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img img Modern img Marriage Crisis: Is Love A Trap?
Marriage Crisis: Is Love A Trap?

Marriage Crisis: Is Love A Trap?

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Leona unexpectedly fell for Elmer at a young age. However, Aurora, her adopted sister, ruthlessly whisked away her family and the man she loved. When Leona was of age, she was excited to marry the man of her dreams. She wasn’t going to give up such a wonderful opportunity to be with Elmer. However, Elmer wrapped his arms around Aurora and looked at Leona with unmasked disgust. "You make me sick." Leona winced and held her aching stomach. She felt as though her whole world was collapsing around her. Smiling bitterly, she said, "I won’t let you go until I die." Soon after this encounter, Leona vanished without a trace. Nobody knew whether she was alive or dead. In Elmer's dreams, he often heard Leona’s voice saying to him, "If only I had never loved you." Five years later, Leona returned. This time, she had a child by her side...

Chapter 1 The Disappointing Marriage

Leona Barnes awoke to the sound of the door being pushed open. Her eyes instantly lit up.

Today was her birthday.

Elmer Hayes's grandfather had promised that Elmer would come back.

She had waited for him all day. Finally, he was here!

Leona quickly stood up, pretending she wasn't sleeping just now, and approached Elmer with a bright smile.

"Elmer, you're— Hmm..."

Before she could finish her sentence, the man suddenly pressed his lips against hers, silencing her.

She felt herself being pulled into the man's arms and was instantly drowned in the strong smell of alcohol.

Leona pressed her hands against Elmer's chest and tried to push him away, struggling to break free from his embrace.

But this only made the man kiss her more fiercely. He locked her in place, wrapping his arms around her tightly like a python.

With cheeks aflame, Leona could do nothing but let the man kiss her.

Elmer's tongue slipped inside and danced with hers, making the smell of alcohol spread into her mouth.

Leona couldn't stand it anymore. Her whole body went limp in the man's arms.

Elmer paused, cupped her butt cheeks and hoisted her up, letting her wrap her slender legs around his narrow and muscular waist.

It wasn't until he tasted a metallic taste of blood that he temporarily let go of Leona.

Leona gasped for breath. "Are... Are you hungry? I could ask—"

"I'm hungry."

A deep, hoarse voice interrupted her.

Elmer's Adam's apple bobbed up and down. Before Leona could say anything more, a pair of firm hands grabbed her slender waist and threw her to the bed. Elmer climbed atop her and whispered in her ear, "I'm hungry for you."

As soon as he finished speaking, he lowered his head and kissed her smooth, delicate neck. His lips kept moving downwards, until his face was buried in her cleavage.

Perhaps it was the alcohol, but Elmer acted more rudely than usual, leaving a trail of hickeys on Leona's delicate skin.

He gently bit her pink nipple, nibbling on it with his teeth. Leona couldn't help but moan, arching her back in pleasure.

She had no reservations anymore. Holding the back of his head, she squirmed restlessly under his body, her eyes filled with passion.

Elmer's penis was already erect. Stimulated by the alcohol, he couldn't hold it in anymore and ripped Leona's nightdress off.

"Oh, God... Elmer..."

Leona's long eyelashes were wet with tears. Suddenly, she felt that something thick being inserted into her body. She groaned loudly.

The two of them became one.

After climaxing, Elmer rolled over and lay next to her, panting breathlessly.

The air was heavy with intimacy.

Leona rested her head on his chest, her face as ruddy as a tomato. She couldn't help but smile contentedly.

This was their rare moment of happiness, and Leona always held it dear.

She was counting Elmer's eyelashes idly when the phone suddenly rang, destroying the romantic atmosphere.

Sighing slightly, Elmer reached for the phone and answered it. His voice was low and gentle. He seemed to still be immersed in the romantic moment.

All of a sudden, his expression changed, his eyes filled with worry.

Seeing this, Leona's heart sank.

There was always only one person in this world who could make him wear such an expression.

"Don't worry. I'll be right there,"

Elmer said in a gentle tone. Obviously, he was talking to his beloved one.

Unfortunately for Leona, the person he loved was never her.

Leona reached for his hand in an effort to stop him. "Elmer..."

But Elmer ignored her. He shrugged off her hand, quickly got dressed, and left the bedroom without looking back.

He left her in the blink of an eye, as though they didn't make love just now.

The happy moment was shattered in an instant.

Leona smiled bitterly and withdrew her stiff hand. She clutched the quilt so tightly, her knuckles turned white.

It had been a year. She should've been used to his coldness by now, so why did she still feel heartbroken?

After a while, there was a knock on the door.

With her eyelashes trembling, Leona looked up in anticipation, thinking Elmer might've come back.

However, it was just the servant who had come in, holding a glass of water and a pill.

"Mrs. Hayes, please take the medicine," she said politely.

Leona rubbed the spot between her brows, smiling wryly.

Perhaps it was because the air conditioner was on full blast that she felt cold to her bones. Her heart even hurt more.

She couldn't remember how many times she had gone through this scenario.

Every time they made love, Elmer would ask a servant to bring her a contraceptive pill.

He refused to let her have his child.

How could he be so heartless?

Today was her birthday, yet he had left her in the dust, as usual.

Elmer didn't even glance at her when he left, but he didn't forget to ask the servant to take the medicine to her.

Suppressing the grief in her heart, Leona took the medicine and glass of water with trembling hands.

But the servant didn't leave. She stood glued to the spot and looked at Leona expressionlessly.

Leona knew that the servant wouldn't leave until she saw her swallow the contraceptive pill.

This was Elmer's order after all, and the servant dared not disobey him.

After having been married for one year, Elmer had given Leona whatever she wanted.

Except his child and his affection for her.

Their loveless marriage was arranged by Elmer's grandfather.

Leona married Elmer only because she was the biological daughter of the Barnes family.

She was elated back then. Thanks to the arranged marriage, she finally got the chance to be with the man she had loved for many years.

But Elmer never reciprocated that love. In fact, he was in love with someone else when he reluctantly married Leona.

She knew this since the beginning.

It was only natural that he hated her!

She had never held onto the hope that someday, her husband might warm up to her.

She was just determined to stay by his side as his loyal wife.

She even turned a blind eye to Elmer's affair with that woman. She just endured the pain in silence all alone.

It was already two o'clock early in the morning when Elmer arrived at the hospital.

He pushed the door to the ward open and found the woman lying in bed, pale as a ghost. She seemed so weak.

She smiled at him with difficulty. "You're here, Elmer... Ahem."

She couldn't even finish a sentence without coughing violently. She looked so pitiful.

Elmer walked over to her side and patted her back gently. To the doctor, he asked with a frown, "Didn't you say that she was all right?"

The doctor pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Mr. Hayes, she was admitted this time not because of her congenital heart disease, but because of the bleeding..."

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