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The Alpha King's Hot Mate

The Alpha King's Hot Mate

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"I'll never accept you as my Luna! You're nothing but a worthless slut!" Instead of allowing the Alpha King's hurtful words to affect her, Fia brushes them off. If he doesn't want her, then fine. She has more important things to focus on and take care of. She doesn't need any more chaos in her life. If it's just another source of pain, she'll learn to accept it. The Alpha King may have used and rejected her, trying to amplify her pain, but Fia refuses to let that define her. She has been through enough and doesn't want anyone else to uncover her vulnerabilities. They should leave her life, as anyone has the potential to hurt her deeply. However, the Alpha's sudden change of heart surprises Fia. He decides not to release her, finding pleasure in controlling her. He has many ways to manipulate her and keep her under his influence. He will pleasure her intensely, making her moan with satisfaction. He will ensure she craves more as he leaves his mark on her.

Chapter 1 A Nightmare


I sway my hips, my eyes shut tight, embracing the familiar darkness that surrounds me. It's better than facing the demons that await when I open my eyes. They hunger for flesh, only knowing how to take and use it. Yet, after years of the same scene, I've become blind and numb.

The cold air brushes against my skin, offering a soothing comfort as if telling me there's nothing to fear. But is that really true?

In a world consumed by fear, where freedom is a distant dream, how can anyone's cries for liberation be heard? Every creature has become deaf to the pleas.

"More!" they growl, and it brings a smile to my face. It's the same attitude we all possess, unable to resist the urge for more.


Because hidden within each of us is greed, and anyone can be selfish if they choose to be. Sometimes, it's circumstances that force us down that path.

Everyone has their own secrets to hide.

Everyone possesses a hidden power, but they also harbor pain and fear that they keep concealed from others. However, there are moments when we must confront the fact that we, too, can be monsters, creatures that relentlessly crave and desire.

We constantly yearn for more, disregarding the potential harm we may cause or the people we may trample upon in our pursuit.

It's a consequence of living in a dark world filled with hostility and aggression, where the desire for control reigns supreme. Some may argue that it's their life and they have the right to dictate it, but have you ever questioned whether your actions are truly right?

Or perhaps, have you convinced yourself that it's right because someone else planted that belief in your mind, satisfying your own desires? Have you ever considered if you are still genuinely happy?

Or is it because you believe that your own happiness is more important than that of others? Do you believe that being selfish towards yourself can truly alleviate those inner pains? And finally, have you ever wondered if this is truly the life you desire?

What if you are so blinded by your own desires that you fail to realize you have robbed others of their happiness? What if you are so deaf to the cries of those who have suffered due to the decisions and path you have chosen?

But above all, what if that very decision of yours erases and destroys the essence of your personality and sanity?

There are countless reasons, but it all boils down to the fact that everyone is selfish. Some people are driven by the desire for acceptance, love, and happiness for their own sake. They want to be loved and accepted so much that they are willing to do anything, even if it means being selfish towards others, just to make them see their importance.

On the other hand, some people find happiness and freedom to be the reason for others' joy. It's a personal choice whether this is considered selfish, as they are sacrificing their own happiness for the sake of others.

We have the power to shape our own destinies, but sometimes, as humans, we fail to make the right decisions that would lead us to a place where we can proudly say, "I made it; I am now free and happy."

"Hey, can you show us more?" A man's comment made me burst into laughter, so I confidently pulled down the small cloth covering my top without any hesitation or worry.

I don't even feel a hint of shame because I feel so liberated like I'm floating in the air.

As my bare skin was exposed to them, they erupted in excitement. I could feel the gentle touch of the air on my chest, sending shivers down my spine.

"Come closer and let me have a taste!" someone shouted again, but this time with a commanding tone. I opened my eyes to see hundreds of eyes fixated on me as if I were their prey, ready to be toyed with. I couldn't help but smirk at the darkness in their eyes, glowing with desire.


They tend to be selfish, prioritizing their own happiness over others.

But women are selfish for not loving themselves, for not realizing their worth and deserving respect and love.

"Oh, come here, you whore. I'll pay you just to make me feel and taste you." I wanted to roll my eyes, but I couldn't. I was too numb to feel anything.

I reached out toward my future, caressing them both as I swayed my hips and moved closer to the crowd.

The music shifted its rhythm, taking on a more seductive tone that caused me to bite my lip in anticipation.

With deliberate slowness, I lowered myself to my knees and grasped my long hair with my right hand, exposing more of my neck and chest. My fingers traced along my skin, which glistened with a light sheen of sweat.

"Oh, screw you, bitch!" a man groaned in agony. But I paid no mind to his words, as it seemed that I had lost all control over myself.

Releasing my hair, I looked up, allowing the red light to wash over my face. I could feel the tightness of the mask against my skin, intensifying the sensation. It was as if the mask had transformed my very personality.

I was becoming a liberated individual, free to embody someone's fantasy, liberated from the chains of servitude. This time, they were the ones enslaved.

I made them yearn for me. I made them dream of being with me, even if only for a fleeting moment, because I knew that the time would come when they would be trapped in my own dream.

A nightmare.

I clenched my teeth, unable to resist the urge to sharpen my nails to a deadly point. The pain shot through my neck, but instead of fear or concern, I felt a surge of tension. It was as if these monsters, disguised as humans, were drawn to the scent of blood, their obsession with violence evident.

Blood was their lifeblood, their preference for brutality apparent.

But I was no different from them, a wolf in sheep's clothing. It was just disheartening that instead of feeling strong, I felt weak. Someone had turned me into a submissive pawn, destined to live this way forever.

As my wound slowly healed, I found myself dancing before them, completely exposed. I had no cover, only the mask I wore.

Spreading my legs apart, I leaned back, supporting myself with my hands.

I bared myself to them, feeling their eyes on my most intimate parts. They snarled and growled, their desire to grab me evident. Yet, they still managed to restrain themselves, knowing that the show was not yet over. It was one of the rules—they had to look and nod first.

I let out a giggle, knowing it was all part of my act. Seduction was key, after all. As I stood up, I ran my hand down my stomach, but suddenly, it felt like scalding water had been poured over me.

A wave of unfamiliar sensations washed over me, making me swallow hard. It was as if something was stirring inside me, my wolf scratching at the back of my mind, trying to communicate. I paused, surprised to see that the others around me were just as stunned. Some even bowed their heads as if hiding.

"Keep going!" someone shouted, urging me on. It was then that I realized I had momentarily stopped.

What was going through my mind?

And why did I feel this strange, magnetic pull towards an unknown place? There was an energy calling out to me, but I couldn't quite grasp what or who it was.

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