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Spurned And Fated To The Alpha

Spurned And Fated To The Alpha

img Fantasy
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Scarlett Ryan, a Beta who always dreamt of when her mate would sweep her off her feet; just like the many stories she often heard about how thrilling it often was, she anticipated it. Until she met Kadon Shane, whom she believed was delivered to her by the moon goddess. However, he had a Fiancee, and as if it was not enough, he rejected her not once, not twice. No one told Scarlett about getting a mate with a Fiancee, nor getting rejected! Yet, he did it so easily and made it look like it was a normal thing to do. Alpha Kadon Shane, a sweet and not-so-sweet Alpha of the Moonlight Pack who had many dark secrets. He was ruthless and unforgiving. ★★★ "I hate you, I hate you!" Scarlett screamed, tugging her hair in frustration. Also, she swiped her eyes with the back of her palm, sniffing. "Perhaps you should write a list of things you hate about me because this is the beginning, darling." He smirked. "Why are you so mean to me? Don't you see we are made for each other?!" He shoved her violently as she gripped his hand. "I'll reject you over and over again! Get that straight: I am not f**king into you." She moaned as her head pounded; her heart hurt as well as her body, as it had bruised when he shoved her into the rough wall. She was rejected, yet again, and it hurt as hell. Will she keep on reaching out for a heart that seemed inaccessible only to her, or she will relent and move on with her life even though they were destined?

Chapter 1 One

"Can I get another cup of Margarita, please?!"

Scarlett hollered above the loud music. She made sure to drawl the 'please,' and she fluttered her lashes for added effect to the bartender, who looked like he wasn't interested in giving her any more orders due to her state.

She was not drunk per se because she could still tell what was going on around her. But, if she had another drink, she'd be drunk, and who knows, she'd spend the night passed out on the dance floor, maybe.

That was the last thing she wanted because she had a reputation to keep. Her father would definitely stop her from going to any more parties if her face appeared on the weekly news as usual.

He had warned her against getting drunk while at a party, and Scarlett, being the headstrong woman she was, never heeded any of his words.

Worse, she did the opposite, and most times, it was to rile him.

Her father was influential, an Alpha of the Crescent Moon tribe. The Crescent Moon tribe was a werewolf tribe in Division One- Wandering Height had a lot of Divisions- Which consisted of different supernatural beings.

Her father was a respected man in the whole of Wandering Height because he wasn't just an Alpha; he was of a higher status in the social world. So, you could say they were part of the upper class.

People believed children of the upper class were spoilt and selfish, but Scarlett thought otherwise. As far as she was concerned, her father had instilled an extreme discipline in her that made her far from what people often associated with upper-class kids.

"Here's your order."

"Thank you!" Scarlett flashed him a toothed smile, grabbed the margarita, took a big sip, and then walked off to the dance floor, where several sweaty bodies were rocking into each other.

She groaned as someone held on to her waist. She had wanted to dance alone; in fact, she often wanted to dance alone, but the men never always allowed her.

The perverted men would stop at nothing to have their stupid hands on her body.

She had caught their eyes on her when she first stepped into the hall, but she had shrugged them off. She wasn't oblivious to how she looked. She had been called beautiful several times, and a lot of people had used some other enticing adjective to describe her look. And she had been told by her father that she was specially made by the moon goddess, Selene- the guardian of the wolves.

Her wolf colour was a white colour, and her father had called her a rare beauty.

But Scarlett had laughed it off each time her father said that until she started seeing men gravitating towards her.

The wrong men, actually, and they wanted only her body, which she wasn't ready to offer to them.

Also, it was the reason she was without a mate.

She had chased most of them away.

"Hey, watch your fucking back!"

Scarlett swirled as someone shoved her roughly. She turned to glare at the person who had nudged her, and a gasp slipped out of her mouth.

The most beautiful pair of electric blue eyes she had ever seen collided with hers. His hair, a light golden colour, was in a tight ponytail.

He was athletic and towered above her despite the six-inch heels she donned. She had to raise her head to stare into his mesmerizing eyes.

A scowl adorned his chiselled face, and that didn't make him less attractive.

Scarlett couldn't remember the last time she had been attracted to a man at first sight.

Still, the person standing before her wasn't just an ordinary man. By his pheromones, she could tell he was a werewolf.

Werewolves could tell by their sense of smell if a person was part of them or not.

She had been told by her parents that the scent of an ordinary werewolf was different from the scent of a mate.

The pheromones that were often produced were stronger, and the attractive force between them would be enough to tell if they were mates or not.

In this case, she could feel everything.

'He's an Alpha!" Moony exclaimed, then giggled excitedly. 'He's your mate too!'

The man standing in front of her was an Alpha, as Moony had said. His scent was quite different from the other werewolves in the room.

Aside from the manly cologne he donned, he smelt of authority, arrogance, and obnoxiousness.

The way he was glaring at her told her he was about to snap at her for mistakenly slamming into him.

Still, she believed if he had been watching, he would have avoided her.

"When you are done watching me, you could at least say sorry for spilling your drink on me." He grunted.

Scarlett's head reeled. His look was perfect, and his voice was something else.

It did something she couldn't explain to her body. And she could feel herself ogling him in awe.

'Oh, poor girl! She had taken an instant liking to him.' Moony murmured. 'Don't worry, I like him too, and I can't wait for you to make little pups!'

Scarlett snapped out of her daze at the constant chit-chat from Moony. Moony wasn't that chatty, and she was barely interested in anyone.

In fact, she had been the one that rejected most of the men that had come for her. She had rejected them in turn because if she did accept them, the relationship could turn disastrous.

So, each werewolf had to be in agreement with their inner wolf while looking for a potential mate.

Moony had deemed each man not good enough. But now, in the presence of this stranger, she was acting giddy like a teenager who just saw his first crush.

"Will you quit spacing out?! I am losing my patience here." He snapped.

'Can't be so sure he's my mate. He is so rude.' Scarlett said through a mind link.

Despite the attraction, she couldn't ignore the rudeness in his words. He was making her look as if she had done it on purpose.

'Well, I would be if you poured that drink on my expensive dress.' Moony exclaimed.

'Are you on my side or his?!'

'Well, I don't want to take a side, but you should apologize.'.

'You should be on my side all the time!' Scarlett facepalmed mentally. 'I mean, you are me, and I am you, but then you are in me. I don't know why you are taking the side of a stranger whom you barely know, and he is so rude!'

'He is for a reason. Now, apologize, else you won't get to have any mate, and you know what that means?'

Scarlett rolled her eyes. She was going to apologize, but she wouldn't accept him as her mate even though her body and mind already did.


"I am sorry." Scarlett rolled her eyes at him. "Don't expect more apologies from me because that is only what I've got to say."

Kadon shook his head as he accessed the woman in front of him. She seemed to be about the same age as him and a werewolf, too. He could tell by her scent, but she was so rude.

He had expected a well-mannered young woman when he bumped into her until she spoke.

He had bumped into her on purpose, but then, there was no way he was going to tell her that.

Also, she had been the reason he was currently on the dance floor. He rarely went to the dance floor at parties. Not because he couldn't dance but because he could. It was because of the constant bump of sweaty bodies, and he didn't want that.

Kadon wasn't a neat freak. But then, he didn't want someone's sweaty scent to stick on him lest Jenna, his mate intended, thinks he had cheated on her.

The scent of the person he had followed had led him to the woman who was staring haughtily at him now, and he could tell she was talking through a mind link because of the way she clenched her fists, shook her white hair, and whispered some words he couldn't hear.

Kadon believed if he strained his ears, he would know what she was saying, but then, her whispers were inaudible.

"Do you want me to also lay down and kiss your feet? Then maybe I will announce the prince is here, and everyone should take turns coming to bow to you!"

Scarlett winced as the words left her mouth.

She wondered what had gotten into her. She was rarely rude because she often minded her business.

But the man in front of her was making her talk in a harsh way, and Moony wasn't helping.

She was busy planning the kids she was going to have with the stranger and how perfect their wedding would be with each other.

So, it made whatever she was saying not be taken seriously. Not to the stranger who had tilted his brows, staring at her now.

Kadon tossed his head backward and let out a peal of laughter despite himself. What she had said was a bit funny and made it look like he was some kind of a crazy prince.

Maybe he was because he had been described that way so many times. But he had never thought of any of the descriptions until now.

It was funny a stranger he barely knew was telling him what most people had said.

"No, I wouldn't want you to do that, and the apology would suffice. But my shirt is ruined because of your margarita."

"Well, that I am truly sorry about. I should have drunk the whole margarita before coming to the dance floor." Scarlett rambled. A blush tinged her cheeks, and she stared down at her legs, then up at him.

"I can clean it for you." She offered, then bit her tongue because she wasn't the one offering him. It was Moony doing the talking.

Or maybe she was, but then, the conversation was turning into something she didn't envisage.

"I'm Kadon," Kadon said, introducing himself. "And you are Belle?" He joked.

"Very funny," Scarlett rolled her eyes. "I'm Scarlett and not Belle or any other princess you have in mind."

Her hands went into her clutch, and she brought out a paper towel.

"You don't have to do…" Kadon trailed off, but she had already begun to dab on his shirt with the towel in her hand.

'Mate!' Luci, his wolf growled.

Kadon winced at the nearness between them, and it was causing him pain within. His head reeled, and a bead of sweat gathered on his forehead. His nose wrinkled, and he attempted not to breathe, but it was nearly impossible not to.

He desired to clutch her hands and dragged her towards his car, which was parked outside. Then, he'd kissed her senselessly before pulling off the outrageous red halter neck dress she donned, which barely reached her knees off her body, which he believed would be beautiful because of the slight curve of her backside and her delicate skin.

He wanted to access everything in her body and have her screaming out his name in no time while he marked her as his.

But he couldn't…

"Take your filthy hands off, my man, or I will help you by breaking them so the goddess helps me!"

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