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img img Werewolf img Alpha Victor: Temptation Of The Falling Marriage
Alpha Victor: Temptation Of The Falling Marriage

Alpha Victor: Temptation Of The Falling Marriage

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"You've ignored me for six years. Let's divorce." Rias's words echoed throughout the Ainsworth household, shattering the façade of their seemingly perfect marriage. Overwhelmed by regrets and a sense of being unloved, she made the difficult decision to end a relationship that was empty and devoid of love. Rias, as a Luna, struggles with the weight of her duty and the agony of leaving the man she secretly loves. Is there any hope that her husband will ever be truly hers? Victor, burdened by his own secrets, finds himself at a turning point when his wife asks for divorce. How can he let go of something he has long desired? Rias' proposal shakes him out of his slumber, forcing him to confront the issues in their marriage. Victor searches for a way to save their marriage, desperate to keep it from falling apart. As their world crumbles around them, he must find a way to mend the broken pieces and rebuild his broken marriage. Is it enough if he refuses to sign the divorce papers?

Chapter 1 Let's divorce

Rias's POV

I was known for my prominence and virtuous nature, even if my tongue could cut everyone's heart when I spoke.

My priority is the safety of my pack, and as the luna and negotiator, I need to hold a scary but sweet façade.

I saw my reflection in the mirror. The alpha of this pack must love to see himself and watch his beauty.

I hate the fact that he's taking too long to meet me. I knew my children were waiting for me.

I sighed, and my irritated expression showed in the mirror. My long, curly brownish hair kisses my bum. It was thick and fluffy, like Victoria says.

Victoria got her father's black hair, and Raeden, my son, inherits my hair color. I have blue eyes, thick, long eyelashes, rosy cheeks, a wicked nose, and heart-shaped lips.

It was thin, and everyone believes that I'm the prettiest she-wolf in our clan. My daughter inherits the gray eyes of her father, and Raeden gets mine.

They both have my rosy cheeks, long eyelashes, and heart-shaped lips. They inherit their dad's nose, jaw line, and eyebrows. I stood up and bowed my head.

"Greetings to Alpha Nicholas," I said. He laughs and sits down.

"You may take your seat, beautiful Luna of Fuego Mist," Nicholas says.

He was trying to speak sweetly, and his smile is also charming. I tried to hide my irritation. "I heard you are here because of what my members did to a bar that is owned by your husband's beta member," he stated.

"Yes. As the luna, I am here to negotiate and give justice to what your members did. You should've known that we don't tolerate such brutality to our members," I open up. Nicholas shows that he cares less about it.

"They already paid for the damages. So, why did you come here? Don't tell me you want to drag them back in your husband's pack and detain them? Oh, please, I won't let that happen," Nicholas asserted firmly.

I smirk. His almond eyes were telling me that he's still powerful. His body was rock hard, and he's also six feet tall. His lips were smirking devilishly, and it irritates me the most. My eyes turned crimson, and his mirror broke into pieces.

"You are an alpha, but that doesn't mean that you can use that to scare me. I'm a natural-born luna and have the power to fight. If you don't want to bring those scumbags here, I'm ready to flip your whole territory and smash their faces," I threatened. He laughs.

"Alright, alright. Relax. June! Bring those brats. The luna here is on fire," Nicholas says with naughty grins. I want to punch his face too.

"P-please! We are begging you! We don't want to go with her, alpha!"

I glared and forced them to meet my eyes. They all roared in pain. I manipulated their blood and made it flow backward.

"You all molested one of my she-wolves, and there's no way I will let that slip. If you all come again in our territory just to be rude and disrespect our members, death will be the next punishment I have for all of you!" I roared.

They all gasped and breathed heavily after I released them from my power. Nicholas claps his hands.

"Your husband was too lucky to have such a fragrant wife. I wonder how sweet your taste is," he says, licking his lips. I looked at him with a dead expression and glared at him afterwards.

"I already made my point, and I hope this won't happen again, Alpha Nicholas. If it does, you know what will happen next. I'll have to go."

"Do you want to have some dinner with me, Luna Rias?" Nicholas proposed.

I raise my hand and stick out my middle finger. Nicholas laughter filled the whole room as I walked away.

I got into my car and drove away. My phone was ringing, and I saw my son's name. I answered.

"Hello, sweetheart?" I answered. I heard his scoff, and I think he's mad.

"Mommy, where are you? Victoria and I won't attend our granny's birthday party unless you are here. You know that we don't like her."

I sighed after hearing Raeden's irritable tone. "Mommy is on her way. Tell Victoria to stop cursing. I can hear her murmurs," I replied.

"Sorry mommy. I just hate Granny Nina! She's not like our real grandmothers. They're sweet and loving," Victoria commented.

"I know, sweetheart. But it doesn't mean that you should be rude. Remember what I always say. Kill them with kindness, like what a song said. I'll be home in a minute, so please... Stay in your room and wait for me, okay? Raeden, sweetheart, did you understand me as well?"

"Yes, mommy. Don't worry. We will wait for you. Bye-bye."

"Bye. I love you both," I stated, dropping the call. I sighed sadly.

Yes, Raeden and Victoria were twins. We got them through the IVF process and surrogacy. Here's a fun fact.

My husband's mom and mine want to carry our babies, but the doctors suggest that only one of them can carry the baby, even if they're twins.

Both of them played rock-paper-scissors shoot to see who would carry the twins, and mom wins.

My mother-in-law had no choice but to admit defeat. My marriage is not normal. We are betrothed because our parents are close friends. They fought a great war, and they swore loyalty to one another.

We had a baby because of technology and science. But after our parents died two years ago, my life became more miserable.

My husband became a puppet of his aunt, and my chances to be with him became less than zero. When our parents were still alive, we barely saw each other.

I'll be happy if we can meet each other once a week. He keeps on ignoring me, and his beloved woman always brags about that in my face.

I arrived at the mansion and decided to change my clothes first before meeting with him. I have to talk to him about an important matter.

But first, I have to wear appropriate clothes and put some accessories and make-up in my hair and face.

I have to be the prettiest at that party. Well, at least in others eyes. That's the only thing I can truly be proud of.

I locked my room and took a shower. As the water brushes off my skin, bitter things come to mind.

They laughed at me and even accused me of being rude, unruly, and unfit for my position as Fuego Mist's Luna.

His aunt and childhood sweetheart are the reason why I lose my confidence, and sometimes my world is clouded and becomes dark.

"I wonder if I'll be able to find happiness," I whispered.

But I bitterly laugh and finish my bath. While drying my hair, I noticed my wedding and engagement rings. I smiled, stopped drying my hair, and smiled.

I remember when my husband dragged me into a certain room in this house. He let me watch as he crafted these rings and asked for my suggestions.

'I thought we'd be happy, but I guess I was wrong. I am indeed wrong.'

After drying my hair, I put on my dress. It was a floral white and purple dress. The roses are purple, and it was silky white. It was backless, and everyone could see my back.

In front, it's a V-cut. The long sleeve was see-through, but it has embroidered butterflies. There are also Swarovski crystals that make the dress more elegant.

I put on my dark red lipstick and breathed out after. I'm ready. I went off to my room and knocked on his door. I know he is not here yet.

His room is on the east side of this mansion, while his office is in the middle. The door opens, and I know he's telling me to get inside.

He seated himself again and stopped taking off his glasses. I sat on the couch and saw the cherry blossom tree.

"It's spring already. This is our first meeting of the month and might be the last, alpha Victor. Time passes in swift seconds," I murmured.

"What are you trying to say? Why did you come here?" Victor asks.

I turn around and face him. "You've been ignoring me for six years. Let's get divorced," I proposed.

I notice how his pupils move and those grayish eyes that captured my heart ten years ago. He also has long lashes, and his thick eyebrows express his power and authority.

His sharp jawline and those plump lips give him that charisma. Every woman will be drawn to it. He's so gorgeous that your underwear might fall off.

This thick, dark hair will give you the desire to brush it with your fingers. His skin is a bit tanned, and he's six feet and four inches tall.

He is muscular and has a broad shoulder. Overall, a man who breaks all the beauty standards for male species.

"What did you just say? You want a divorce, Rias?" Victor asserted in an irritated and firm tone. I simply nodded.

"Let's drop this façade already. Our marriage is not perfect and happy at all. The kids were geniuses. They will understand us. I will give you the papers that I signed tomorrow morning. I know you have to get her. I will excuse myself. I have to get the twins also," I utter and bow my head.

I didn't wait for his next words. I dash towards my children's room and knock on the door. They opened it because they knew it was me.

I created a secret door, and they will open it right away because it's me. Plus, they can smell my cologne as well. I hugged them both.

I kneel down and look at their beautiful clothes. Raeden is wearing a blue suit, while Victoria is wearing a purple ballgown dress. I kiss their cheeks.

"Welcome home, mommy!" they both say. I smiled and nodded.

"Are you guys ready for your granny Nina's birthday party?" I ask.

"We have no choice. But we will be okay because mommy is here."

"Aww, that's so sweet, Raeden, sweetheart. Let's go?" I stated.

They grabbed my hand, and I carried them right away. On my way to the function hall, I notice something. But I am more worried about something else…

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