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His Control: The Mafia’s Prisoner

His Control: The Mafia’s Prisoner

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{18+ Matured Content, It involves heavy sex, bondage, violence, rape, BDSM, age gap, enslavement, and crime} The 22-year-old Balia Telese had always been a golden child before the death of her parents. Still, after the killing spree, which led to her mother's elder sister taking over her family wealth and chasing her out, the university dropout finds herself working in a nightclub as a server girl to keep ends meet. 'Sorry' was all it took for her mistake of colliding with an angry man she accidentally spilled her drink on, but the frustration of life added more to her problems. The 45-year-old Senna Onyx Black, a ruthless Italian Mafia Don who owns the States in his hand and also to the soles of his feet, is mysteriously known by his shadow name 'GHOST.' He carries a dark personality with untold truths that make people fear him for the power he holds. Playing with heart and life isn't a new agenda on his table, but things are about to change after a glass of wine is spilled on him by a poker-faced girl.

Chapter 1 Prologue

"You know how to drive a man crazy," Senna whispered hotly against her ears as he pushed Valeria against his desk.

"So why did you come here, huh?" His fingers slipped through the thin strap of her panties as he pulled them down her legs. She fell onto the desk, parting her legs wide enough for him to pull her panties off easily.

Their breaths mingled as she hastily took off her clothing. She didn't wait till he was done before she pushed her lips against his in a hot kiss.

She tossed her top, hot minding where it landed, and when she felt the heat of his hands on her skin, she closed her eyes, threw her head back, and let out a moan of pleasure. Senna had no idea why she had visited him, but if this was going to be the main menu, he wasn't complaining.

He took a step back and stared at her naked upper body. His groin tightened when she bit her lower lip and caressed her breasts. Her fingers tugged at her nipples as she gave him a come-hither look. He loved bold women. He loved women who knew what they wanted. Who went straight to the point, and Valeria was that woman.

"Why are you taking time, Senna?" She drawled in a tone that conveyed her lust. Her lips had slackened, and her eyes swam with heated desire.

She lifted her perfectly pedicured feet against his desk, revealing her wetness to him. Senna hissed. He couldn't turn her down. He knew why she was here and offering him sex, but he hadn't blown off steam in a week because he had been too busy with interstate logistics.

"Fuck it." He muttered and walked back to her.

His fingers wrapped around her neck as he pushed her deep into the desk. His lips captured hers, and he sank his upper teeth into her lower lip as he tugged at it softly. She whimpered under his hold, and he knew she liked it like he did.

She tried to push her hip against him, but he held her. He hated it when a woman tried to take control or tried to match his power. He loved to dominate, and he was going to do that. His other hand traveled down her collarbone as his lips left her mouth to pepper kisses down her chin.

He caught her earlobe in his teeth and nipped at it. He kissed the back of her ears, and she tilted her head to the side as his lips traced the delicate skin of her neck. She smelt like roses and something he couldn't decipher. But she smelled nice.

"You used my favorite perfume, huh?" He breathed against her neck as his fingers caught her left nipple. She whimpered.

"You know why you're here, don't you?"

"Y-yes," she said in a thin voice.

"Why?" He asked as his fingers pressed into her jugulars. She tried to grind her crotch against his, but he pushed her back roughly.

"Fucking speak, and don't try to be in control. You should know by now that I am in charge, always. You are to submit it to me. Now, why are you here, and what the fuck do you want little slut?"

"I miss you, Senna," She whispered against him as his fingers worked on her nipples. She felt his bulge against her left thigh as he pulled her in.

He would have pulled away at that instant. He hated being missed, especially by women. If it wasn't money, he didn't want it to be anything. But Valeria was so fucking desperate. She wanted him as much as he wanted her, and her feelings didn't matter. It never did. She was aware of it.

"So you came here to see me, huh?" He asked as his teeth sank into her skin. Her fingers dug into his shirt as she bit back a squeal of pleasure when he hit the right spot.

"I came here so you could fuck me. I know I was rude to you the last time, and I would be grateful if you could teach me a lesson. I never want to be rude to you anymore." The corners of his lips lifted.

That was what he wanted to hear. Not her nagging about how he had every woman for his every need. He pulled away from her and smiled.

"Now, that's what I want to hear." She gave him a wary look.

"So, do you forgive me?"

"Your performance this evening will determine if I do." He said and began to unbutton his shirt.

"Now, spread those legs wide enough so I can see you." She did as she was told, and he pulled a seat before her, watching as she balanced her weight.

He moaned his approval as his eyes raked over her silky thighs and down to her clean-shaven core. It glistened with her desires. She squirmed against the table, searching for a way to pleasure herself, but didn't move her hand. She waited for his command.

"I want you to touch yourself for me, Valerie," He pronounced her name with his thick Tuscan accent.

His accent was one of the features women loved in him. He could talk a woman he had never met before into taking her dress off, and he prided in it. Her hands travelled down her belly, scraping her pubis.

She tapped her core a few times, and he heard the squishy sound of wetness against his skin and began to take off his belt. If care wasn't taken, there was a possibility of him bursting through his slacks.

She began to circle her fingers around her clitoris, and his eyes remained on her as it budded into full bloom, a sheer shade of pink that would have been a dusty blush on her skin. She threw her head back and leaned one elbow. She fondled her breasts as she did the same with her clitoris.

"Now, finger fuck that pussy for me, bitch," He groaned as his fingers finally wrapped around his cock. She did as he was told, slipping her fingers into herself with so much ease.

She cried out and bucked her hips as she heightened her rhythm. They both fell into the same rhythm. She thrust in and out of herself, crying out as she neared release. But Senna was a wickedly desirous man.

"Don't you fucking come!" He growled as he pushed himself to his feet. Pressure was building around his groin. His fingers sank into her hip, and he pulled her roughly against him before ramming into her.

She screamed, not minding if she was in his office. Senna was getting lightheaded. He felt like he was going crazy. He thrust in and out of her in a crazed, animalistic manner, letting his prime instinct control him.

Valeria screamed at the top of her voice as he thrust into her. He pulled out of her when she was close again and turned her over with so much ease.

He arched her hip and smacked her ass with his palm, loving the imprint his fingers left on her pale skin. She moaned as he slipped into her from behind and continued to ram into her. She grabbed either side of the desk as he increased his tempo. His fingers wrapped around her hair, and he pulled her upper body back to him and pressed his mouth against hers.

They kissed roughly, skin moving against the skin as sweat eased the friction of their bodies. He wrapped his fingers around her neck and kept thrusting into her. Her breasts swung from side to side from the intense movement. He moved one hand and grabbed it as he kneaded roughly. She began to shiver against him.

"Senna..." She muttered as she choked.

"Senna! I'm going to come! Please!"

"You only do that when I ask you to, get that?!" He commanded.

"Y-yes!" He bit her back, loving the taste of skincare products laced with sweat against his tongue.

"Hmm... That's my good girl." Her legs began to vibrate, but he didn't stop. He was close to releasing, and his breathing became more intense as he pushed into her. He lifted her from the table and walked across the room, still thrusting into her. He was as powerful as a stallion, his strength refusing to deplete.

He pushed her against the wall and fucked two orgasms out of her. She was unable to hold back. He had done that for a reason. As he came into her, shooting warm liquid up her, she thrashed against him, sinking her fingers into his skin and scratching as she bit into his skin.

Finally, she calmed down, and so did she. They were both sweaty with heavy breaths. She slid to the floor, and he left her immediately and went to wash up before returning to put on his slacks. He didn't spare her a glance as he spoke.

"Go wash up, and As soon as you're done, you can leave."

"What? Senna—" He gave her a stern look.

"I have to be somewhere. I don't do cuddles. Great sex, by the way."

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