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Six universes, six Adams... well, actually five Adams and a female version of Adam, Eve. Disaster strikes when Adam from the third universe, eager to prove the worth of his supposedly 'useless' talent, accidentally creates a black hole. The black hole rips through the fabric of reality, unleashing a terrible force known only as DOOM. The very foundations of the universe tremble as DOOM is released from its prison. With the first universe destroyed, Earth, the second universe, is next. Adam knows he has to stop DOOM before it can destroy everything. He travels through time and space, encountering a variety of strange worlds and beings with extraordinary abilities. Also, activating talents from other universes.

Chapter 1 What Just Happened

Adam was so shocked that he hadn't even had time to process what was happening when he felt someone push him from behind.


He was falling from the top balcony of his hotel booked room, and he could see the ground getting closer and closer. He had no time to think, no time to plan, no time to react. All he could do was fall.

As he fell, a thousand questions raced through his mind. Who had pushed him? How had they gotten into his hotel room? And why had they done it?

But he had no time to ponder these questions, because he was plummeting towards the ground at a terrifying speed. He was certain that he was going to be seriously injured, or worse, die!

As he plummeted towards the ground, he heard the horn of a truck blaring nearby.

“Pum! Pum!!”

He thought it might be a mirage, a hallucination brought on by the fear and confusion of the moment. But as he fell closer to the ground, the sound grew louder.

He was suddenly struck by a horrifying realization - he was going to be hit by the truck.

He tried to brace himself for the impact, but it was too late. The truck hit him, sending him flying through the air.



The crash was like an explosion. A terrible, deafening sound that pierced through Adam's skull, followed by a wave of pain so intense that he couldn't even think.

The next thing he knew, he was lying on the ground, unable to move.

He could hear the faint sound of sirens approaching, but everything else was a blur. He had no idea what was happening.

The siren grew louder and louder, reaching a deafening pitch that made his ears ring. He tried to block out the sound, but it was impossible.

With a tremendous effort, he forced his eyes open, only to see a blinding white light.

As the blaring sound of the horn filled his ears, he suddenly realized that he was unimaginably not in some terrible accident, but in a classroom, surrounded by students.

A teacher was holding a megaphone, and she was staring at him with an expression of exasperation.

It was obvious that he had fallen asleep during class, and she was trying to wake him up.

Embarrassed and confused, he sat up in his chair, trying to regain his composure. The other students snickered, and he felt his face turn red with shame.

'How did I get here?’ He thought to himself as he couldn't help but look around.

He tried to make sense of his situation, but it was impossible. How had he gotten from the scene of a car crash to a classroom?

He searched his memory, trying to find an answer, but it was like a thick fog had descended over his mind.

"ADAMAX!" The lady teacher yelled, her face turning red with anger. But Adam could only stare at her, puzzled.

Adam studied the woman carefully, trying to make sense of what was happening. She looked to be around his age - early thirties, if not less, yet she was treating him like a child.

"Whose name are you calling like that?! Stop yelling and my name is Adam!" Adam yelled back in an attempt to scare her with his accustomed gruff baritone voice but what came out of his throat was a tiny voice of a kid ranging from 10 years old to 15.


The other students gaped in shock as Adam raised his voice to the teacher. Adam, for his part, was too confused to think clearly. His mind was reeling with questions: ‘Am I a child now?’ ‘How is this even possible?’

The concept of reincarnation and rebirth was not new to Adam. He had heard of such things before, but he had always dismissed them as mere fantasy. ‘Maybe I died and came back again in another person's body - a kid's body at that,’ he finally concluded.

The teacher stood before Adam, one hand on her hip and the other clutching a megaphone. With a shrill voice, she yelled, "Detention room, now!"

With a defiant step, Adam walked out of the classroom. His heart was pounding, but he was determined to get answers to his questions.

Moreover, he couldn't stay in that classroom any longer. He needed to process what had happened, and maybe the detention room would be the perfect place to do that.

As Adam walked down the hallway, he saw a metallic door with the words "Detention Room" etched into the surface.

"I've found you," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Ah! As Adam reached for the doorknob, he realized he had left his school bag behind. But he didn't turn back to retrieve it. Instead, he turned the knob and pushed the door open with a bit more force than necessary.

The detention room was unlike any other classroom he had seen. There were no desks or chairs, just an empty space with a few students scattered around.

Some of the students sat cross-legged on the floor, while others paced around the room. One student was talking to the wall, as if there was someone there listening. The whole scene was what he'd call weird.

Wait, what!

‘This can't be real,’ Adam thought to himself, taking in the cold and sterile environment of the detention room. It looked more like a jail cell than a classroom, and the students seemed to be trapped in some sort of limbo.

They all looked strangely out of place, almost as if they had been plucked from another time and place and deposited here.

Almost everything was made of metal with no way to escape and the lack of windows made the room feel claustrophobic.

“And this is called the detention room?” Adam was dumbfounded, he could barely stop the urge of opening his mouth agape.

Adam looked around at the other kids in the room. Most of them were around 10-15 years old, which meant that he must be the same age.

He treaded lightly, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention from the other kids.

"These kids could be dangerous," he thought to himself. They all looked so strange, their eyes blank and their expressions unreadable.

Adam spotted a girl sitting in the corner, her hair streaked with vibrant rainbow colors. Well, he thought she might be of help to him seeing as she was the only calmly seated one.

He walked over and sat down next to her, trying to appear as non-threatening as possible. "Hi," he said, his voice sounding childish as before.

Adam's thirty years of experience gave him the confidence to start a conversation with anyone, regardless of age or gender. So even though he was a bit nervous, he wasn't worried about his ability to communicate.

He cleared his throat and tried again, this time making his voice sound young and friendly.

"Hey," he said, "I like your hair. The colors are really cool." He hoped that complimenting her would help him to make a connection, and maybe even get some answers.

Adam was taken aback by the girl's harsh response. "Don't talk to me!" she snapped, her voice filled with anger.

Despite the girl's gruff shunning, Adam didn't give up. “I'm Adam…” he remembered the teacher called him Adamax, that must be his name. ‘What a weird name though,’ “I'm Adamax,” he said to the girl.

The girl stood up, her sudden movement startling Adam, and he rose to his feet, heart pounding.

The next thing she did was worth crying at. She yelled, “I said, don't talk to me!!”

As Adamax struggled to understand why the girl's words suddenly sounded like an echo, he felt a force blow him up like an explosion, sending him flying backwards.

He hit the metallic wall with a resounding crash, and then crumpled to the floor, gasping for air. For a moment, he lay there, dazed and in pain.

What just happened?!

{If you find any issues in this chapter, please reach out to the author ^⁠_⁠^}

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