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Said I didn't Love Him But I Lied

Said I didn't Love Him But I Lied

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Everleigh was a noble lady who had a happy family. She was supposed to marry Theodore, a hot rich CEO. However, an accident forced her to leave the man she loved the most. Seven years later, she backed as a skillful doctor with cute twins. And she met Theodore again who now became her patient, also the future groom of her bestie. She sent wishes to this couple-to-be. But her heart was bleeding. It's time to say goodbye to the past. But her cute twins had a different opinion. They planned to make Theodore, the man who looked exactly like them, their father! Meanwhile, Everleigh discovered the accident that made Theodore and she broke up, was a vicious plot...

Chapter 1 New Female Doctor

In the emergency operating theatre at a hospital in Ocpeace City.

The red light, which was switched on for three hours, finally went out.

Everleigh Trevino walked out of the operating theatre. She removed her gloves and surgical mask before throwing them into the trash can.

The assisting doctor next to her handed her the hand soap and said thankfully, "Dr. Trevino, thank goodness you're in charge. If they assigned it to someone else, the patient would have died."

Everleigh got some hand soap and rubbed her hands together diligently. She reminded solemnly, "We'll have to observe the patient's condition after the surgery. We need to pay attention to—"

As she was speaking, she spotted a nurse running along the corridor. The smile on her face faded.

Everyone in the emergency department was well-trained. It must be very urgent if the nurse was running like that.

Everleigh did not have time to remind her colleague. She washed off the foam from her hands and strode towards the emergency ward without drying her hands.

As soon as Everleigh opened the door, she overheard a few nurses chatting.

"Another emergency?"

"Well, we just received a patient who lost consciousness. They even notified the hospital dean, Benedict."

"Who is it? They even dared disturb the hospital dean?"

"Theodore Godfrey!"

Theodore Godfrey?

Everleigh held her breath.

"Who else? Do you know another Theodore in Ocpeace City? I heard that he was in a bridal shop with his fiancée when he fainted..."

Everleigh could no longer hear what the nurse had to say. Her heart was racing and she felt a dull pain in her chest.

"Dr. Trevino? You're here! That's great. Quick, take a look at this patient."

The nurse who was monitoring the patient's heart rate spotted Everleigh. She was overjoyed and handed the blood test report to Everleigh immediately.

The nurse did not notice Everleigh's pale face.

"Dr. Trevino, the patient's white blood cell count is rising. His blood sugar level is low and we just gave him a glucose drip. We think it might be acute gastritis."

Everleigh received the report hesitantly. She glanced at the numbers and took a deep breath before saying to the nurse, "Leave it to me."

"Then... I'll take my leave. Thank you, Dr. Trevino," the nurse replied.

Everleigh hummed in response.

After the nurse went away with the medical cart, Everleigh picked up a stethoscope from the table and walked to the bed.

Her eyes fell on the man on the bed. Her emotions were getting out of control again and she was no longer composed.

Theodore was still unconscious. His eyes were shut and he looked weak and tired.

However, his chilly aura made him unapproachable even when he was unconscious.

Everleigh's heart ached. It had been seven years!

She thought that she would never meet him again.

She raised her hand to massage the wrinkles between his eyebrows instinctively. Yet, she pulled back hurriedly when she nearly touched him.

"Everleigh, what are you doing?" she questioned herself silently.

Currently, he was nothing more than her patient!

Everleigh snapped back to her senses and hid the sadness in her eyes. She tore her eyes away from Theodore's face.

Her fingers were trembling as she unbuttoned his suit. She was greeted by a familiar scent. She held her breath and held the stethoscope swiftly. She leaned over and placed the stethoscope on his abdomen.

A muffled sound echoed in his abdomen.

She was sure that it was acute gastritis.

Everleigh stood upright and glanced at the man inadvertently. She almost dropped her stethoscope.

Theodore, who had been unconscious, opened his eyes. His cold hazel eyes were fixated on her.

Suddenly, he raised his arm to grab her wrist. The needle taped on the back of his hand dislodged and blood was gushing out.

Theodore's eyes sank as he read the badge on her chest.

Chief Surgeon, Everleigh Trevino!

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