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img img Romance img In the Name of Love
In the Name of Love

In the Name of Love

img Romance
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Ryan Moussi is the president of Moussi Group which is the top company in the whole country. He is talented but arrogant. Christine Taylor is a girl from a common family who has a heartless father. So her life is not that happy. Once she runs into Ryan in a bar. She has never thought about being entangled with a rich man. But Ryan falls in love with her and keeps pursuing her. What’s more, Ryan even imprisons her. Therefore, Only he can possess her alone. His love is crazy, domineering and arrogant. In the name of love. What will happen to them?

Chapter 1 A Super Surprise

The night sky was as dark as ink that could not be diluted by even water. After a month of training, Christine Taylor got into a cab with a heavy suitcase, and in high spirits, headed for a villa where she would live with her fiancé, Darren Wright.

She would marry her beloved in a week, and she would live a sweet life with him in the future days.

Thinking about the upcoming happiness, she was as excited as any other woman who was getting married for the first time.

The cab moved slowly along the highway. After about 10 minutes, Christine finally reached her destination.

She took out a key and opened the door lightly.

The crystal chandelier and incandescent lamps in the living room were all on; so was Darren's business computer on the table.

That meant he was at home.

"Darren, I'm back," said Christine, who had come back ahead of schedule, trying to give her fiancé a surprise.

She said that a few times, but no one answered her.

Was he not at home?

But the lights were on.


Getting no response, she kept calling; her eyes were roaming for his figure.

"Is he working in the study?" She thought he might be burying himself in his work.

With the guess, she put down the suitcase and hurried to the study upstairs.

The one-month separation made her miss him very much.

"Darren..." The light in the study was also burning, but still, he was not there.

"Darren, where are you?" There was nobody in the living room, kitchen, or the study.

In confusion, she walked toward the bedroom.

That was the last place where he might be. She thought he was probably resting there.

Her step was so light and cautious as if she was walking on clouds.

But before she arrived, she heard the pants, soft or rough, coming from the bedroom...

"Darren, you're so awesome. You're the best man I've ever seen..."

A woman's voice?

Why was there a woman in the bedroom for Darren and her?

That sweet voice came as such a bolt from the blue that she was frozen.

Was he doing that kind of thing with another woman?

Christine walked over in a trance.

The door was ajar!

Through the crack, she saw Darren tangling with a woman on the bed. The scene was very unsightly...

In shock, she stepped back hurriedly and almost slumped onto the ground. At this moment, she felt as if her heart was slashed by a knife. Her fiancé, who she trusted the most, had an affair right before their wedding...

"Darren Wright, why are you sleeping with another woman?" she cried in her heart which was hurt by the man and woman wriggling on the bed.

She clenched her fists, feeling an impulse to rush in and drag them up. But he had done it, and she couldn't change this fact.

There was no point in doing that...

"Darren Wright, you forced me!" Tears blurred her sight. She took out a phone from her pocket and aimed the camera at the two in the bedroom.

The shutter was pressed...

The two naked people were caught on the screen. The man was strong, and the woman was curvaceous, but their combination was exceptionally disgusting.

"Darren, there's something flashing at the door." Nearly a minute later, Wylie Cage found something strange.

"Honey, there are only you and me in this villa." High-spirited, Darren turned her face to him and continued with his movements.

"Darren, there's really something flashing at the door. Look, someone seems to be there." Wylie pulled a quilt over her body and pointed at the door.

Darren turned his head and saw Christine.

Oh no, they found her taking pictures!

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