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img img Romance img The love traingle
The love traingle

The love traingle

img Romance
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Sarah was a romantic lady,who has always believed in love since she has been a kid,she met someone along the way,would the love last or would there be consequences

Chapter 1 Sarah

One fateful day,Sarah was in her room dressing up to see a friend but her phone couldn’t stop ringing on her bed, she was trying to look good because it’s been a long time she went saw Ryan.Ryan has been her very good friend for a long time, she has always been busy to see her friend and today she is going to finally see him.Hey dear,Sarah said as she picked her ringing phone from her bed,Hello sweetheart he said back and then she told him she would be on her way soon that she was sorry she was late and then she ended the call, they were supposed to meet up at Ryan’s.

She looked up to the mirror again and she was good to go.Sarah was a very beautiful girl,She was light skinned and she was 5”2 ft, She really looked good with her body hug gown that shows her beautiful shape,She has a tiny waist with wide hips and a big buttocks,She packed her braids into a bun which really brought out the shape of her round face,She had a red lipstick on to compliment her dress,Paired with a diamond long earrings and a piece of silver slippers.Sarah walked towards her car,got in and drove off to Ryan’s.

Sarah got to Ryan’s house,She pressed the door bell and Ryan opened up,It was a bungalow with a 3 bedroom and a spacious sitting room,she got in and they hugged each other for a long time and they started they started complimenting each other,They sat down and started catching up,Some minutes later the door bell rang,Ryan got up and opened the door and it was Collins,Ryan’s high school friend,he got in to the house and met Sarah sitting and they exchanged pleasantries and soon Ryan came to join them,Ryan introduced Sarah to Collins but Collins couldn’t get his eyes out of Sarah,She brought out her phone from her phone so she could leave the boys to catch up ….. Collins is a light skinned guy about 5”6 ft, He’s good looking too and he’s a writer who is well to do,Sarah excused herself to use the rest room and Collins quickly told Ryan that he likes Sarah and he would want to get to know more about her,Sarah left the rest room and got seated and Collins wanted to know more about her and he started asking her questions and the more she kept replying them the more he knew he needed to be with her,they exchanged contacts and Collins promised to text her when she got home soon they all engaged in a conversation but Collins kept noticing how intelligent she wants and how good she is with conversations,It was time to go and they all said their goodbyes and left Ryan’s place.

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