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img img Romance img Forced to marry a murderous Mafia King
Forced to marry a murderous Mafia King

Forced to marry a murderous Mafia King

img Romance
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" I will KILL all of them who have the desire to have you. you are mine, only mine," he yelled. Power , Wealth and Woman. A ruthless monster, who is hungry for power. No fear for anyone. He is the king of the underground world. He is a womanizer. But just use them once and throw them out because no one is permanent in his life even his parents, his sister, or his love. If they have to die then it's in his hand to decide their fate no one else but if anyone kills them, he surely takes revenge for them. He has a limit to all things. His life is full of blood and pain. He had no weakness. When he had no weakness in this world or any corner of the world. Suddenly she appeared in front of him, taking his breath, making his metal heart to beat again and filling his heart with warmth.The moment she appeared, making him get trapped in the desire of getting her, made him crave for her and made his mind go mad at the thought of conquering her.

Chapter 1 No.1


Risa White pov

I am happy today. There is nothing special. I am always happy but today I am going to watch a play.

I hummed as I was listening to my favourite song

"Love me like you do" by Ellie Goulding

don't judge me, by what song I am listening to. ..

Today there were limited classes to be attended...

I was thinking about how the world will be without so-called love .....

All the people in the world could say Love is blind...

I agree that so-called love is blind .....

But I won't believe in love, that stupid love ..., But I don't why all the people are going behind the love which betrays them and destroys their faith and life.

I forgot to introduce myself. .....

I am Risa white. I am 17 years (only a few months are left before I turn into an adult girl.. hooray!!) ... And I am not a girl who seeks a man's support.

My first love was at the age of 14 years. Ya, I experienced my first love at a young age and also experienced the betrayal. An unforgettable betrayal that made me throw out my old version. A tear fell from my eyes. I immediately wiped it off.

"slut,. where are you "

Wait it's the voice I have been waiting for.

My lovely drama series created by me begins.

I turned and looked at the voice source. As expected, it's my sweetheart, Rebecca.

She was opposite to her name *haha*...

she is the one I was waiting for so long ...

"Are you a slut?" Rebecca yelled as she banged on my desk. oh, she won't leave me before she gets a satisfying explanation.

I questioned her, " why are you asking me such a question, Rebecca?"

Rebecca said, " don't act like you don't know anything ".

I frowned " what are talking about?"

" you, bitch. you know Ethan is my boyfriend. Then why did you seduce my boyfriend and went on a date?"

I smirked.

Within a second, I began to weep. before she could see it.

This stealing of my friend's boyfriend became my hobby or a habit for me for the past year. Really I love stealing the boyfriends of my friends and tear the masks of these boys in front of their girlfriends.

" what? no, it can't be me. It can't be." I sobbed. Yes, it's me.

Rebecca said " I got some pictures of my Baby dating a woman. I know that woman is YOU."

she showed me some pictures. " No, it's not me." I sobbed.

" Someone has sent you the photos just to create a misunderstanding between us. how can you believe others, not me?" I asked as I rubbed my eyes with the heel of my palm. stupid Rebecca, I am the main criminal to send this picture *haha* I giggled in my mind.

Rebecca said "I know it's you. You send me these pictures. I know about your slutty characters. My friends told me you were the one who seduces their boyfriend too. "

" I don't know, Rebecca. I didn't do anything. " I said as I pouted.

"you...slut, don't tell lies "

" I am.... innocent, Rebecca. I will confess Your.... boyfriend..only.... asked me to meet him. " I stumbled.

"don't tell lies, bitch. if my boyfriend called you to meet him then why did you seduce him and agree to have sex with him .."

[don't believe her. I hate that so-called physical touch. I will always talk with those disgusting guys with one arm's distance, they are like a disease, so always social distance is maintained. Coming back to the matter. To make Rebecca's boyfriend and Rebecca believe that we had sex. I gave him a high alcohol drink with sleeping pills. With that, he was muddled, immediately. What a poor boy. After taking it he went to his sleep. to make him believe that we had sex. I just played some games. But that idiot easily believed what I told.]

I started to cry " No, Rebecca....... it's not true. I told no...... but he for.... ced me * crying *.."

Rebecca believed what I said.


she was about to leave but stopped and warned me to stay away from her boyfriend. After getting satisfied with the words, I agreed that I won't meet him again. She left the place with her friends.

And again I continued with my business.

after a few hours.

today's class got over. I was about to leave my classroom. I heard some noise. I turned and took a look. it's my sweetheart, Rebecca, and her boyfriend were fighting. .. I laughed in my mind...




This was the so-called love.

so that only I hate the word or the feeling of love. True love was only if he loves her soul not her body and believes his/ her truly against the third person's words......(but some attraction can turn into true love. we will see what will happen to our female lead and male lead relationship.)

Main characters:

Male Lead: Alex Walter

Female Lead: Risa White

Supporting characters:

Risa White's friends and relatives:

Mr. Ian White: father of Risa white.

Mrs. Hazel White: aunt of Risa white and stepmother of Risa White.

Mrs. Maeve Harper: Mother of Risa.

Mr. Robin White: elder brother of Risa.

Ms. Ruby White: stepsister of Risa.

Ms. Clara Hollis: best friend of Risa.

Ms. Angela Linden: best friend of Risa.

Mr. Carlos Carson: a friend of Risa.

(classmate and stepcousin)

Mr. Steven gold (real name: Eric gold): ex-boyfriend of Risa. [ he is a bad boy. Readers, stay away from him *haha*]

Mr. Edmin: secretary of Risa.

Ms. lav: assistant of Risa.

Ms. Lisa: professional name of Risa

Rose, Mia, Rebecca: classmate of Risa.

Alex Walter's friends and relatives:

Ms. lily Walter: sister of Alex.

Mother and father: (No information for now)

Mr. Paul: Butler

Mr. Martin Winslow: a friend of Alex (also the doctor for Alex and important role in the dark night).

Dark Night: World's dangerous underground world organization and Alex Walter is the king of Dark Night.

Mr. Steven: assistant of Alex's.

I have explained to you most of the characters but there is still more .....

wait for it ()

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