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The Billionaire Heiress' Love

The Billionaire Heiress' Love

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The daughter of a very rich billionaire seemed to have everything going on well for her, except a promising relationship. Just when she thought she had found the right man - Richard, she got to know his true identity - he was poor, and below her social status. Even though, Richard had all that she wanted in a man, she broke her relationship with him, because he was poor, and not in anyway close to her status. But in the long run, she found Richard irresistible. Jessica got married to Richard against her family's wishes, but her family made life miserable for Richard, until the both of them got separated, and Jessica married her ex-boyfriend, who happened to be her family's desire. The relationship between the two was hell for Jessica, until Jessica got to know that her ex-boyfriend was behind her father's death, and also a wicked enemy to the family. She separated from him, and went in search of Richard. But now, Richard's status had changed. Will he accept Jessica back, and what will happen to Jessica's ex-boyfriend?


"I dance like nobody is watching but you, I sing like nobody is listening but you…” Jessica Walters woke up to a soft tune playing from a

huge sound box positioned in the far left corner of her very spacious master bedroom. Jessica, aged 28, was the only child of the Late Jordan Walters, the CEO of Daglo Holdings, one of the top largest Tech companies globally.

Jordan died two years ago of a heart attack, leaving behind a plenitude of very valuable assets and great wealth for his wife and daughters, one of which was the company. Jessica's mother and younger sister lived together in a neighbouring city. Mrs Walters was diagnosed with a health condition that made her spend most of her time at home, while Jessica's younger sister, Linda worked from home, to spend time with her mother. Jessica visited them at least once in two months.

Jessica had always been involved in the affairs of the company since

she was a kid; this helped her to understand the operations and management

of the company. She became the CEO of Daglo Holdings after the death of her father.

"Good morning ma", one of the maids greeted Jessica as she walked hurriedly

across the room to press the controller button for the curtains to be pulled over,

with a tray of coffee in her hands. As the curtains folded up, a ray of

sunshine hit Jessica in the face and she grunted slightly. Jessica had stayed

in bed longer than usual. It was a long week for her, as she had worked

tirelessly on a project her company had embarked on. She had informed her staff that she would be taking the day off to rest to regain some strength.

Jessica never missed her morning ritual of drinking a cup of coffee and working out in her In-house gym. She sat up to sip from the cup of coffee, with her arms gently folded and her legs folded crossly; she smiled mildly as she took a sip immediately. Her hair was a rich shade like blossoming flowers; it flowed in waves to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like skin. Her eyes, framed by short lashes, were bright, emerald-greened, and seemed to brighten the world. A smoking shining nose, and full lips - she seemed the picture of perfection. Her bosom was mature red for her age. Finally, she got out of bed to prepare for her workout.

Jessica had completed her workout, so she returned to her room when she heard the telephone ring.

"Madam, Breakfast will be ready in thirty minutes," Kevin, her butler's voice echoed

from the intercom.

Suddenly her table landline began to ring out loudly which left Jessica wondering who it could be because she hardly receives calls.

Most of Jessica's friends were business-related. She had close to no friends outside of work, nor a social life, so receiving a call early in the morning was somewhat strange to her.

"Hello please who is this?", She said, but there was total silence coming from the unknown caller, then she rolled her eyes and asked again, but this time, more aggressively,

"Please who is on the phone?" Then she heard the unknown caller speak up, "Hello, madam! Hello madam! It’s me, Janet, I have been trying to reach you on your line for a while, but it’s been unreachable, I guess the network coverage is generally bad", she said. "Oh, Janet how are you?" Jessica responded.

"I am doing very well madam. A man is here in the office; he claims he has an appointment with you today ma," Janet responded hurriedly. "Whatever appointments I have today should be rescheduled for tomorrow. I would be in the office tomorrow," Jessica responded.

"Okay ma I will do just that", Janet responded as the call ended. Janet has worked as Jessica's secretary for quite some years. The last time the company's board of directors tried to lay her off because of a mistake she did by letting a stranger into the company's premises after work hours, Jessica was the one who stood up for her at the disciplinary committee meeting.

At the top of her voice, she said: " I understand the risk she exposed us to, and I assure you she will face the consequence for that, but regardless of that, her contribution to this company's growth cannot be gainsaid, we are not letting her go please, thank you."

Since then, Janet has been so loyal to Jessica and her work ethic has been unequalled.


Jessica had just finished her workout and was heading back upstairs to her room to freshen up when she heard the doorbell ring. She wondered who it was because she wasn't expecting anybody, and it was too early as well. She waited and stood at the far corner of the staircase and peeped to see who it was before heading back to her room.

One of the maids hurriedly ran towards the door to see who it was as she shouted "Hold on I'm coming; who is there?"

Then she opened the door to see who it was. "Ehhee.. you're welcome sir," the maid grinned as she ushered Bob in. "Thank you," Bob responded without waiting for an answer. He walked straight to the stairs so confidently, as she spotted Jessica. "Called your line several times but it wasn't going! What the hell is wrong with your phone?!" Bob asked angrily. Bob was Jessica's boyfriend. He was very rich too, and he had investments in Macon City.

Bob and Jessica met on this Sunny Day in college; Jessica had gone to get something to munch on from the college's cafeteria as she was feeling very hungry. The cafeteria boy knew what she usually ordered. But, just when the cafeteria boy was about to give Jessica her favourite egg noodles and beef stroganoff. Bob asked for the same noodles, but there was none left.

Ceasing on this rather awkward moment, the server very judiciously and yet very charmingly told both of them that they could split the food in half so that they would be able to enjoy it together. Needless to say, both of them started to laugh at the wittiness of the server, and they indeed split the noodles between themselves, due to the suggestion of that young server.

After finishing the meal, Jessica wanted to pay the bills, but Bob insisted that he had rather paid the bills. And, from that point on, their great

friendship began.

Anyway, after meeting on that interesting afternoon, they have gone to places together, like enjoying movies together and going on vacations together. At a point in time, they even went to visit each other’s grandparents’ places almost every month. They had built a strong bond over the years.

"Oh, yes! I was about to return your call. I wasn't with my phone when you called,” Jessica responded as they both walked up the stairs to the sitting room on the last floor.

"I've missed you so much. Not heard from you in the last few days, so I haven't been myself. That was why I spared some time to check on you. I'm off work today, so we could spend the whole time with ourselves. Although I have an appointment with someone within the next one hour." Bob said as he moved close to Jessica.

The rhythm of those words made Jessica feel loved. Some minutes ago when Bob walked in, he sounded harsh. But now, he appeared loving and caring. Jessica was used to his style; it wasn't new to her, and now she was carried away by his words, as he looked into her eyes.


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