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Chapter 1 Disturbed

l am a 38 year old Male who is cohabiting with 33 year old lady for the past 3 years and we have a son.

Initially when she got pregnant when we were dating we i promised her that we would get married but over the past 3 years I have postponed our proposed marriage date citing financial issues.

love her and ive I've done everything possible to show that I'm a caring husband to her and our son.

U do my best to provide for her and our child. Every one knows us and im not ashamed to call her my wifebin public.

The only thing left is for us to make it official with a ceremony.

Generally, our relationship has been fair. We have our arguments sometimes they are heated and other times mild but we always found a way to resolve them.

The problem I'm having now is that my wife kepps complaining that I do not "celebrate her " on social media by posting her picture on my WhatsApp status, my Facebook wall, or other my social media pages whenever she has a birthday.

To be fair she regularly posts my picture and that of her child on her Facebook and WhatsApp page whenever its my birthday or my son's birthday, or any other significant event.

There was a time she took my phone and posted our family pictures/her picture on my

WhatsApp status without my knowledge.

I got very angry and warned her never to do that again.

I Explain to her that I am not a

"social media person" I don't believe in posting peoples pictures to "celebrate them", to show that i care about them

I believe it is just showmanship and it I does not Express the true love that I have for her.

She knows very well that was never this type of person and I always insisted that I will never change because of her.

She however insisted that since

I'm married to her I must change and do things to make her happy such as posting her picture on Facebook


This is one thing that causes repeated arguments from time to time

It even causes more arguments than my delays in officially marrying her.

So, I want to ask if i am being too harsh or unrealistic. The way I see it, I don't think a man should change his values and principles for a woman especially if i am providing for, her and her child.

I think the way I've decided to express my Love for her should be left to me.

don't believe a man should ne sways the whims and caprices of a woman's emotion.