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The Agent's Bad Boy

The Agent's Bad Boy

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He finally had it and stripped her naked, she didn't struggle, she just looked at him and let him do what he wanted with her. Until he had her wrists cuffed to the bedpost and she looked like a fragile beautiful woman who he was going to protect and cherish. "You've never been a loser in my eyes." He said as he kissed her softly on her forehead, then trailing his kisses down her body. ***** What do you get when you mix one very work driven female agent with one sexually driven drug lord? Will she give in to his charms? Will he seduces her with more info? Find out will the odd couple managed to get around their differences and find their happy endings? Or will the opposite attraction fail them... This is the story about our Karla and Yegor. Read snippets about them in "The Bratty Heiress" ***** Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*

Chapter 1 The Day he annoyed her

"What do you mean the shipment got busted?"

Yegor was trying to unwind after his grueling workout session. The term workout in his schedule means connecting his knuckles to another man's face.

"It's that woman agent Federova boss, I told you not to mess with her." His right-hand man Darko answered knowing that his boss has been playing with fire.

"Do you want me to have another workout Darko? shut it, I'll take care of her. You just run another shipment and make sure our buyer receive their goods."

The Russian drug lord famous for his love of women took another drag of his fine Cuban cigar.

"I'll go above her and convinced them as usual."

By convincing, he meant bribing the officials or threatening them and their families until they succumbed to his wishes. Though with the current economy they usually take the bribe making his life much easier.

"Right boss, and the Voloshin brothers how do you want us to deal with them?"

"Let's kidnap one of them, torture and release him in the middle of nowhere let him find his way back home. Just make sure he stays alive I want him to tell his side of the story." Yegor drink his malt and took another drag of his cigar.

Darko was about to talk when Yegor silenced him as his phone buzzes with an incoming call.

"Evening kiska..."

"I'm not your kitten stop calling me that." Karla, the drug busting agent said to him with irritation in her voice.

"Ah...but you will be, why deny it. So, dinner...where are you, I'll pick you up."

"Yegor! I just busted your shipment. Dinner should be the last thing on your mind right now!"

"What shipment? I don't understand what you're talking about." He chuckled, making her curse on the other line.

"Kiska, that sweet mouth of yours is better for saying sweet loving words, don't you think?"

"That's it I'm hanging up, drug dealing psycho."

Karla hated that her accomplishment didn't rattle him one bit. He sounded like he always does, calm and too relax for a guy that just lost three truckloads of cocaine.

She would've made it onto the media headline if it weren't for her superior told her to keep it on the down-low. Because apparently, three shipments full of mattresses filled with cocaine were too big of news for people to handle.

And she was calling him to gloat, while curious at the same time wanting to hear what he'd say about it. She was hoping that he would lash out and told her that he'd hunt and kill her for his loss of millions.

But naturally being Yegor, the drug kingpin relaxed and let out a sexy deep chuckle making her body hummed in desire.

She cursed on the inside hating that he has that sexual power over her.

I needed to get laid. Fast. She thought as she pours a glass of wine, the best year she had in celebration of the bust that she lead that afternoon. Though the victory didn't feel as pleasing as she thought it would be.

"Karla, you should relax more." Yegor got up after waving his hand to Darko silently telling him to carry on with his task. He nodded at his boss and leave him to his privacy.

"Tell me, what are you wearing?" His voice was low and inviting.

"Yegor, I'm hanging up." Karla was back to being irritated because deep down she was wanting to stay on the line and talk to him.

"Wait don't, come on... I've missed you."

"Tell me then, something that you know I want to hear." She was ready to end the call, she didn't like wasting time talking to him. She knew their thing was a lost cause, she should be focusing on something else.

"Hey baby...aww, I love you too..." Karla greeted her fat cat Gus and professed her love when he slithers and purrs on her feet.

"Karla?" Yegor asked too quickly, some might say that he sounded a bit jealous.

The female agent knows the signs and she smirked while caressing fat Gus on his fluffy neck.

"Look I gotta go." She smiled widely from the other end as she ended her call abruptly. At least he sounded pissed. She was taking the win.

"Come on Gus, sit with me and tell me about your day."

Karla took her glass and decided to take the whole bottle, while Gus followed her to the bathroom. The lights were dimmed and the candles were lit. She always loves that part of the day.

Her bathwater was finally ready as it was almost filled to the brim. She poured her wine and set the bottle to the little corner table while she stripped naked then dipped into the warm bubbly bath.

Fat Gus took his usual spot on the table as he purrs next to her when she runs her fingers to his soft and thick fur. The fat cat let out his small meow while Karla talked to him about her day.

Yes, behind her though female agent attitude she was one step further to become the infamous cat lady. She drinks her wine and smiled at her beloved cat.

"You know Gus, I don't get why..." she was babbling on about her work while she drinks her wine. Fat Gus was loving the attention as she kept on caressing the cat until his eyes were closed and no longer audible when she talks.

But she wasn't expecting anyone to burst into her bathroom door, especially when that someone was the most wanted man in the country and she was naked and unarmed.

"What the fuck?"

He startled both her and Gus, making her fat Gus almost fall into her bathtub. She put her wine glass and got up from the tub, carelessly revealing her wet naked body for the drug kingpin.

"You almost drown him and made him have a heart attack! What the hell are you doing here? stay. I'll get my gun."

She put on her fluffy bathrobe, then pick up her fat cat and kissed the top of his head lovingly.

"I'm so sorry baby, yes...I love you too." She smiled when he purred to her kisses. Then She put Gus on the floor and shoo him away to the opening of her bathroom door. He meowed and strutted his fat fluffy ass out the door.

Yegor looked at the couple with disbelief in his eyes. Then he snapped when she swiftly took her gun from one of the drawers and pointed the Sig at him.

But he was quick to take it away from her hand and pushed her body and caged her to the bathroom counter.

"You talk to your cat?!" he whispered, his words were in great annoyance. He still couldn't believe that he risked being caught just to bust his favorite agent having a bath and talking to her cat.

"Who doesn't?" she tried to remain calm but his body somehow ignited her senses.

Yegor was driving in full speed to her apartment thinking that he was about to put a bullet on her man. But he did not expect to see her all wet and naked and making him extremely hard.

He ignored her question when he slipped his hand and reaches between her legs.

"Fuck!" she cursed and moaned in seconds, while he trailed his kisses to her still wet neck.

He smirked when her hands were off the counter and were holding on to him.

"Karla you're so fucking sexy, baby..."

"Mmm...hmm...I bet you tell that to all your girls..."

He was playing her expertly and she was not resistant to his charms. And he was mad that she'd thought that he would feel that instant connection to other women.

She was not immune to his charms when she finally pulled him down and kissed him hungrily. Karla was closing in on her climax and was about to come when his phone buzzes. And it kept on buzzing until he decided to pick it up.

"What?! damn it! I'm on my way."

"Kiska..." he holds her beautiful face.

She was wet and needy and so fucking close to her orgasm.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to lick you dry. But for now..." he smirked then told her to finish herself while thinking of him.

The horny agent damned him to hell when she was left alone moments after he answered his call.

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