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Shadows of Affection

Shadows of Affection

img Romance
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When a decade-strong bond between two best friends, one a CEO and the other his trusted Chief Security Officer, is put to the ultimate test, sparks fly as a breathtakingly beautiful woman named Samantha Davis enters their lives. Having been in love with Samantha since high school, Luke feels threatened that his chance at love will be lost when he notices Samantha falling for someone else. Samantha, with her charm, intelligence, and sass, is on a quest for fame within her father's publication. Little does she know that a much-converted interview with the elusive Charles Stone, a powerful and enigmatic business mogul, will catapult her into the centre of a quad relation that could redefine their destinies. As the quad navigates the complexities of newfound desires, buried secrets from the past threaten to unravel the foundation of their friendship. Will the flames of passion lead to stronger bonds, or will the fierce contest for a woman's love destroy everything they once shared? Dive into this enthralling tale of love, loyalty, and the unexpected, where each page beckons with the promise of a captivating revelation.

Chapter 1 Traffic in the Summer

Only this morning when she got out of bed, Samantha had thought that today would be a wonderful day, having just returned from her studies in Finland, she felt so happy waking up to the glorious Arizona sun. Five hours later and having been stuck in traffic for twenty minutes now, she didn't think the sun was glorious anymore, "why does it have to be so hot?", she kept murmuring to herself.

Despite, setting the car's AC to the lowest temperature she was already getting uncomfortable sitting in the car and honking at the vehicles in front of her. She missed Finland already but was happy to be back home.

She was on her way to DeNill Publication, a magazine company owned by her father, it was one of the biggest in Phoenix and she was officially resuming work there today.

After several more minutes of navigating through traffic, Samantha finally parked in front of the building. It was just as intimidating as its owner. Although her father owned the place, she knew she wasn't going to get any special treatment as he was a stickler for professionalism. She was coming here to work her way to the top and prove herself.

"I would show them that indeed I am Samantha Davis, brilliant daughter of Davis DeNill, when because famous and rich," she said out loud staring at the building before walking into it.

“Good morning Floyd, how are you doing?”

“Morning Boss.” Floyd replied. Pulling out a chair to sit, he proceeded to serve himself from the breakfast served on the table.

“Have you settled the ladies from last night?” Charles asked. While taking a sip from his cup of coffee.

“Mhhmm” Floyd gestured, indicating his mouth was full, only when he was done chewing and had swollen the food in his mouth did he reply.

“I told you there was nothing to worry about, I already made them sign the non-disclosure contract before I brought them here. And just for extra measures, I had them blindfolded during the drive, so they have no idea where you live.” Floyd said stuffing more food into his mouth.

“I can't just help being wary of the press. They are always looking for dirt to dig out on people. I can't forget what they did to my dad and how we almost lost Newville.” Charles said with a sigh.

“I understand your fears, Bro, but be rest assured that is not going to happen to you on my watch.” Floyd assured him. Putting up a serious face since they started the conversation.

His role as CSO went beyond just security, it also extended to ensuring Charles's privacy. Which was why he was responsible for picking up the girls that Charles took to bed.

Charles enjoyed wide sex and would always take on a least two girls at a time. It was his duty to ensure that none of these bedroom secrets ever got out. So, he always made the girls sign a non-disclosure contract as well as pay them handsomely. The consequences of trying to break the non-disclosure contract were extreme. If necessary, it was his duty to enforce such consequences.

“We are flying back to Arizona this afternoon. Mother wants us to have a family dinner this evening. and I have a meeting with some researchers before then” Charles announced interrupting Floyd's thoughts.

“In that case, I will be going home to see my folks after the meeting. There will be enough security at your parents' villa to handle things for the night. I'll be back tomorrow morning.” Floyd informed him.

Charles wasn't happy about this, he always felt safer having Floyd by his side, but then he knew Floyd needed to be with his family too. Over the years of their friendship, Floyd has become his support system, one he depended on for a lot of things. Staring at him, he prayed in his heart that nothing would come between their friendship.

“Hey man, you are staring” Floyd said snapping his fingers in Charles's face. “If I didn't know better, I would think you are crushing on me with that look on your face,” Floyd added laughing.

"Good morning and welcome to DeNill Publication, how may I help you ma'am?" The lady behind the desk asked.

"My name is Samantha, I have an appointment with Mr Davis, he is expecting me."

"Take the elevator to the third floor, you will find his office by the third door to your left", the lady at the front desk informed her.

Stepping into the elevator, she noticed she was getting steers but she was used to it by now. Being beautiful comes with its disadvantages, she thought.

As she approached her father's office, she could hear his shouting echoing through the hallway.

"I need ideas, if we continue like this we are going to go underwater, give me ideas ….", "Get out of my office and don't come back till you have something"

A middle-aged man scampered out looking angry and stressed, she sighed, her father had that effect on people.

"Good morning the world's most amazing father".

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