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img img Romance img Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me
Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

img Romance
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img Jenny Simmon
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Two years ago, Nina married a man she had never met. She didn't know his name or his age; she knew nothing about this person she was married to. Their marriage was nothing more than a contract with conditions, and one of the clauses was that she should not sleep with another man. Yet, Nina lost her virginity to a stranger when she knocked at the wrong door one night. With the compensation she had to pay weighing her down, she decided to draw up a divorce agreement on her own. When she finally met her husband to hand over the papers, she was shocked to find that her husband was none other than the man she had “cheated” on him with!

Chapter 1 How Long Have You Been Doing This

It was Friday evening, eight o'clock.

A banquet was being held in the Four Seasons Garden Hotel. Not only was it filled with luxurious vibes, but the happy atmosphere was also held up as different people toasted and chatted happily about the event.

Nina Lu glanced up at the signage with a frown. "It must be this one."

However, she couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows in confusion. It wasn't easy to enter such a place without an invitation. What was she going to say? As Nina Lu was worrying, a slim figure floated right in front of her. It was Isabella Zhang, Nina Lu's friend at school.

"Isabella," she greeted, waving at her. As if snapped out of the trance, Isabella Zhang turned around, blinking in surprise when she saw who it was. "Why are you here?"

She moved closer, frowning when she didn't smell the Pheromone Perfume, the perfume that she had given Nina Lu. "Why didn't you use the perfume?"

"I have something urgent that I need to get to. That's why I didn't use it." Truth be told, Nina Lu wasn't used to wearing any kind of perfume for that matter. She peered at the crowd. "By the way, could you take me in?"

"Of course I can." Isabella Zhang smiled innocently as something flashed in her eyes.

She took the perfume from her pockets and sprayed it all over Nina Lu.

Nina Lu coughed, pinching her nose deliberately. "I'm allergic to the perfume," she explained, waving her hands up in the air.

Without giving her time to think, Isabella Zhang pulled her in the hotel and pushed her into the elevator.

Once Nina Lu was gone, a vicious smile slipped into Isabella Zhang's lips.

Fortunately, she had brought the Pheromone Perfume today as well. That perfume was a timely invention indeed. No matter how pure or saintly a woman could be, she would act provocatively under its influence. No matter how abstinent a man was, he would leech onto the scent.

There were hundreds of men in the party that day. Isabella Zhang smirked. 'Good luck, Nina. For your sake, I hope you don't bed someone that ugly.'

Nina Lu reached the twentieth floor where there were only two supreme VIP rooms. She knocked on the left, and a charming man opened the door with a coquettish woman in his arms.

She stumbled back, furrowing her eyebrows.

It seemed that she had knocked on the wrong door.

She looked away in embarrassment. "Sorry. You can continue."

As soon as she turned around, the man stopped her. "Wait, are you looking for Mr. John?"

The man glanced at Nina Lu up and down. She looked clean and pure. John Shi might not be so tempted to throw her out like the ones he had done in the past.

Just now, James Shi had called John Shi and told him that he planned to give him a surprise. He didn't expect that the woman would be delivered to him so soon.

"He's inside." Before Nina Lu could understand what he meant, he pushed her in and closed the door.

Nina Lu staggered into the suite, almost falling into the ground. When the door shut behind her, her sullen eyes surveyed the room.

When she heard footsteps approaching her, she turned around. A tall and handsome man caught her off her tracks. Although she had seen many good-looking men in her lifetime, none of them could match up to the man in front of her today.

His upper body was right and firm. His fair skin and defined muscles were extremely attractive, especially when drops of water curved down the crevices of his abs. She swallowed.

"Have you seen enough?" he said coldly, snapping her back to reality. Remembering her job, Nina snapped her head and apologized profusely, "Sorry. I may have stepped into the wrong room."

In this world, there were only two types of people who would enter the wrong room. They were either stupid or manipulative. He thought that she was the latter.

John Shi gazed at her. She had a beautiful face, fair skin, and a tall nose.

Her porcelain skin was shaded light pink, and her bright eyes were wide and filled with innocence. There was something about her that drew him in almost immediately.

His lips curved upwards.

"No, you didn't." She should be the surprise that James Shi had been telling him about.

John Shi had been used to this kind of thing. The women James Shi had sent before had been thrown out. In fact, John'd been so used to them that he didn't even bother to look at them.

Seeing as the woman in front of him was around twenty-year-old, around the age of James, he knew that he had to be kind for the time being.

"How long have you been doing this?" John said as if he was scolding his nephew James.

With a puzzled look on her face, Nina frowned. "It's my first time," she said honestly.

In the past, she usually only handled cases that were being discussed in the teachers' lounge. This was her first time being out in the field to investigate.

It was said that there had been two suicide cases that were about to be closed in the precinct. However, she had always felt that it wasn't just a simple suicide. In fact, she came here to connect the two events. A part of her had a feeling that the two victims were connected, and she wanted to find out more clues that could link them together.

In the past week, Nina had been wandering around nearby hotels, hoping to find some clues to prove her point.

"Your first time? So all you have is theory?" John sat down.

He then picked up a glass of wine and decided to take a sip.

Nina glanced at him by accident, and she found that she just couldn't take her eyes off him. "I've learned the theory for two years."

"Oh? Really?" John sneered, as if he had just heard a joke.

'Do they actually teach theory for these kinds of profession? What's their finals? To find a man to practice it on?'

"Don't look down on me," she snapped. Nina was about to turn and leave when she heard his voice.

"What makes you think you're even worthy of respect? How much did they give you?" He lit up a cigarette and puffed out a cloud of smoke. He couldn't really find a reason for women to participate in such an industry with no money involved.

John crossed his arms over his chest.

"None," she said coldly.


She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.

In fact, in this circle, the woman could be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Seeing that she was about to leave, John frowned. "Did I say that you can go?"

With a flick of his cigar, a small ball of fire lit up even more. No one could come and go freely under his roof.

Nina stopped as her heart thumped in anger. "Look, our profession can't be measured by money. You should know how dangerous this is, especially with this case. In such an enclosed space, someone could die if I'm not doing my job right. I should go now."

Someone could die?

He glanced down subconsciously. Was he really that terrible?

Nina's eyes widened, as if realizing the meaning of his responses.

The man must've mistaken her for...

Her cheeks flushed.

"You! Shameless!" she said in outrage as she pointed at the man.

John was expressionless. How could she call him shameless when he was just her employer for the night?

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