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img img Modern img Crown Of The Betrayed Heiress
Crown Of The Betrayed Heiress

Crown Of The Betrayed Heiress

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Emelia was the rightful heiress to the Hewitt family, but her real parents and four brothers, together with an impostor claiming her place, had almost ended her life. After that experience, she stopped pretending to be obedient and started being her true self. She stood up to anyone who tried to mess with her or bully her, ready to push back and teach them a lesson without a second thought. Revealing herself as a revered doctor and a skilled treasure appraiser, she made a fool out of anyone who tried to put her down. Still, someone dared to mock her, saying, "Being powerful means nothing if your own parents don't love you." Then, the most respected family in the city came to her defense. "She is like a precious jewel to us. Who cares about the affection of those worthless people?"

Chapter 1 She Is A Jinx

Emelia Hewitt stood before the opulent villa, her face gradually losing color. She was clad in a hospital gown.

She had experienced a severe allergic reaction after unknowingly ingesting nut powder that Keira Hewitt, her adopted sister, had covertly added to her food. This reaction led to the swelling of her respiratory system, bringing her perilously close to death.

She had endured three solitary days in the hospital, with no visitors or expressions of concern from anyone.

Meanwhile, her biological family showered Keira with attention, treating the evil woman as if she were the focal point of the universe.

Emelia found it perplexing. She was, in fact, their biological daughter. Did her childhood disappearance grant them the right to effortlessly substitute her with Keira, the adopted one, and strip away her life and everything she cherished?

As she listened to the sounds of joy and laughter echoing from within the villa, Emelia finally grasped a harsh reality.

The familial affection she had yearned for proved utterly valueless.

The sorrow in her eyes vanished, replaced by a cold, ruthless smile on Emelia's lips. She relaxed her tightly clenched hand, retrieving a rusty rod from the fence. With determination, she kicked open the main door of the villa.

The butler and servants stood bewildered, immobilized. Astonished expressions adorned their faces as they observed the young lady, who appeared to be acting somewhat like a madwoman.

Within the living room, fashioned like a princess's fortress, Keira sat in front of the camera, proudly displaying the gifts bestowed upon her by her parents and four brothers. The scene created an ambiance of warmth and harmony.


The metal rod violently struck objects before the camera, breaking apart all the lavish gifts Keira had recently unveiled.

It appeared that Emelia's return had just caught everyone's attention. Allen Hewitt, the eldest brother, promptly terminated the livestream.

"What the hell, you lowlife? Did you not know that Keira was live? If you've messed up her reputation, I swear to God, you're gonna pay for it!" Allen yelled furiously and tried to slap Emelia.

Emelia skillfully evaded the attack and retaliated with the rod, striking Allen's arm, producing a loud, cracking sound as his bone snapped.

Allen emitted a scream of agony.

Bruce Hewitt, their father, erupted in fury, "Emelia, are you out of your damn mind? How heartless could you be! How the hell can you treat your brother like this?"

Emelia raised the rod, directing it at them, her smile both stunningly beautiful and maniacally ruthless. "Is this what you call heartless? When he shoved me down the damn stairs, breaking my leg, where were all your 'he's-so-heartless' labels then?"

Emelia's second brother, Callen, urgently exclaimed, "That's because you bullied Keira, you uncultured country bumpkin..."


Without hesitation, Emelia delivered a slap. When Callen tried to resist, she poked the rod against his chest.

"Bullied Keira? Even if I did, what's she gonna do? I'm the real deal in this family, and she's just a damn impostor. Letting her hang around is already a big damn favor."

Keira wept, her eyes teary. She sought solace in the embrace of their mother, Briana, while expressing her grievances. "How can you even say that? I never wanted to go head-to-head with you. I just couldn't stand the thought of being ripped away from Mom, Dad, and my brothers. I never—"

"Shut the hell up!" Emelia shot Keira an angry glare. "You knew about my nut allergy, and yet you ground those damn nuts into powder, setting a trap for me to choke on it. Now you're playing the innocent card."

Emelia's third brother, Jayson, was about to speak, but Emelia aimed the rod at him. "You handed me that cake. Don't act like you didn't know. When I was suffering from an allergic reaction and almost kicking the bucket, I distinctly heard you say it had a little less inside."

Emelia chuckled, "It was just a bit less. One more gram of nuts in there, and I'd be a damn goner. So..."

Her gaze suddenly turned fierce, and the next moment, she unleashed a furious beating on Jayson.

The fourth brother, Andy, was on the verge of stepping forward when Emelia forcefully kicked a chair into his back.

"I didn't do jack!" Andy panicked, trying to explain himself.

But Emelia just smirked. "Oh, you did nothing? You added ten minutes to the servants' speed dial for the ambulance when I was fucking dying!"

If she hadn't acquired medical skills from her mentor and had antidote pills readily available, she would have genuinely died at the hands of these repugnant family members of hers!

Having vented her anger sufficiently, she then ascended the stairs, carrying the rod.

Below, everyone was too terrified to even draw a breath.

They couldn't fathom how this once meek and gentle woman had abruptly transformed into such a terrifying figure.

The moment Emelia's bedroom door got slammed shut, Briana's face turned stormy as she muttered, "I've said it a million times. She's a jinx. We can't let her stick around in our family!"

Bruce was getting antsy. "But my father handed her shares..."

Briana shot Bruce a glare. "Get someone to block off the damn yard. I don't buy that she can take on ten or even a hundred guys solo! If she doesn't hand over those shares, she's going to be deprived of food for three days!"

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