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img img Billionaires img Stuck between two billionaires
Stuck between two billionaires

Stuck between two billionaires

img Billionaires
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Cherry has a crush on her billionaire boss Harry who is constantly flirting with her but she knows he is a playboy with fleet of women while she was just a regular girl way out of his league so she shoves the feelings asides and focuses solely on her work. Along the line she gets involved with Harry and started to fall in love with him but was met with a shocker when Harry tells her go wake up to reality and become one of his mistress as he was not ready to give up his lifestyle. Cherry gets pregnant for Harry but Harry denies the child. Harry’s best friend Gerard took Cherry in and became responsible for her welfare and that of her child, They both falls in love with each other Gerard’s family opposes to Gerard’s relationship with Cherry while Harry comes back for his child. Will Cherry forgive Harry and get back with him for the sake of their child? Will Gerard give up on Cherry? What will happen between the two best friends?

Chapter 1 The beginning

Cherry walked in on Harry getting his dick sucked by a red-haired girl who she had never seen before, On seeing her, Harry immediately took the red-haired girl's mouth from his cock and into his trousers.

Trying to avert his eyes from making direct contact with Cherry whose eyes seemed like they were about to pop out from their sockets like she had never seen a man’s meat before or had her mouth in one.

He asked, “What is the matter Cherry, weren’t you supposed to knock before entering my office?”.

She replied, “I knocked 3 times sir but heard no answer, I assumed you were asleep and came in to wake you and remind you of your meeting”.

It was work hours and Cherry was his assistant of 7months, he knew it was inappropriate to be getting his cocked sucked in his office where anyone could just barge in but it was hard to resist temptation from Ashely, one of the girls on his beck and call.

Harry wished Cherry had not just seen the sight, he’s been trying to seduce her for the longest time possible and it had been proving futile, he couldn’t believe there was someone who could resist his charms

He found Cherry very attractive and wanted her by all means but he wasn’t going to force her into doing anything with him, he was going to be patient and slowly walk his way to her heart after all that’s what all ladies want and Cherry was no exception.

Cherry’s voice knocked him out of his thoughts, “ Sir you have an appointment with Sir Gerard in the next 5 minutes and he is already on his way up here, She said while making her way hurriedly out of his office”.

He could tell what she saw had an effect on her, he smiled and told Ashely to leave while he began adjusting himself before Gerard his best friend since he could remember walked in.

Both their fathers were best friends and have come a long way, they had both inherited the family’s business and are both doing well.

The Times newspaper even called them the youngest billionaires and yes it was so.

Gerard walked into Harry’s office smiling and rubbing his palms against each other

“Why the hell are you looking like you just got the shocker of your life?”, Gerard asked. He saw a red-haired girl walk out of Harry’s office arranging her dress and immediately knew Harry was up to no good and with the way she was dressed, it definitely wasn’t for business.

“My brother”, Harry laughed whilst walking up to Gerard to give him a hug.

Both men hugged while complimenting each other.

“Well answer my question”, if I didn’t know you well I would’ve said your wife caught you cheating, with the way you look, Gerard continued.

Harry laughed, he missed Gerard’s sense of humor, Business had been hectic, and traveling for one business trip or the other had made them not seen each other in a while, they were two busy men.

“You saw the red-haired cutie walk out of my office yeah?”, He asked Gerard.

“I sure did and she certainly wasn’t here for business purposes, not dressed like that”, Gerard replied.

Harry continued, “Well she was getting down on me when my secretary walked in on us”.

Gerard’s eyes popped out of their sockets, the same reaction Cherry gave

“There, that right there was the same reaction my secretary gave at the sight of us then pretended afterward she didn’t see nothing and went on to inform me you were on your way here”, Harry said.

“Haven’t you been trying to bang your secretary for as long as I can remember?”, Gerard asked.

“Well yes, that’s the only reason I’m bothered she walked in on my cock getting sucked, it’s not a good look for me you know”, Harry replied rubbing his palm against his forehead

“Yes my brother, it definitely isn’t a good look for you, you had a choice of refusing to get down in your office or at least locking the doors, well you got yourself into this, might as well get yourself out”, Gerard said laughing

“Bro, it is so hard to refuse Ashley, she always has her way around me, but not to worry, I still got my game on and eventually I’ll get my secretary in my bed”. Harry said while working to the window to take a peek at Cherry whose office was outside his.

“Your secretary seems like a decent girl, I don’t think she’ll be that easy to get or even look at you, she doesn’t compare to the league of girls you roll with, so why don’t you leave her alone, what do you say brother?”, Gerard asked Harry.

Laughing Harry replied, “Since when did you become a preacher of good tidings, don’t get in my business brother, you don’t have to look deep to see how beautiful my secretary is, she just needs a little touch and she’ll be perfect”.

“Well let me leave you to deal with your problems, don’t forget the tennis game on Saturday morning, let’s catch up then”, Gerard said sighing with his hands in the air showing a sign of defeat while getting up and making his way to the doer with Harry behind him.

“I’ll be a dead man if I forget”. Harry replied

Both men laugh while Gerard walks out of his office with Harry returning to his seat


Cherry could not believe what she walked into in Harry’s office, she knew over the last few months he’d been making obvious advances at her but she pretended to be ignorant of it.

She has seen Harry with different women and even booked them a hotel room sometimes, She got calls almost every day from different women Harry has had a thing with once and never called them back asking about Harry’s whereabouts, but the red-haired lady she walked into in Harry’s office seemed different.

She’s been with Harry since she started working, she knew her boss and could tell he was not committed but she had him hooked as he barely kept any woman around but she had been around for as long as she could remember and might be the one Harry would decide to finally settle with.

The thought of it made her heart sink, When she got the job she had no idea she was coming to work for Harry as she got the job through a job-hunting organization,

Harry was every woman’s dream man, The tabloids carried news of him constantly even though they didn’t do enough justice to how he looked, He was way hotter, more attractive, and handsome on the ground than on paper.

She has always had a crush on him, Harry was 6ft tall with brown eyes and brown hair to compliment his eye, his body was well fitted, and his dress sense was top notch, the smell of his perfume lingered wherever he went, his skin looked really soft and she wondered how it would feel on her skin.

Working for Harry made her realize she did not stand a chance against the women that flocked around her boss, she had decided months ago to kill every little feeling she had for Harry as she did not want to be one of his flings but the sight of his cock on the lady’s mouth made her wish he were hers and she thought of how it would feel inside of her and suddenly she felt a drip on her pants.

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