under his shirt and rubbing his chest. "Do you want to take a shower, honey? I'll prepare the water."

"That's not necessary. If you have nothing else to say, I'm going to head back to the study to get some rest."

He then pushed me away and walked towards his study.

As I sat on the sofa, I clenched my fists and felt my fingernails digging into my palms.

Ever since I got pregnant, he had moved into the study, because he said that he didn't want the baby to get hurt or something.

I was only twenty-six years old. I was married and pregnant, but I had to sleep by myself every single night. Nowadays, I had been living a lonely and miserable life.

I had once gone online to ask around in certain forums. One particular comment piqued my interest. Someone mentioned that my husband's lack of interest might stem from the fact that he had already seen lots of other women's bodies.

Shane was an obstetrician by profession, so this made sense.

But there was one tiny detail that kept nagging at the back of my mind.

Each time he stayed in his study, he would always lock the door. We were the only people in this house, so there was no need to lock the door. It made no damn sense! It made me wonder if he was hiding something.

I had been thinking long and hard about this for days, until it became my biggest concern. I was so troubled by it that it began to disrupt my daily life.

Not wanting to continue on guessing, I had installed a bug under his bed this afternoon.

As soon as I went back to my room, I put on earphones.

Once I had gained access to the bug, I heard the unmistakable sound of panting and moaning. I felt a lump in my throat, and my eyes welled up with tears.

He would rather masturbate than have sex with me?

However, what I heard next devastated me.

"Does that feel good?"

"Hmm… not yet. No."

"You're saying no, babe, but your pussy is already so wet."

"You… If you knew the answer all along, then why… do you ask? Stop it. Don't. It doesn't feel good. Ah! I want you inside me, baby!"

"Take off my underwear. Come on! Remove it and I'll give you something good to eat."

I was silenced by what I heard.

The erotic words they blurted out resonated in my ears. I felt like someone had poured a bucket of ice-cold water over my head. All my limbs and bones went numb and frozen.

"Ah! Be gentle, Shane. Be gentle!"

"You're holding me too tight. Keep your voice down. Someone might hear us from outside," he replied.

"Are you worried that your wife will hear us, Shane?"

"No. I'm not afraid of her. She's like a dead fish in bed. Sleeping with her is so boring. I just wish she knows how happy I am right now. Moan loader, so she can hear just how good it feels to have sex with me!" Shane groaned.

It turned out that he had always hated me.

"No! You're so annoying. She's pregnant right now. Aren't you worried that the anger and stress of finding out that you're cheating will cause her to get a miscarriage?"

"A miscarriage, huh? Hmm… That sounds like a good idea," replied Shane.

"You're so bad, Shane! Wait, please! Be a little more gentle."

They indulged in each other's bodies, not bothering to disguise their emotions. I could tell just how fierce their sex must be.

I covered my mouth, tight enough to prevent myself from crying out loud. But that didn't stop me from tearing up.

My husband's every word and every pant he drew out were like daggers, jabbing into my heart. I was in so much pain that I could do nothing but cry in silence. Soon, my pillow was covered with my own tears.

I could no longer stand to listen to their betrayal, I took off my earphones, held my legs, and curled up into a ball.

That night, I shed countless tears. It was the most restless night I had ever had.

I kept on tossing and turning.

But even though all evidence pointed to this truth, I refused to believe that there was a woman in the study, because there was nowhere to hide a person there. The only possibility I could think of was that he might be masturbating while on video call with another woman.

It was then that I regretted installing just a bug, and not a mini camera. I should've planted a camera.

After an entire night of grudge-induced contemplation, I gradually calmed down from the shock. Afterwards, I decided to drop by the study in search of more clues.

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