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img img Romance img Entangled In His Toxic Love
Entangled In His Toxic Love

Entangled In His Toxic Love

img Romance
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Brennen finally got the divorce he desired from Ariella. Drenched in blood, she wore a haunting smile as she sliced Brennen's heart with her parting words. Only then did he realize what he had lost. He had devised a scheme to make her his wife. Seeing it as yet another of his whims, she could only play along. People claimed that Brennen loved Ariella deeply because she could take him like no other. But only Ariella knew that Brennen hated her. He could easily cast her out into the wilderness and push her to the limit.

Chapter 1 Application

"Good day, I'm here to apply as a waitress."

"We're currently not looking for more staff. You might want to try elsewhere."

"32-23-33. Surely, I fit the bill, right? Could you make an exception? I'm ready to start tonight."

The receptionist's dismissal was cut short as she glanced up, taken aback by the woman standing before her.

Ariella Fletcher was undeniably stunning. Her long, dark hair cascaded down like silk, her skin was smooth, and her eyes were an unusual shade that set her apart. Her features were refined beyond those of an average woman, giving her an exotic allure.

Noticing the receptionist's gaze, she offered a smile. Her presence was magnetic. Clad in just a simple white dress, with no hint of makeup, she exuded the elegance of a woman accustomed to the finer things in life, like sipping wine in upscale venues.

The receptionist's attention was drawn to the diamond necklace gracing Ariella's neck, leading to disbelief. "Are you serious about applying for the waitress role?"

With a carefree gesture, Ariella removed the necklace and grinned. "It's just an imitation. A keen eye would see through it if they looked closely. I'm here to earn some money for the real deal."

This cleared up the confusion. Why would someone adorned with diamonds need an escort job? The receptionist looked at her with a mix of skepticism and disdain. "Do you have any references?"

"Lainey sent me," Ariella responded.

"Then you're aware of how things work around here," the receptionist began, her tone carrying a hint of warning. "As a 'waitress,' you don't get to pick who you serve. You'll attend to any client we assign and cater to their demands without complaint. Is that clear?"

Ariella was half-listening, as her mind was elsewhere. She wasn't genuinely here for a job interview. Regardless of what was said, her response was always a nod accompanied by a smile. "I understand."

The phone interrupted their exchange. The receptionist answered, "Hello, this is Phoenix Nightclub."

After a brief conversation, she turned back to Ariella. "A client has arrived."

A flicker of disgust crossed Ariella's face, quickly replaced by a polite smile. "Okay."

After a few more words into the phone, the receptionist hung up and handed Ariella a card key. "You're in luck. A client is available at 8 pm. Impress him, and there might be a generous tip. Wait in Room 502."

With the card key in hand, Ariella headed towards the stairs. She paused after a few steps, turning to flash a grateful smile at the receptionist. "Thank you. The necklace is yours to keep."

It was then the receptionist noticed the necklace left casually on the desk. She picked it up with a sneer, believing it was a fake. Though it was not important to her, it bore a striking resemblance to a genuine diamond necklace.

Ariella located Room 502, swiping the card to enter. A strong scent hit her immediately, causing a momentary frown which she quickly smoothed away. She retrieved a bathrobe from the wardrobe and headed into the bathroom for a shower. Emerging over ten minutes later, she was clad in just the bathrobe.

Barefoot, she moved towards the window, her footsteps leaving a damp imprint on the floor. Peering outside, she caught sight of a car she recognized slowly pulling into the underground garage.

A slight smile curved her lips. She had no doubt he would come.

As she soaked in the nighttime view, intending to draw the curtains closed, the sound of the card key sliding in and the door opening caught her attention. Before she could turn around, someone wrapped their arms around her from behind in a swift embrace.

The distinct scent of tobacco filled her nostrils. Before Ariella could react, her bathrobe was abruptly opened, and a chilly hand explored her waist.

Ariella shivered, the man's deep voice echoing in her ear. "What were you thinking coming to a place like this? Ariella, are you trying to provoke me? Have you forgotten who you belong to?"

Realizing she was wearing nothing underneath, the man's demeanor grew even colder, his caresses more forceful.

Struggling to maintain her balance, Ariella leaned back into him, feeling the warmth of his chest.

She caught her breath and chuckled, "Whose fault is it? You're the one who's been avoiding me. Ignoring my texts, my calls. I even went to your office, only to be told by your secretary you were on a business trip. It's been nearly a month. I missed you, so I had to draw you out somehow."

She paused, a genuine smile spreading across her face. "See, my plan worked, didn't it?"

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