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img img Romance img Sweet Submission: Reclaiming Her Love
Sweet Submission: Reclaiming Her Love

Sweet Submission: Reclaiming Her Love

img Romance
img 586 Chapters
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img Maurise Gladen
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When Corynn mustered up the courage to tell Elliot about her pregnancy, she unexpectedly found him gallantly helping another woman from his car. Her heart sank as three years of effort to secure his love crumbled before her eyes, compelling her to leave him behind. Three years later, life had taken Corynn down a new path with someone else, while Elliot was left grappling with regret. Seizing a moment of vulnerability, he pleaded, "Corynn, let's get married." Shaking her head with a faint smile, Corynn gently replied, "Sorry, I'm already engaged."

Chapter 1 I Am Getting Married

Corynn Harper let out a moan as her nails bit into the skin of Elliot Andrews' back. Her body was drenched in sweat, as if she had just got out of a bath.

Her parted lips found the curve of Elliot's shoulder as the crescendo approached. She bit down, her eyes fluttering as her hips bucked against his. A moment later, she loosened her grip and fell back on the bed, her eyes closed, her breathing slow and deep.

Corynn felt hot, but she liked the warmth of Elliot's body far too much to pull away from him.

In the end, it was Elliot who let go and stood up. He grabbed the gray robe hanging at the foot of the bed and put it on.

His voice was still a little hoarse when he spoke, but his tone was cool. "I'm getting married, Corynn."

She felt as though a bucket of ice water had been dumped over her head. Corynn was rudely jolted out of the afterglow of the intimacy they just shared. She sat up in bed, her previously flushed face now pale.

"So let's break up," Elliot added before she could say anything.

Corynn didn't even have the time to compose herself. Her eyes, which had been bright with passion and desire a few minutes ago, dimmed. Her hands balled into fists at the sheets.

Her body was still sore and aching from their hours of lovemaking, and here Elliot was, breaking up with her like he was ordering a kitchen maid to fetch the tea.

In all fairness, his behavior was true to his nature—ruthless and decisive.

She really should have known better.

In the three years that they had been together, Coryn had never really managed to thaw Elliot's ice-cold heart.

Well, it was her who had approached him first. At the end of the day, when the chips fell, she had no one to blame but herself.

Tears welled up in her eyes. Corynn tilted her head back and swallowed the bitter taste that rose in her tongue. It wasn't easy, but she did her best to sound normal. "Is it the lady from the Willis family?"

Elliot lit a cigarette and took a drag. "Yes," he said slowly after exhaling a smoke ring. "My family has been good friends with hers for generations. This marriage will benefit me in numerous ways."

Corynn bit her bottom lip and turned to her side to keep from looking at him. Her shoulders and back were dotted with fresh hickeys.

"Look, we've been together for three years. I will compensate you for your time. Just name your price—money, a house, a car, anything."

"I am not selling my body, Elliot!"

Elliot flicked the cigarette over the ashtray and took a deep breath. "I know, but I intend to be fair. I don't want any loose ends, either. Just take whatever compensation you want, and we'll call it quits. A clean break."

"I already told you, I'm not selling my body. I don't need any compensation."

Elliot sighed. "Don't be unreasonable now, Corynn."

A sharp retort was on Corynn's tongue, but really, she did this all to herself. It was her who had chosen this man.

Elliot had always been notorious for his aloof nature and general indifference toward women, but Corynn was too stubborn and delusional to believe it. She slept with him on the same night that they met. He had never explicitly acknowledged that they were dating, but he never denied it, either. Things just fell into place, and they were soon living together.

It all happened so naturally that Corynn thought she had become the exception to his rule. It turned out that it was all wishful thinking on her part.

She sneaked a peek at him and found that he had turned away from her as well. So he wouldn't even look at her now?

A deep sense of grievance rose in her chest. She wiped her tears away and took a deep breath, only to feel a sudden wave of nausea. Corynn scrambled out of the bed and rushed to the bedroom to puke.

Elliot frowned and followed her. "Are you pregnant?"

Corynn heaved and heaved, but nothing came out. She had actually been experiencing this for the past two days, but she dismissed the symptom, thinking that she had simply eaten something that didn't agree with her.

But after hearing Elliot's question, her heart began to pound.

If she was really pregnant, then maybe...

But what Elliot said next shattered her fantasies before she could even think them through.

"Get it checked, and we'll deal with it immediately. I don't want any illegitimate children."

Of course, he would say that. Ever the heartless tycoon.

Corynn inhaled slowly. "That won't be necessary. I already went to the hospital yesterday. This is an old ailment of mine."

Elliot's frown deepened. "Are you saying you won't take a pregnancy test?"

"I know my own body, all right? Don't worry, this has nothing to do with you. Your wedding will proceed as planned. I know my place."

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