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"Marry you?" She asked clearly astonished. "It's not by will." He said to his defense. "Then who's forcing you?" The princess inquired. "Nobody." "Am confused." "Am doing this to protect you." "How?" Queen Manikarnika is an adopted daughter of the king Darsh pranav jai and Queen Poti pranav jai. When King Darsh pranav Jai passed away, Ira could be sent to exile as she no longer has any relationship with the royal family. Where as King Arnav pranav jai had only one goal and only one love that never seem to be possible. Read on to find out the trials, deception, loyalty, betrayal and love story in this thrilling series, Queen Manikarnika

Chapter 1 1




Sitting on my bed mourning,

King Darsh pranav jai, my father, passed away and today is his burial.

Am going to miss his presence alot,

By now they must be moving to Laxmi river to scatter his ash.

Crying was the only thing I could do, but I must be strong and he wouldn't have been proud to see me in this condition.

I must make him proud.

In that case, there's only one thing to do.


I rushed to the stables to get my horse Priya, she's my late mother's horse; colored milk- white. She's got beautiful brown eyes and she's also a fast runner. She's perfect for the job.

There I met Kapur, the stable keeper.

"Kapur, hurry and get Priya ready." I ordered.

"Yes your highness."

He answered as he ran to the stable to get Priya ready. He's a short man with a muscular build, his turban almost fell off his head as he ran bare chest.

First I'll go to mountain garnish were his body will be burnt, I have to hurry.

Everyone must be disappointed that I did not honor him but I don't care about their gossips, I have to hurry and get there so father won't be disappointed in adop........

"Your highness, she's ready."

Kapur interpurted by thoughts, gesturing to the horse.

I turned to my side and saw Priya standing beside him. She's as pretty as always.

Quickly, I climbed up on her back and went off. Getting closer to the gate, I yelled for the guards to open them.

I rushed out the gate and rode her non stop. she was really fast, I knew she would be perfect for this task.


She climbed up the mountain, it's a really short one though.

Reaching the top, no one was there only two commoners, both male. I saw the burnt woods as the smokes escaped into the air.

The surroundings were just trees and bushes, only were the ceremony took place and the path were I came from and the path leading forward were clear.

"Who are you miss?"

One of the man wearing kurta asked.

"I am princess Manikarnika, the daughter of king Darsh pranav jai. I need to get to his burial rite now." I replied him.

I saw them whispering to each other but I have no time.

"Have they gone to the river of Laxmi, please answer me cause am in a hurry."

"Yes your highness."

The man bowed but I have no time for any formalities.

Without wasting any time at all I dashed to the other path straight ahead as it was leading to Laxmi river.


I was too late, the rites has been completed and his ash had been scattered.

I climbed down from Priya to meet the crowd wearing white.

But am face to face with my worst enemy, the devil herself.

Queen Adhira, my step mother.

"This stupid child! Oh dear god, you are a woman now and you are behaving like a child?"

She said eyeing me from head to toe.

I was clearly angry, me and Queen Adhira never got along.

"Look at yourself!!!"

She yelled at me and gesturing with her hands for me.

Am a complete mess, though on my mourn clothes as am wearing a white sari and no jewelry but I look terrible... Wait does it even matter?

"You always have one way or the other to bring shame to the royal family. You are a disgrace!"

"I am mourning the death of my father, Queen Adhira." I retorted. All she cares about is reputation.

"It doesn't matter!" She shouted. "Look at every one here."

She pointed as I turned to take in my surroundings. "Does anyone look as disgusting as you? You always over do it, if you are so sad because of the death of the king then you should have been here with everyone for the final rites."

"How would you understand my feelings when you don't have a heart."

"That's enough, the both of you!" He yelled, it was Crown Prince Arnav pranav jai the son of Queen Adhira with king Darsh pranav jai.

I turned to look at him, prince Arnav, anger boiled in me, both mother and son disgusted me.

Turning back to Queen Adhira, I see now shes calmer but still irritated as I sighted some wrinkles on her forehead.

"Son just look at this wrenched girl."

"Hey, I will not allow you to disrespect me."


Arnav yelled.

The both of us were silenced. Queen Adhira was about to give me a come back but quickly stopped.

No matter how irritated I am of him, his till the crown prince and I have to show respect.

"Manikarnika the rites are over, you may leave." He dismissed me just like that. Whatever.

With that being said, I rushed to Priya.

Am not the one to obey what Arnav or his mother says but I wanted to leave.

I felt a hold on my arm as I was pulled to turn. Looking up I saw it was Arnav.

"Manikarnika wait..."

He began but I pulled my arm from his hold.

"I don't want to listen." I turned back, ready to climb again.

"Stop being a spoilt child, you have no one to protect you any more so could you behave more mature!" He yelled at me.

"Am not behaving like a spoilt child, I am mature."

I said through gritted teeth.

"Well I don't think so."

He said while leaning forward towards me.

His small eyes, Amber brown colored, spark as they gave him the appearance of a child. He looked at me with a plain face with an hiden emotion I couldn't see.

This isn't the first time I've seen him like this but it's the first time I've even it a thought and standing here with him isn't comfortable anymore. Not like it ever did but this time it was different.

"There are some things that you just don't understand or just being too much of a child to care."

I didn't reply as we stare at each other longer than it's comfortable.

I have to leave and this situation is not one I want to stay in.

With that thought I looked away and glanced at the ground and blinked twice, right now the ground is more safe to look at but I can't stay like this so I climbed up my horse and gave Queen Adhira one last look.

She was looking at me with anger in her eyes as she always have. She never saw me as a human being, not like I cared.

Everybody else were busy either leaving while gossiping or just standing there and gossiping about me as always.

'she has no respect for the king.'

'she should look decent for the royal family.'

'is this how she's repaying the king, her own father for his kindness'

'she should have been here for the final rites.'

'this is what she did in late Queen Pohti's funeral.'

'but I heard she's a good girl.'

'maybe she's just mourning.'

'she should have respected our traditions and the king.'

This is not unusual and am used to it but today am quite emotional.

Risking another glance at Arnav, I saw that his looking down but noticing my stare at him he looked up at me.

"Just remember this princess, you have no protector anymore so I advise you to watch your back and be conscious of your actions. This is an advise and not a threat."

Ok I've heard enough. Priya let's go.


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