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The martial lord

The martial lord

img Fantasy
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Nobody knew where they came from , they carried the aura of destruction and the whole universe trembled at their might A young man bent on combating their evilness was born. He fought his way up , he was invicible , he was supreme , he had the system and he was the Lord of the martials .

Chapter 1 The beginning

Reigning supreme among the myriad universe . He held the sun and moon in his hands . None was his equal as he was peerless in the universe . The. Children sang of his legendary feats . He was eternal and everlasting . He fought against the chaos and he prevailed . His name made countless universe tremble. He was known as the Lord of the martial. Let's go back to where it all started in a low level world .

Martial world ,

My whole life have been mediocre as I had no outstanding talent except my good looks though . I was born as an orphan as my parents died in a strange accident . The world I live in is extraordinary as we practiced the martial way and became stronger overcoming the human limits. Although we can not become as strong as the fabled gods . We can still perform superhuman feats . My talent in martial arts was quite good as I have reached the peak of mortal state at a very young age.

The world I live in is a medival type of world where the weak are oppressed by the strong . The world is ruled by strong empires and supreme sects and many strong powerhouses contest for the heamogeny of the world . I struggled to become stronger so that I will not be oppressed because it is only those with strong hands have the final say .

Martial arts is divided into several realms such as mortal rank , warrior rank , master rank , grandmaster rank , supreme rank , domain and void rank . An average human will find it extremely hard to become a warrior except for those gifted geniuses . With my talent I could only become a master rank artist but suddenly I awkened the system . The system seemed to have different functions that I am still exploring them . Then I aimed to become a powerhouse of a generation.

Boom!!!!, this was the fourth time I punched the training bag . I was sweating all over my body as I tried to gather my breath . My name is drex . I was born in a martial world even though the level does not seem to be so high but at least one can display superhuman trait .

I have finished training for the day as I wiped off the sweat on my shoulders with a towel . I glanced at the menu in front of me.

Name : Drex

State : mortal(peak)

Technique: star immortal body (+)

point: 30,000

menu: creation. ....

Even though my system have many functions ,I have never seem to understand many of it . "hey drex , are you done training". Mitchel shouted snapping me out of my thoughts . I looked towards the source of the voice . I saw a tall brown haired man looking at me . I nodded gently as I started to walk out of the training room. " Remember to come next week , we have a fight to finish " . he shouted at my back as I left . I just waved my hands as I acknowledged him

My house was not far so I can walk home by myself . Only the nobles of this world can afford a carriage . The world I live in is a medival type of world that is not progressed in technology . Reaching my house , I had a simple meal . I adjusted my state as I entered into cultivation . I used my points to upgrade my cultivation rank . An indescribable energy started spreading to every part of my body tempering it . The star immortal technique I was cultivating was modified by putting countless of martial art manuals together.

I started absorbing energy as they continue temporary my body , driving it to the peak ,void of any impurities. My skin became crystal clear as I finally broke through officially becoming a warrior . I felt my life expectancy increase as I improved in many aspects.

Name: Drex

State: warrior

Technique: star immortal technique (+)

Points : 10,000

Bloodline: Nil

Faction : Nil

subordinate: nil

I glanced at the menu as I discovered that many options have been added . I stood up as I experienced power cruising around my body I felt like I could destroy mountains . I shook my head as I got thses thought out of my mind . Suddenly , I sensed an intense danger coming to my back . I quickly dodged to my right as a loud sound sounded "boooom" . smashing the bed to pieces . .I looked at the intruder . He was dressed in black with metal mask exuding an intense danger " who are you" I asked him .

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