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Her Return

Her Return

img Romance
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Everything about her seemed dark. Her background was filled with unpleasant story. Her adulthood was filled with struggles. Her love life was ended in betrayal. After a betrayal, she gradually learned to love again until things fell apart and she lost her love again. It wasn't long her true Identity suddenly sprout out and she started a new life. That poor wretch became the richest woman in the country. She became strong, an iron lady who weilds power and wealth. But love came knocking again and she doesn't 't want to give it a chance in her life again. What happens when her lost love appears before her again? Her love for him was rekindled... Will Aurora give love a second chance? Will her darken heart find that candle that will lighten it again? Can love heal a wounded heart?

Chapter 1 No.1

It was getting to dawn and Milli Logan was done with her duty at the orphanage. She's the matron of the city orphanage and on that particular day, she worked on a night shift.

She walked out of the gate of the orphanage and felt she heard a faint cry of a baby.

She smiled. She was addicted to her kids at the orphanage that while away from them, she could still hear their cries in her mind.

But taking another step, she heard the cry again. Then she paused. This is not her imagination,nor is she hearing the baby's cry in her mind.

She was hearing it with her ears. She looked back at the orphanage and then like an intuition, she looked sideways and saw swaddling clothes and it seemed she saw the clothes shake.

She shook for fear. She started walking gently towards the swaddling clothes and the baby's cry seemed to be louder than before.

She went and looked further and was shocked when she saw it was a baby.

"A baby!" Milli exclaimed.

She dropped her bag and without a second thought, she carried the baby. The little fellow had sobbed and started sniffling.

Millie's eyes went moist. Was this baby abandoned by his mother? Was he given birth to by a human being or a wild animal?

She saw the baby's face had become reddish. He needed to be taken care of immediately. She looked around but couldn't find the trace of who might have left him there.

She rushed back into the orphanage and went straight to the nursery section. The other employees were surprised to see her rushed back in with a baby in her hand.

"Please call the doctor immediately,"Milli Logan ordered. She quickly unwrapped the baby and gave him over to a nanny to bathe.

Soon the nanny returned and said "it's a girl"

"A girl?" Milli Logan was surprised. He thought the baby was a boy. A woman gave birth to her gender and threw her away?

What a cruel world

Soon the doctor came and went in to attend to the baby. In less than an hour, the doctor came out of the nursery section.

"She's fine now. She's been fed and already asleep" he said with a smile.

Milli Logan smiled. She's glad that the baby is fine. She's glad that she found the baby. She's glad that she's still fine and alive.

She will spend the rest of her life looking after her until she grows up, capable of looking after herself.

That feeling of motherhood overtook Milli Logan and she made up her mind to see that the little fellow experiences the love of a mother.

"What do we call her ?" The nanny asked.

"Call her Aurora"

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