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Kidnapped by the billionaires

Kidnapped by the billionaires

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Vanessa Rogue, a broke college student dropout gets kidnapped the same night as doctor Kimberly Lex, due to a coincidence and simple misunderstanding. Both ladies now find themselves as captives of very powerful, wealthy, and influential men. Valentino Foxx and Wayde Patino are both influential and powerful CEO of the two biggest companies in the country. They've been friends for years as well as business partners. But unknowing to the outside world, Wayde and Valentino are the most feared leaders of the biggest mafia group in the country. What would Vanessa and Kimberly do to regain their freedom? And how will Wayde and Valentino react when they're stuck with beautiful and innocent prisoners? Will these powerful men get way too attached? Follow this transition from fear, lust to love.

Chapter 1 Vanessa Rogue

She groaned and frowned at the messages she kept receiving, some were from her landlord reminding her to pay her rent. The others were from people she borrowed money from also requesting to be paid.

Her hands gripped her chestnut brown hair in frustration, her mind far away from the professor rambling in front of the class.

She had just gotten fired from her most recent job of being a salesgirl in one of the fancy boutiques around her.

She had enough of her manager and how he disrespected and harassed her every chance he got, so she slapped the bitch right across the face before being escorted out by security.

What was she going to do now? She had only a few dollars on her and she needed to pay her rent which expired three months ago, her debts were increasing with interests added on a daily, and she needed money for school and money for food. She had no one to turn to for help.

Vanessa had no parents, the universe took them away from her when she was 14, and she left her with no one.

Her father's brother laid claims to all his fortunes since she was still under-aged and her father had not written his will yet, I guess even he did not expect death to visit so soon.

Her uncle and his wife made it their mission to be the reason behind her every suffering and misery. After putting up with their bullshit for years, she finally had enough money, and so she left her home and town for the wonderful city of New York. She left thinking she would be able to fend for herself, but that soon proved difficult as student loans increased, and she got fired from more than one job.

Fending and hustling for herself was not easy as she had been born with a silver spoon and didn't have to work a day in her life, but she soon got used to it.

“What I'm I going to do now? I have just two days before I'm kicked out, I can't keep begging my landlord, the dude has been patient enough with me! And the moneylenders will be at my throat in a few days for not paying the weekly installments as agreed and I also needed to clear out my school loans before the end of the month” she babbled to herself, rubbing her eyes until they were red and irritated.

“ Are you talking to me? ” The boy sitting in front of her in the large hall asked, turning around to face her.

The boy dyed his hair a dark greenish color with blue highlights, and he had thick yet well-carved brows, his hair fell above his eyes limiting my views of his eyes.

“No” she replied to the very handsome guy

The boy furrowed his brows confused and faced forward after realizing she was probably talking to herself self

Great, her problems were making her crazy, she was talking to herself. She's in the middle of class and people are starting to stare.

She thought to herself as the boy went back to what he was doing, and she noticed a few people staring at her.

Unable to focus and being too preoccupied with her issues, she packed her bags, threw them over her shoulder, and walked out of class with her head bowed, ignoring the students and professor who looked appalled by her behavior.

She was dropping out of school, this was the end for her, she could no longer afford her schooling, she felt like a disappointment and she failed her mom and dad.

These were her thoughts as she made her way out of the building, tears welling up in her eyes as she was certain she was never coming back again.


“What are you planning on doing now,” The black skin beauty asked as she wiped down the countertops

“I have no idea, Nora,” she said in despair and frustration

Vanessa was currently sitting at the bar of club LUXURY, it was a chic VIP-only club in New York. She had come to visit her best friend who worked here as a barrister, that was the only way her pathetic self could have gotten inside.

Nora had been her best friend since she first landed in the city a few years ago. She had helped her a lot in the past, both in cash and kind.

“I'm thinking of dancing for money,” she told her, letting out a deep sigh

“Huh? Like street dancing? Where do people watch and tip you?” Nora asked.

“ No, I mean private shows. I w-want to be a stripper,” she stuttered out, swallowing the lump in her throat.

She watched as her best friend's eyes widened

“What! There has to be something else, you can find a-”

“I'm getting kicked out in two fucking days! I have no time to find something else, okay? I have to find something quick, and offering my body to wealthy people seems like the only solution to me. And besides, I have a great body, and you're aware I'm wonderful at dancing, so it wouldn't be that difficult”.

“ Nessa, you have to think this through, the lifestyle is dangerous, and it has countless risks, and besides where are you going to find a strip club that's ready to employ you and pay you immediately, so you pay your rent in two days? It will be difficult, ”She tried reasoning with me.

“I'll visit places where I know I can find some rich men, and I'll personally propose to give them a show. Even if it means me following them back to their cars or homes. No sex, just stripping and dirty dancing” she could tell Nora was not on board with her plan, but she understood her friend's dilemma and how frustrated she was.

She would have loved to help Vanessa with some money, but she had not received her salary and would only do that at the end of the month, Plus she already shared her tiny apartment with someone else, so she could not take Vanessa in.

“I don't feel good about this and I 100% do not support your decision, but I understand you, and I'll help you” She flung the rag she was using over her shoulder and stared directly at her friend

“They will be hosting a party here tomorrow night, it's usually every Thursday. Businessmen and women come here to hold meetings or have fun with some girls and guys my boss provides” Nora explained, “come here tomorrow, and I'll sneak you in”.

Vanessa looked up at her with grateful eyes, thanking God for meeting a wonderful person like her

“Thank you! I promise to pay you back for everything you've done”.

“Girl, don't sweat it! You'd do the same for me” Nora responded staring at her best friend with a hint of sympathy swirling are brown eyes. She knew Vanessa's story and how abusive her aunt and uncle had been. She just felt bad she couldn't do more to help out her dearest friend

"I will be on my way now" She stood up, and hugged her best friend before moving towards the door.

She opened the door to walk out and suddenly crashed hard into someone, she let out a grunt as her head had hit the stranger's chin, which caused them to drop their phone

“I'm so sorry! I'm deeply sorry!! ” she apologized profusely as she bent down to pick up the expensive-looking phone, praying to God that it did not break.

Luck was not on her side as she picked up the phone and saw the massive crack on the screen. The fuck, she thought such expensive-looking phones were unbreakable, how can one little fall cause so much damage, she was freaking out.

She stood up straight and handed the phone back to the owner, finally getting a glimpse of whom she had walked into

It was a young and very handsome man, taller than her, with shiny and smooth skin. His piercing almond-shaped eyes and pointed nose fitted his facial structure perfectly.

She was also quick to notice how expensive the man was looking. He had on a fancy turtleneck tucked into fancy dress pants, a trench coat that he unbuttoned, a gold Rolex wristwatch that shimmers in the sunlight sipping into the bar, a pure leather belt, and black polished shoes that were shinier than her future.

She gulped as she felt like trash in her washed-out jeans and faded T-shirt standing next to this man.

The glare that adorned this man's face gave her goosebumps as she panicked internally.

The man looked familiar, but her brain could not formulate where she had seen him. Was it on TV? Billboard? A newspaper? A magazine? Vanessa was unable to tell, but one thing was certain this was someone famous and important.

“here you go, sir” she muttered, feeling intimidated by the guy's Aura

Valentino frowned and glared at the younger girl who flinched under his gaze, the fool had not only caused his phone screen to break due to the fall, but she'd also stepped on his polished and red bottoms

“get on your knees and clean it” the girl looked taken aback

“What? ”

“Clean” Valentino ordered, pointing at his shoe and outstretched legs

Her eyes widened and her brows furrowed

“excuse me” she dragged, hands gripping her hips firmly

“I apologize for bumping into you, but there is no way in hell I'm going to get down on my knees and clean your shoe like what the fuck”

Valentino scowled, this bitch had a lot of guts

“the guts you have” He spat in Anger, “do you know who you are talking to in that manner”

“Should I? ” she asked, raising a Brow as she folded her arms.

This came as a shock to the man, the well-known Valentino Fox. Businessman and partner to Wayde Patino were being openly disrespected by some kid? The entire country knew who he was this girl was fucking clueless and a blockhead.

“I'm Valentino Fox,” the older said, his voice dropping an octave lower, it was Deep and threatening.

“Okay, good for you” she shrugged and poked the expensive phone against his chest, forcing him to take it.

“I would love to talk about who you are and all that, but I'm very busy, sorry for your broken phone and for stepping on your shoes, goodbye”

She felt bad about the man's broken phone, but she had no choice, she could not afford to offer to get his screen repaired as she had barely enough money for dinner tonight and besides the man looks rich, so he could probably fix his phone himself

She tried walking past the man and making her way out of the bar, but she was immediately grabbed by the arm by a giant who had appeared from behind Valentino

“Should I teach her some manners, boss? ” The giant holding her asked, his grip on her arm tightening the more.

Valentino adjusted his coat and glared at Vanessa with disgust “leave it be Ben” he addressed the Giant “this peasant has wasted so much of my time already” Valentino stated dryly before working further into the bar

She screamed as she was flung out of the club and onto the sidewalk outside, the Bodyguard then proceeds to shut the door in her face

“Fuck you! You hear my asshole, fuck you!!” she yelled, standing up and picking up the content of her bag that had fallen off.

The door opened all of a sudden and she took off down the sidewalk, running as fast as her legs could carry and not glancing back for once

Poor Vanessa, the person who opened the door was just a worker going out on his break and not Valentino's giant bodyguard as she has thought

“Where is your boss?” Val asked the bartender in his usual monotone voice.

“good afternoon sir, my boss is out presently” She nervously replied

“Tell him to reserve a private room for us tomorrow night, we'll be holding a meeting here” Valentino stated and with that, he turned on his heel and left the bar, not waiting for a response from the nervous bartender accompanied by his gigantic bodyguard.

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