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Trash Son Is the Supreme Doctor

Trash Son Is the Supreme Doctor

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"I was the heir of the Yip family which was known for the sophisticated medicine skills. But right after I finished learning the skill, I was almost killed by the enemy. Luckily, I was reborn, and the host shared the same name with me! However, the host was a coward who disappointed his family. When I was awakened, everyone thought I was trash. But actually, I got highly medical skill! I cured my father-in-law, the richest guy in the city, and also, the member of the Yip family! Gradually, they treated me like a God!"

Chapter 1 Rebirth of Brucille Yip

On the East Spring Highway, a sapphire blue SUV crashed down the steep slope of forest and clashed against the ground.

At a nearby beach, a young man who was bleeding excessively from many stabbed wounds ran wildly, and he fell into the sea from the cliff.


A few days later, in the surgical ward of the Spring River City hospital.

Brucille Yip opened his eyes with difficulty. He felt as if every bone in his body was broken, then reshaped, and every inch of his body hurt.

He had been practicing the Yip family's medical and cultivating skills which Evan Yip, his uncle, had imparted to him for seven years. But before he could have the chance to use them, he was hunted down by his enemies and almost lost his life.

He initially thought he was a dead man. But as he was dying, the ring he wore on his neck lit up and brought his soul away from his body. It then led him to another body. When the original soul of the body almost died, his life was restored in the body instead.

He finally opened his eyes, and he saw the medical records placed at the corner of a wall. The name 'Brucille Yip' was written on it.

However, his hands now were obviously thinner and weaker than his own from his previous body.

He realized he had been reborn into a new body. Not only that, they even shared the same name.

While Brucille was trying to explore his new identity, the door was suddenly opened. A woman in high heels and a light blue dress walked in. She was slender, and she had delicate features.

Her long blond hair was let loose, and it flowed naturally over her shoulders. But her expression was unusually cold.

Brucille looked at her in confusion. He didn't know who the beautiful woman was.


The woman's slap was loud and clear.

Brucille was taken aback. He was about to fight back, but the beauty didn't allow him the chance to do so. "Brucille, why won't you die? I can't believe how blind I was to marry you."

"You are awake now, but my dad is still in a coma next door. Why didn't you die in that car accident?"

"For the past one and a half years, you have been a freeloader in our house. I've tolerated you, because at least I think you're an honest man, but you can't even drive a car properly! Are you trying to kill my dad?"

The woman was Monique Ching, the wife of the "Brucille" who had died in the car accident.

As she was speaking, she trembled with fury.

Brucille had never thought that he would be reborn as a man who lived off a woman. He was completely shocked. But on the bright side, he hadn't only taken the original host's body, and he even got a beautiful wife for free.

Bitterness engulfed his heart, but his mouth curved into a wry smile.

But this smile was the fuel added to the fire. It made Monique lose her temper, smashing her handbag at Brucille repeatedly.

While hitting him, she cried, "Brucille, you b*stard! You almost killed your father-in-law! How are you still smiling? I want a divorce!"

She was crying like a banshee.

When the nurse on duty saw what happened, she rushed in and quickly consoled Monique, "Dr. Ching, please calm down. Mr. Yip has just gotten better. You might easily cause him another injury by doing this!"

Monique raised her voice and roared, "Another injury? My dad might stay in a vegetative state because of this b*stard! He should rejoice that I didn't kill him! How did I marry such a sc*mbag? What can he do other than a dog can do?"

Brucille was completely speechless. He didn't even have a girlfriend before, yet it seemed like he had gotten himself a shrew for his wife. What a leap!

However, he shut up for the sake of the woman's good looks.

Nonetheless, the pain in the new body was unbearable. If it wasn't for his powerful will to live, he might have died too.

Under the nurse's persuasion, Monique left the wardroom with her eyes brimmed with tears, and her delicate face already drenched in tears.

She returned to the ward next door, where her mother, Sabrina Miau, was. She was an ordinary staff member in the Local Tax Bureau of Spring River City.

Looking at Sabrina, Monique noticed she had lost a lot of weight in the past few days. Worried for Sabrina, Monique suggested, "Mom, go home and take some rest. I'll stay here with Dad."

"It's fine. It was destined to happen this way," Sabrina answered Monique, and then she turned to the man who was lying on the bed. She sobbed, "Tyrion, oh, Tyrion! Why did you insist on taking in the kid? Not only did you destroy Monique's happiness, but you have also almost lost your life to it..."

Her words were full of remorse. The man on the bed was Tyrion Ching, her husband, Monique's father, and Brucille's father-in-law.

Meanwhile, Brucille finally could have some peace after Monique left. Then, the nurse was shocked to see that he sat up on his own.

She asked nervously, "Mr. Yip, can you move now? That's amazing. You were still in a coma yesterday."

Brucille took a glance at the name tag on the nurse's uniform, and he replied with a bit of difficulty, "Don't worry, Joanne. I'm fine. But I have a favor to ask of you. Can you please give me a set of the acupuncture needle and prepare the herbal medicine according to my instructions?"

"What?" Joanne Soo, the nurse, had never heard of a patient who would put needles into his own body. If he died, she would be responsible for it.

So, she sternly refused, "Mr. Yip, I can't do that. If anything happens to you, I'll be doomed. Since you're now awake, I should tell the director quickly."

"Don't worry. I really have medical skills."

Joanne knew a little about Monique's family, so naturally, she wouldn't trust someone who lived off a woman like Brucille.

"Please, listen to me. Do you often feel weak in your waist and knees? Are you on your menstrual now? Does it usually hurt so bad but you could never find a way to treat it?"

She blushed and considered his words. What he said was the truth. But she was still young and unmarried. It was already embarrassing to talk about it with her boyfriend, let alone with Brucille, a stranger.

So, she kept silent even though she was in so much pain the night before that she felt like dying.

Brucille had noticed that her complexion looked a little dull and ashen, so he continued, "Let me write you a prescription. If you follow it, you'll find yourself feeling better tonight. Meantime, please! Please do me a favor. I really can cure myself!"

Although she didn't like men who lived off a woman, she cared about her own health.

In the end, Joanne reluctantly agreed to it. "Well, in that case, you can write it down. I'll do as you say."

With her help, Brucille wrote two prescriptions, and Joanne returned with silver needles a few minutes later.

In just a short time after the acupuncture, he had already shown an obvious improvement. He was sure that if he had taken the medicine that Joanne was off boiling right then, he could definitely recover and discharge from the hospital in no time.

The Yip family's acupuncture technique wasn't for show. They had been passed down in their family for generations. Thinking of those who were hunting him down, Brucille's lips curled into a dangerous smile.

At that moment, someone in the neighboring wardroom shrieked suddenly, "Henric! Henric! Someone! Please help!"

It was followed by a rush of footsteps in the hallway.

Brucille then remembered that the patient next door was the body's father-in-law. He stumbled to his feet, and he walked to the next door.

The wardroom was already crowded with people. A young doctor in the white coat said, "Mrs. Ching, he's not in a very good condition. I'm afraid that you should brace yourself mentally."

"What are you talking about? Henric, what's going on with Tyrion?"

The young doctor, Henric Lee, had a serious look on his face, "His heart rate suddenly dropped, but we can't make sure of what caused it. We can only try our best to save him. After all, he has been in a coma for so long."

After that, he turned around and joined the rest of the medical staff to save Tyrion, who was lying on the bed. Brucille took advantage of the chaos and rushed in.

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