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His forgotten Luna

His forgotten Luna

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The blue moon pack was once a happy pack. Alpha Maddox having his rogue wolf Luna by his side which he hated and later loved was a happy thing. A blessing to him as he thanks the moon goddess for giving him such a blessing. But the blue moon pack was later shattered. Shattered by human Hunter whose intentions were to cage them and use all of them for their personal use. Alpha Maddox and his Luna with other pack members were taken. By witches who joined hands with humans. They were injected and couldn't remember their memories anymore. Most likely the experiment destroyed their wolf's form and they couldn't do anything but be like humans again. the mate bond was manipulated by a powerful witches making the alpha unable to recognize his Luna But that changes all, when Lucy, the alpha Luna, begins to recall her memories. "What can I do to make him remember I'm his Luna?" She had asked a powerful witch. "Make his human form fall in love with you and the memories would be losen" Now she has to go to anything to get his heart even when he treats her like a slave

Chapter 1 Past lives

His forgotten Luna

Episode 1

"Mother; you called for me! Alpha Maddox utters with a happy countenance when her mother asks him to come through the mind's link.

"Yes my son! That's right! I do want to see you before my departure from this world. You..... alpha Maddox was cut off by her mother figures pointing at him. Signaling him not to interrupt her off by what she's about to say.

"I can see my end getting closer and before my departure from this world,I want you to make friends with the other packs. Especially their alpha for the sake of peace please because I want things to be under control.

Your father was a foes of the two packs but I do hope you wouldn't continue what your father had started. Please try to be different from your father. Lead the pack with rules and regulations.

Luna Harley utter politely, holding his son hands. I totally understand your point mother but I just can't form an allies with them now, it's too late. I hope you were aware they were the one who started a war years ago which lead to my father downfall? My father lost his life in the battlefield because he was trying to protect me. He was trying to protect us all mother.

And there's no way I could ever forgive them for what they did to our pack. Especially... alpha Thoe. I'm never gonna let him defeat me and neither can I form an alliance with him. Alpha Maddox uttered as his mother let go of his hand, staring at him thoroughly with fears written in her eyes.





"I was told one of our rogue wolves was here!?" Kendrick,the alpha of the silver moon pack, utter immediately the gamma wolves allowed him to see alpha Smith, Maddox's father.

"I'm sorry but I totally don't understand what you're saying!" Which of your rogue wolves are you talking about? Alpha Smith who was unaware of the rogue wolf which had escaped to their pack asked.

"I see the kind of person you are, Alpha Smith. I Initially thought we were friends because our fathers were one and I kinda hope our child will be in the future but I don't think so. I guess I was wrong. I saw Lucy here yesterday. A member from my pack which has been banned because she disobeyed rules and I didn't expect you to keep her in your pack even though you did,you could have at least taken permission from me.

Alpha Kendrick uttered as he laughed helplessly. Everything seems more like a joke to him because he couldn't believe the folktales coming out of his mouth.

"Please leave here quietly when I'm trying to be nice! Alpha Smith warned with a little smirk as alpha Kendrick brought out his sword immediately.

"Please bestie stop wasting my time and tell me where that girl is because I'm ready to take her in. She was the one who prepared food for us. She's our slave.

So I have to take her home. "So sorry but I had no idea where she was. Then,they started fighting each other.

"Don't you think we should stop this fight?" It hasn't gotten to this instinct. Alpha Smith utters as they continue exchanging powers with each other. "I don't know, I can stop now smith", not until you give me her.....then I guess we have to continue fighting since that's what you came to do. Interrupted by Alpha Smith.

Kendrick messaged his son through mind links to come that the war had started because alpha Kendrick was known to be a strict alpha who easily got angry and could only calm himself down if he had done whatever he wanted to do.

Maddox, who was hearing some noise outside, decided to look through the window only to see his father and other wolf pack members fighting.

His heart skipped when he found.... Alpha smith, among the people as his thoughts went wide. His thoughts went... Rogue Lucy who he had found to be his mate yesterday.

He was coming back from the human world yesterday when he felt her. Her scent. Her alluring scent which purred his wolf in pleasure and urged him to find out whoever She might be.

And on sighting her, he felt a spark, a connection with her and so did she! So from that day, he decided to take her into their pack after finding out she was a rogue wolf who had run away to live freely on her own when she encountered Maddox. Her mate.

Maddox thought was broken by Lucy's interrogating voice. "Why are you looking through the window?" Is there something Wrong?" She asked as Maddox kept muttering. Not wanting to tell her what was happening at the moment because it might get her worried. "Nothing! Let's just go and take our lunch. Maddox waited for her to move first before he could move because he didn't want her to know what was happening outside so she wouldn't be worried.

"I can sense your worries alpha!With them, the noise outside becomes more deafening that it could wake ones who're asleep.

" Oh my God! Alpha Kendrick! What's him doing here?" Why him here? Lucy ask no one in particular shuddering in fears.

"You don't have to be scared Luna! Maybe you could go surround yourself and this fight will come to an end! Utter by Maddox who can feel the fears building up before his Luna.

" I'm sorry alpha but I can't go there! I can't go to him because I've always wanted to be free from him. I've always wanted to live on my own but.... How the hell did he find me? How did he know I was here?

"I don't know, maybe someone told him about him. Probably someone from our pack who must have reported you to him. "Please come outside so we can sort out everything. With them, Maddox joined them with his fighting sword and without asking anybody what was wrong.

The fight finally ended after finding out that the two leaders had killed themselves. The rest of the two packs members back down immediately as they went to their various territory with their alpha.

Alpha Smith couldn't make it out as he die the next day and so was.... Alpha Kendrick! He was also dead the next day. The fight between the two alphas brought hatred to the (Blue moon pack) as the silver moon pack brainwashed some others with lies about what exactly happened.





It's been two years now Alpha Smith passed away and Luna Hailey had been living in unbearable pain when her beloved mate died thereby causing the mate bond to break between them and she's been in so much pain trying to live without him but she doesn't think it could continue anymore. She had been holding up too long and she felt her end getting nearer and closer. She feels it's finally time to leave the world but before that, she had to impact some knowledge into her son Brain.

My son, please listen to me very carefully! You're the alpha now and everyone is depending on you. Your father and I will be watching you so do your best to lead your people in the right way and don't forget what I told you! Tried making friends with other alphas especially.... Alpha Thoe.

With then, Hailey's eyes went close. "So she had finally kicked the bucket?" I do wonder how she knew that her stay here in this world is finally coming to an end. Alpha Maddox thought and covered her with a wrapper before walking out of the room sadly.


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