The Billionaire's Ugly Wife
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Chapter 73 Not Fair img
Chapter 74 Unexplainable Miracles img
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Chapter 77 You Started It img
Chapter 78 Family Meeting img
Chapter 79 The New Me img
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The Billionaire's Ugly Wife

Ximena West
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Chapter 1 Anniversary Gift


I was so tired from my day's work and hoped to find peace at the mansion. But when the butler opened the door, I felt the cold air of the residence. I had lived here for a year but had never felt the warmth of being at home.

Blaze had been busy with the hospitality venture he started last year. Therefore, he was rarely at home and had many business trips to meet his colleagues. Knightley Group added to his list of achievements after successfully growing Knightley Corporation, his construction company.

As his wife, I was very proud of him. I hoped after that business trip, he would be home more often. I now understand Mom's feelings, living for many years with Dad, who was very busy with his work.

"Good evening, Ma'am. There was an important document delivered by a special courier this afternoon. I put them in the study," the servant reported politely.

"Really!? Thank you." I curbed my urge to go to my bedroom and walked towards the rarely used office. There must have been a gift from my husband. Today was our wedding anniversary.

Seeing a large envelope on the desk, I approached. There was no description on the front of the folder. Did he give me a building or land? I opened the cover and read the letterhead on the first page: divorce agreement. I looked at it once more to make sure I read it correctly.

My hands were shaking, making the letters even more impossible to read. My eyes heated up, and my vision blurred. My heart was beating so fast that it was suffocating my chest. What was this? Why did he suddenly file for divorce? He had even put his signature on it.

I took my cell phone out of my bag and dialed his number. Waiting for a while, he didn't answer my call. I tried one more time while climbing the stairs. Finding his bedroom empty, I wasn't surprised. He was planning to come home tomorrow morning.

But realizing the atmosphere was a bit different, I checked his wardrobe. "No way," I said quietly, seeing the condition of the spacious room.

He had already brought all the personal items that were in his closet. His favorite watch collection wasn't even left behind. He seriously wanted to walk away from my life and this marriage.

"Good evening, Miss Bailey," Blaze's secretary greeted me when I called him on his cell phone.

"Kyle, do you know where my husband is?" I asked without replying to his greetings.

"As far as I know, he's in his room after dinner with his colleagues," he replied politely.

He wasn't busy, so why wasn't he answering my calls? Was he deliberately not answering my calls? I knew he didn't have friends and would be alone in his suite after work.

"Is there a problem, Miss Bailey? Would you like me to go to his suite and give him this phone?" he sincerely offered.

"No. No need. Thank you," I declined.

I couldn't ask him to do something that wasn't his job. He'd been working all day, and this was his break. Blaze would get angry if interrupted during his downtime because I would if my assistant contacted me outside of working hours.

I decided to send a voice message through an app. "Blaze, I know you're holding your phone. We need to talk, please answer my call. You didn't mean it, did you? Today's our first anniversary. H-how could you give me divorce papers on our wedding anniversary?"

I tried to call him again, yet he didn't answer. I wanted to send another voice message but canceled it. He might have a problem with his company or the meeting earlier. I should wait when he was ready to talk.

My cell phone alarm vibrated in the morning for the umpteenth time, waking me up. If it weren't for today's big event, I'd want to lie in bed all day. I was exhausted after trying to sleep last night but to no avail.

A surprise was waiting for me when I walked out of the front door. A black Audi was in the front yard. The butler opened the door for me so that I could see the driver.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get in," Blaze said impatiently.

My heart was beating rapidly, happy that the person I was expecting was right before my eyes. I thanked the butler and then got into the car. I fastened my seat belt before greeting him cheerfully, but he was silent.

"I thought you weren't coming," I said, not hiding my surprise.

"He's still my father-in-law," my husband replied coldly.

"And will always be your father-in-law," I said firmly, giving him the signal that I didn't want the divorce. "Happy anniversary, honey."

Blaze did not reply. Seeing his cold stare, I decided to keep quiet. His being here with me was enough. I was sure we could talk about the misunderstanding between us later, just like before. I had to focus on the event at Dad's house first.

In addition to keeping my feelings in check, I needed to keep his mood under control. I didn't want him to be upset during the event. Throughout our marriage, I never let anyone know we were quarreling. We were never fighting or arguing in public.

The guests had already filled the side yard. My husband held my hand since I got out of the car. I was right. Everything was fine. He couldn't be serious about divorcing me. I reached over and took his arm with my free hand.

"Blaze, Heather! Welcome!" greeted Mom kindly. She hugged and kissed our cheeks in turn. "Come on, sit down quickly! The party is about to start!"

"Okay, Mom." I approached my father. "Happy birthday, Dad!" I hugged and kissed the middle-aged man on the cheek.

"Thank you, my princess." He caressed my cheek gently, then turned to Blaze. "I'm glad you guys took the time to come."

"We wouldn't miss this event. Happy birthday," Blaze said as he shook his father-in-law's hand. He didn't mention Dad, a change that didn't escape my hearing.

After greeting Dad and Darcy, we took our seats. I looked around us in surprise. The event had already begun, but Darcy sat alone. I didn't see Cullen come, sitting in the empty seat next to her.

Until the short celebration of Dad's fiftieth birthday was over, her husband was not present. He was never absent from our family events. Darcy did not look anxious without him by her side either.

"Before we start feasting, there's one more celebration we need to commemorate together," Dad said. He turned to me and Blaze. "Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary!"

Everyone else joined in and raised their glasses. I was happy to see that. The employees at my shop forgot about my special day yesterday. So I thought my family did, too. It turned out that Dad remembered it and even made a remarkable time to celebrate.

I turned to Blaze, hoping he would kiss me. But he wasn't looking at me. I looked in the direction he was staring and was surprised to find out who he was watching with those loving eyes, the gaze he had given me a year ago.

My chest suddenly ached. I turned at my husband again, and I was not mistaken. He looked at Darcy as if no one else was nearby but my sister. Darcy didn't hesitate to return his gaze when she thought no one was watching. No way.

"Darcy, where is your husband?" asked Mom, starting the conversation at our table. She looked around us. "Is he still out of the city?"

"He's not coming, Mom," Darcy replied, glancing at Blaze before looking at Dad. "I'm sorry if this news ruins Dad's day. We were officially divorced yesterday."

I stopped chewing at the shocking news. Dad and Mom were also suddenly silent, trying to digest the information they just heard. Only Blaze remained calm and cut the steak on his plate casually.

Oh my. Did Blaze file for divorce because he and Darcy...? I had never seen them talk alone or look more intimate than in-laws. But seeing the way they were exchanging glances right now, my chest felt like it was being torn apart. It hurt like hell.

"What happened?" Dad asked a moment later. He managed to speak calmly. "Did Cullen cheat on you? Did he hit you?"

"Is it about a child?" added Mom.

"No, it's not. We decided to part ways amicably. Cullen was so busy with his project that we never had time to be together anymore. It's the best way," Darcy replied diplomatically. There was no disappointment, sadness, or anger in her voice.

I accidentally dropped the spoon when I was about to pick it up from the plate. My family didn't care about my carelessness. Dad, Mom, Darcy, and even Blaze were busy with their thoughts. I sighed softly, then looked down to pick up the spoon from the grass.

A movement caught my attention, so I turned my head. I saw a foot wearing a high heel rubbing my husband's foot. My hand instantly clenched into a fist, recognizing the owner of the foot and shoe. Outrageous! How could I have been blind all this time!?

"Excuse me, I'm going to the restroom," I said as I put the napkin on the table.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I needed to flee from that place for a while. I climbed the porch steps to the inside of the house. The servants were pacing back and forth, delivering snacks to the guests.

Once in the restroom, I approached the sink and placed my hands on the counter. I took a deep breath, trying to control my emotions. There was no way. Blaze couldn't be cheating on me behind my back. He loved me so much.

The restroom door opened. I quickly straightened up, not wanting anyone else to see me in my beaten state. But inhaling the scent of her signature perfume and the way she walked from my peripheral vision, I recognized the woman who had just entered.

"I've warned you from the beginning. Don't marry him, but you won't listen." She stood close to me and smiled with concern. "You are not a woman worthy of a man as handsome, rich, smart, and virile as Blaze."

My whole body trembled at her words. "Have you no shame?" I asked in a quivering voice.

"Take a good look at yourself, Heather." She looked at me in the mirror. "You can't even look at your ugly face. Do you think Blaze can endure a lifetime of looking at that face?"