Captured by Leo
img img Captured by Leo img Chapter 1 The start of something different....
Chapter 6 Memory.... img
Chapter 7 Lost in her.... img
Chapter 8 Unfold img
Chapter 9 Symphony.. img
Chapter 10 Marry me...or not.. img
Chapter 11 Family img
Chapter 12 Lost princess img
Chapter 13 Lies become true... img
Chapter 14 One chance.. img
Chapter 15 Knowing him img
Chapter 16 Ghost hunter img
Chapter 17 Little girl img
Chapter 18 Twist.. img
Chapter 19 Back in his arms img
Chapter 20 Hurt & loss img
Chapter 21 Depression... img
Chapter 22 The older brother.. img
Chapter 23 Trouble follows img
Chapter 24 Hitman... img
Chapter 25 Secret confession... img
Chapter 26 Brother img
Chapter 27 Sister.. img
Chapter 28 Family img
Chapter 29 The truth... img
Chapter 30 The I love you img
Chapter 31 The real deal.. img
Chapter 32 Love making.. img
Chapter 33 A fight for her.. img
Chapter 34 Plot to take whats his.. img
Chapter 35 Its all for you amore.. img
Chapter 36 Going crazy.. img
Chapter 37 I need space... img
Chapter 38 Doubts about leaving him.. img
Chapter 39 Coming back.. img
Chapter 40 Little miracle... img
Chapter 41 Sexual tension... img
Chapter 42 A mouthful img
Chapter 43 Best man img
Chapter 44 A night to remember... img
Chapter 45 Magic witch... img
Chapter 46 Little bump img
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Captured by Leo

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Chapter 1 The start of something different....


"I don't know how to thank you all, I'm truly blessed because of you. Each and every one of you who has supported me and been there since day one. Without you guys, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you so so so so much for the 5M follow, from the bottom of my heart I mean it. I'll end this vlog here, once again thank you my bananajams *Mawh* bye!"

Turning off the tripod, I faced my best friend who popped open a champagne bottle.

"I'm so proud of you girl, congratulations!" Nuli said.

She's my bestie since Elementary school, we've been together for so long that we now we live with each other. She was main support and brainstorming pal, basically, she's my manager.

I don't know what I would do without her.

"I couldn't do it without Nuli, ugh, love you!" I gushed while squeezing her in a tight bear hug.

"Ugh, air."

I pulled away while laughing, "Sorry, can you actually believe it? Omg, 5M followers. Wow....oh....5M...that's a lot of people Nuli, which means more hate comments and more-"

"Woah, calm your tits Rachel. Brush all the stress away, cause we're not going to think about this shit until we come back from our vacation trip I have planned out for us."

Mentally frowning, "What trip?"

"A trip your ass needs, and of course I'm bringing myself along. You know, so we can fuck Italian men. I heard that have fat-"

"Calm your tits bitch." I rephrased her phrase.

She laughed happily before handing me the glass of champagne. "Just chill, let's not worry about anything now. We'll just go and have a good time, you deserve it. Besides, you have an appointment with la'stra in two weeks to sign a three month agreement to wear their merchandise and only there merch."

"When did I agree on that?"

"When I told you that they'll give you 100 Grand just for three months, you said yea. Get the money and send it to you know who."

"Sorry Nuli, I swear I'd be lost without you. I seriously forgot."

"I know bitch, I know."

"So when is the trip?" I asked while slumping down on the sofa.

"Tonight, we leave at two in the morning and be back by next Friday. I already packed our stuff, no need to thank me."

"You are my everything, just please don't bring any men to our room. Ok?"

"Can't promise you that."



13 hours later

"Are you sure this is our room?" I asked Nuli as I took in the breathtaking view.

"Yup, but this place cost a few thousand bucks. It's one of the finest In Sicily. Oh, before I forget. We're going to Malta, it's like 50 miles from where we are now. You have a photo shoot there with some new designer that booked you for the day."

"I knew I wasn't here on vacation."

"I'm sorry Rachel, you're really popular now. You're a fashion icon, beauty blogger, Vlogger. People just adore you for your sweetness."

"You mean my body, that what they adore me for. Sometimes I wish-"

"Shut up, you know you always wanted to be in the lime light, and you got what you want."

"Yea, all thanks to you for posting that swimsuit pic on Insta. Maybe I liked it at first, but by time I just wish I was normal."

"Can you just shut the fuck up and live life to the fullest?"

I remained quiet and counted my blessings, who knew that one pic would change my life upside down.

"Hey, I know you don't like it sometimes but it's how we make our money girl. It's what people want to see, a sexy woman like you with a rocking body. Your fans love you because they see the real you, Some will bash you and say you're a whore while other compliment you on how sexy and inspiring you are. I'm so proud of you; you're not some bitch that changed just because she got famous. You give and reach out to people; you're doing well in your life. Just keep going." Nuli encouragingly said as she stood beside me.

She was right, I had to block out all the hate and take in the good vibes.



"How is work going dear brother?" I questioned him while looking down at his brothel club.

Men everywhere scattered throughout the club while woman danced topless on them.

"Not bad, but we may have an issue with Freddy. He hasn't paid his debt and I don't think he will." Leonidas said.

He was younger than me by three years, he was the only family I had left.

"Then I think you know what you have to do, make sure no one sees you."

"You know me Leonardo, I'm always careful. Would you like to me to send you Athena up to your room?"

I smiled wickedly as I watched her dance naked against the poll. "Do you have anything new? I'm tired of her, she getting used too much and doesn't seem to satisfy me like she once did."

"Nothing new yet, but once I get one. She will be all yours, want to go down to the basement and-"

"Yes" I cut him off knowing who he's referring too. "Bring the one that has been very disobedience. I'll break her into pieces for you. How is her sister doing?"

He laughed sadistically, "She's still breathing." Waving to one of his man, he whispered something into his ear.

I left him and went downstairs to get ready, I've always been know as the diavolo. My men have told me I can be sick, mad, ruthless.

But this was who I am, a monster that carved...

A whimpering sound came from behind me, taking me out of my thoughts. Sebris, one of my brothers men, pushed a girl I've been waiting for.

"Hello little one, come in."

He pulled her in while I took off my suit jacket to get more acquaintance with the his sister.

"Your brother is searching long and hard for you Lahaina, but he will never find you." I whispered out while rolling up my sleeves.

She was tied up against the wall, naked for my eyes to feast on. Her cries filled the room but they meant nothing to me.

I walked up to her in a slow steady pace while grabbing the whip off the table; her eyes followed my every move.

Standing before her, I wiped away the tears that were falling down effortlessly. "Shhh, you're feeding the beast with your tears little one. Don't cry, I will only hurt you for." I looked down on my watch before looking into her horrifying stare. "An hour or so, I would have loved to stay more but. Other plans I have to attend too. Take it like a good girl and don't cry, the more you yell, the more I become wild. And that's something you do want to see, so no crying." I whispered out before lashing the whip on her body.


"Nooooo, no screaming too." I yelled while whipping her again.


I roughly grabbed her by the neck while looking into her eyes.

"We haven't even started." I whipped against her thighs, legs, stomach, chest, hips, arms, harder and harder and harder.




Over and over again, her screams filled the room and the monster was enjoying every second of it.

"MORE? YOU WANT MORE?" I asked while she cried out.


I slowly back away and admired my work of art, she was going in and out of consciousness.

"Throw some salt on her freshly wounds." I ordered Seb.

He walked over without question, rubbing salt while enjoying his time.

Her voice echoed throughout the room and pure music played in my ears.



"I can't thank you enough for coming today. It's an honor to work with you." Roberto the designer said.

I smiled and shook his hand.

"Likewise Roberto, thank you. I hope you succeed in life; your designs are beautifully made. I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out."

"I will come by your hotel and pick you both up for dinner. Thank you once more, best of luck to you."

We bid our farewells for now, finally finished the photo shoot, and boy was I glad. Just wanted to head back to the hotel and sleep before going out to dinner with Roberto and his staff.

"You looked like a goddess in that dress, can't wait to see how the pictures turned out." Nuli said while hauling a cab.

Looking around the beautiful island, I took in everything around me."Never knew Malta was so pretty, look at this place. It's amazing!"

"I know, and the men look fine as fuck."

I giggled while shaking my head hopelessly, she was wild and carefree. I love that about her cause I was the opposite. Every shy girl needed a wild friend to show her how to live a little.

We got into the same cab we came with."So, Roberto and a couple of men he know that are well known and high class will be at the Plaza la rialto tonight. We'll have dinner with them than excuse ourselves, we got to get back to Sicily and enjoy the rest of our vacation before heading back to LA. This whole month you're booked for photo shoot, beauty lounge and a couple other things."

"Ok." I answered with a loud yawn.

I was exhausted and sleepy, couldn't wait to take a shower and sleep for a couple of hours.

We reached the hotel and up to our room in no time, I entered the bathroom and got to undressing.

A quick shower before placing my oversize tee-shirt on. I ran out and tucked myself under the blanket before falling asleep.