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img img Romance img A Second Chance With The CEO After Divorce
A Second Chance With The CEO After Divorce

A Second Chance With The CEO After Divorce

img Romance
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Belinda thought after divorce, they would part ways for good - he could live his life on his own terms, while she could indulge in the rest of hers. However, fate had other plans in store. "My darling, I was wrong. Would you please come back to me?" The man, whom she once loved deeply, lowered his once proud head humbly. "I beg you to return to me." Belinda coldly pushed away the bouquet of flowers he had offered her and coolly replied, "It's too late. The bridge has been burned, and the ashes have long since scattered to the wind!"

Chapter 1 There's Nothing To Cling To

"Sorry, Ms. Nelson, you haven't been able to keep the baby," the doctor said gently to the woman in front of her.

Belinda Nelson sat in the doctor's office, her eyes fixed on her phone screen as she absorbed the grave news, distractedly scrolling through her newsfeed.

Displayed on the screen was an image of a man and a woman exiting the airport side by side.

The woman, identified as Cathy Miller, was a burgeoning star in show business, recently returned from a three-year educational stint abroad.

Accompanying her was Kristopher Cox, CEO of the leading Cox Group in Nawrin.

Unbeknownst to the public, Kristopher was also Belinda's spouse and the father of her unborn child.

The online comments celebrated the pair as a perfect match, oblivious to the fact that Kristopher had been secretly married for the last three years.

With a heavy heart, Belinda locked her phone and faced the doctor. "So, the baby... it didn't survive?"

The doctor, sympathy evident in her eyes, shook her head. "Ms. Nelson, given your terminal condition, your body has been unable to nourish the fetus for quite some time."

She slid the pregnancy termination notice across the table toward Belinda. "The fetus is now deceased. We must proceed with the abortion soon to safeguard your health."

Belinda glanced back at her phone, a bitter smile touching her lips as she caught sight of the online chatter about the celebrity couple. "Please, arrange the surgery."

She used to hope to have a child more than anyone else did.

Despite her best efforts, she failed to sustain the pregnancy.

Perhaps the child sensed that Kristopher wouldn't be kind to them after Belinda's passing and so decided against entering this world.

That was fine. She was now free to pass on without concerns.

While Belinda lay on the operating table, the doctor asked once more if any family members were with her. Just then, she overheard the nurses outside.

"I'm so jealous of Cathy. She disappears for three years, and the moment she returns, she has the CEO of Cox Group by her side."

"Cathy was Kristopher's first love. She moved overseas for three years, and he faithfully waited all that time. Kristopher's devotion to her is remarkable!"

"But haven't you heard the rumors that Kristopher is married?"

"Pure speculation! Kristopher adores Cathy deeply. He could never marry anyone else..."

The nurses' chattering stabbed at Belinda's heart like daggers.

She shut her eyes tightly and murmured, "It's too noisy."

The doctor then burst through the door, yelling into the hallway.

Silence enveloped the room.

As the doctor reentered, Belinda looked up serenely and instructed, "No anesthesia, please."

She was determined to endure the agony of her child being taken from her.

She told herself this was what she deserved after years of blind devotion to Kristopher.

The ordeal in the surgery room lasted only half an hour, but the pain seemed endless, sweat drenching her body as her attachment to Kristopher, and their unborn child, slipped away.

Staggering out of the surgery, Belinda locked eyes with Kristopher, his gaze seething with fury.

He closed the distance swiftly, his hands clamping down on her shoulders, his handsome face contorted with rage. "Belinda! How could you decide to end our child's life without telling me?"

As she lifted her head, the sting of sweat blurring her vision, Belinda noticed a woman in a white dress behind Kristopher.

It was Cathy.

With a bitter twist of her lips, Belinda murmured, "It seems I made the right choice."

Kristopher had not come alone to confront her about the abortion. He had brought Cathy, allowing her to witness Belinda's lowest moment, uncaring of how this spectacle would hurt her.

What was left for Belinda to cling to?

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