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Married to my boss

Married to my boss

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Trying to avoid questions about marriage with his mom Scott pretends to be in a relationship with his employee who is struggling to keep up with work and her personal life.

Chapter 1 001

Awakened by her alarm she realized it was it was another day to get ready for work. She took her bath, brushed her teeth, picked out something to wear then went to the kitchen to prepare something for breakfast.

She was already getting late she had to rush down to get a taxi. She got to work trying to settle down. The thought of her rent being raised and her looking for a new apartment disturbed her.

''Did your mom die''? Tristan her colleague asked.


''You look like a wreck girl"

''Thank you very much".

''What happened"?

''My rent happened"

''Money issues"? Tristan asked.

''My new landlord just raised my rent out of nowhere"

''That doesn't sound right"

''Trust me nothing about this guy is right"

''Did anything else happen?"asked tristan.

While she was trying to answer, Mandy another one of her colleague called her name out loud reminding her to take the documents to her boss's office on time or he's going to freak out otherwise.

''Oh you're right" she said will trying to arrange the documents.

''Guess you would finally get to meet the big boss today" said Tristan.

''I'd sh*t my pants " Mandy said.

''How bad can it be?" she asked.

Mandy and Tristan laughed so hard.

''Our boss is Caden Scott. That guy has probably won every award there is

" Tristan said.

''He is the reason this company is successful and prestigious as it is" Mandy said.

''He is a business genius"

''As well as extremely pleasant to look at".

''You are lucky he was on a business trip for that long".

''That guy might be a genius but he is an absolute menace".

''He expects his expects all his employees to work just as maniacally as he does".

''Why don't one of you bring him the documents?, I'm still to busy looking for apartments".

''Have fun girl, just avoid eye contacts and you'll be fine''.

Worriedly she took the documents and went to his office. She knocked but he was not responding so she went in and found out that nobody was there.

She decided to drop the documents on his table, while doing that she heard a voice.

''Hey there"

She was shocked.

''Oh sorry did I scare you?"

''I didn't mean to".

''I... I... I.. It's fine I didn't know anybody was in here"

''I just wanted to give you the documents sir...".


''Yes, the ones you needed for today's meeting Mr. Scott".

''Thank you for that".

She was so confused that her boss didn't seem as bad as they made him out to be. He actually seemed nice.

''Thank you Mr.Scott".

''You're welcome....?, You're cute. How about you and I.... "


A deep raspy voice ecohed right behind her. She flinched.

''Bad timing Caden" James said.

''This is my office". The voice behind her said.

''And who are you?"

The voice behind was directed to her. The voice that she realized belonged to the real Mr.Scott.

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