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The Rise of the Phoenix

The Rise of the Phoenix

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The peaceful life of the general's daughter will change for better or worse as she marries the Emperor's son. Along with their marriage, she will discover the darkest secrets buried in the deepest corner of the kingdom: Love will be her armor and beauty will be her weapon.

Chapter 1 Encounter

The night is calm as the dark sky is magnificently brightened by the beaming crescent moon shining above. The narrow urban streets are empty and only the evening lights guard the place. At this late hour, people are enjoying their silk blankets and puffy pillows to sleep.

However, for the Lady of the Su Mansion, it was the perfect time to exercise her hidden talents. Clad on her new male servant’s suit, she sneaked out through the back door and heads her way to the heart of the nearby forest.

Once she arrived, she immediately set the torches in every corner with fire. This created the perfect ambiance for her routine.

She then started dancing her sword to her might. She closes her eyes and let her soul feel the warmth of the evening.

She is Rong, the youngest among the five children of the late General Su Tse Sin. She may sprout like a tiny bud in the field full of wild flowers but her thorns are enough to make you stay off her. Just as what people would always say about her, a brat. But no, she was just no damsel in distress. Because she fights for what she only thinks are right, even if it breaks what others believe. She does not sugarcoat. Most importantly, she does not kiss anyone just to please them.

And just when she opened her eyes, a wild arrow almost struck her through her face. She was quickly alarmed by the sudden unusual movement. She squinted her eyes and look around on her surroundings. Her senses became more sensitive to every noise that could be made. Still, no one appeared to become her enemy.

She was about to leave the place when a dusty piece of cloth tied on the arrow caught her attention. In an instant, she found herself picking the material while unconsciously detached her tool off her.

“The unchosen ones will rise again” she read the writings on the cloth aloud.

“Unchosen? Rise? ─ Huh! What a fool?” She scoffed and ready to move to head home when a sharp and cold object touched her nape. Her stiffed, eyes widened.

“Move an inch or I will cut off your head.” Says a deep hoarse voice of a man. “Now tell me, who sent you here and told you to spread that stupid words?”

The harsh way of the man when asking her made her eyebrow arc. But idea of having the intruder moving closer to her and holding her arm securely whilst the cold metal still on her neck made her brow arc even more.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Now, would you mind taking your hands and sword off of me?” She asked the intruder nicely. But the man just scoffed at her.

“Do not play games with me, Mister. Tell me all what you know and I will make sure your sentence will be less gruesome.” The man sternly warns her. This made her blood boils.

As she waited a perfect chance to draw her sword, she took a deep breathe. When she finally sees the chance, she banged her head against the face of the intruder and pulled his foot forward from her behind. The man slipped and she gets free.

She quickly ran away to grab her sword. Unfortunately, the man was able to recover fast. The next thing she knew, she was pinned on the tree after the man caught her back and tries all her might to fight him.

She could feel the electricity flowing from her body when she finally met his gaze.


Zhang Hwa Jin is the second male born of the Yang State’s Emperor. After many unfortunate events happened since he was born that was said to be caused by the bad luck he brings, he was sent on Sheng province and lived mostly of his life outside the palace with his master.

Fortunately, when he turns to the right age, His Majesty called him back and ask his help to solve the concurrence of corruption on the Imperial Army. As a filial son and responsible prince, he accepted His Majesty’s order to held post and become the Head of the Imperial Guards.

And just weeks after he successfully clear the army, another problem seems to arise. Suddenly, another rebellion is sprouting in the midst of their victory. The rebels might have not yet caused an attack. But he worries as they spread malicious words that could poison the mind of the people. Thus, he is back in Sheng to ask his Master’s advice.

Right after his journey to his master’s house, he immediately went back home. However, along his way back, his carriage gets stuck on the from the heavy rain that poured last night.

Hence, without a choice, he has to leave the carriage and find some shelter as the night is approaching.

Then he remembered his best friend, Guan, once told him about their summer house on Sheng. He was relieved to remember the location and decided to ask someone from there for a temporary shelter.

It was already dark when he arrived. The person in-charge immediately recognized him since he once encountered him on Guan’s home at the capital before getting assigned here in the province.

“Welcome, Your Highness. Please come inside.” The old man on his 50s politely asked him which he willingly obliged. He also asked his companion to come.

Once they entered, they were given much attention by the servants. They were offered food, drinks, and clothes to change. Consequently, they gladly accepted the offers except the clothes.

They were enjoying the food and drinks together with the person in-charge when a woman on a petite physique came running. By the looks of her clothing, he assumed that the woman was an attendant.

“Brother Shang, Lady Rong is missing!”

Together, he and the person in-charge looked towards to woman’s direction.

“What missing? She said she’s going to her chamber early.” He could Shang’s getting tensed.

“Yes, she did say that. But when I came back to her room to bring the tea she asked, she was nowhere to be found. I even let the guards and maids looked all over the mansion.” Hwa Jin himself can’t help become worried at what he heard.

He did know that Guan had a sister. But what he did not know is where this young woman stay as he have never been able to meet her since then. Perhaps, Rong stays here.

Nevertheless, Rong is his best friend’s sister. He has to help these people find her.

“Were there any signs of abduction?” He asked. But the servant shook her head which made his forehead creased.

“Perhaps she went outside by herself?” His companion and trusted man, Su Ki Qi suggested. He might be correct.

“I thought so, too. Don’t worry I will find her.” He said in his most determined voice. The servants were relieved with his words.

Thus, without any second wasted, he went outside and started searching for the lady.

As he gets nearer in the nearby forest, he heard footsteps over the dried leaves scattered on the ground. He immediately followed where the noise comes from.

And he was right, someone is in the forest. But then, he was about to take another step when an arrow almost hit him through his face.

He chased bandit who’s clad on a servant’s clothes. Unfortunately, he fell into the trap while chasing him. He hurriedly swishes his sword and cut the ropes to get free. Blag! He fell into the ground.

He then run as fast as he can and chased the bandit from the direction he last saw. Until he ended up on the two paths leading to an unknown end. Frustrated, he chooses the left path.

Then he finally saw him, reaching and reading the writings on the arrow he drew earlier. Thus, he pointed his sword towards the bandit’s nape.

“Move an inch or I will cut off your head.”, he could feel him stiffened his back. “Now tell me, who sent you here and told you to spread that stupid words?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Now, would you mind taking your hands and sword off of me?” He was shocked by how the talented the bandit is by mimicking a feminine voice.

“Do not play games with me, Mister. Tell me all what you know and I will make sure your sentence will be less gruesome.”

But the bandit banged his head against his face and pulled his foot forward through his behind. He slipped again.

Fortunately, he recovered fast. Thus, he immediately pinned him on the tree once he caught him.

However, his heart suddenly beats erratically just like a cliché heart throbbing scene in a play when he met his gaze.

How could he possibly feel this heart throbbing scen

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