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Ruining My Enemy's Daughter

Ruining My Enemy's Daughter

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It all started with a strip search. …. "Remove your clothes." “Excuse me?” “You are not leaving until I find what you stole from here. Get naked right now.” My jaw drops. This man is a freaking psychopath. … Riley is reeling under trauma of her assault. She needs kindness and compassion in her life. Someone to help her pick her bits and pieces and make her whole again. Mikolaj is someone she shouldn’t be around. He is a ruthless CEO out for vengeance on her parents. How will she save herself when he has laid his eyes on her, to take his long-overdue revenge? She shouldn’t be held accountable for a crime her father committed two decades ago. But Mikolaj doesn’t think so. … This story is a standalone spin-off for ‘My Hot Forbidden Neighbor.’ There would be no abuse. But this story can turn dark with some gray and questionable things, and I will give trigger warnings if necessary.

Chapter 1 Hookup

‘Nice… Your turn West… Quick! I don’t have the entire night.’

He grabs my waist to pull me closer and I scream.


1. Hookup


It’s almost Seven in the evening and I am freaking out. I have not finalized a damn dress yet. This date will blow up in my face if I don’t calm down.

I am sure I have something to wear. Something comfortable enough. I am a little skittish right now. Because I am planning to have — sex. After like… almost two years.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to tag along?” Natalie, my bestie, asks me for a millionth time and I roll my eyes while browsing my closet for a dress.

“If you want to cheat on Jacob and hook up with some new guy… Then you are most welcome… if not, then no. There is no need for you to come with me.” I tell her, trying to sound casual, but I am annoyed. After that incident, everyone treats me as if I cannot take care of myself. Yes, I am freaking out a little. But it doesn’t mean she has to shove it in my face.

Natalie crosses her arms and scowls. “I don’t need to cheat on him. I am happy! And content.”

“Yeah, I am sure she is having lots and lots of phone sex,” Ira, my roommate, laughs at her and Natalie scowls harder. Her boyfriend is not in the same city. Considering her huge sexual appetite, we all know it is hard for her.

I turn and quirk my brow at Ira.

“Somebody didn’t come back last night.” I drawl while throwing some useless clothes out of the closet onto the floor.

“Oh my God! Don’t tease me about phone sex when you are having full on action in your life.” Natalie smacks her arm.

Ira is Natalie’s childhood friend. I chose not to be roommates with my own best friend because I couldn’t stand the pity in her eyes. So I was surprised when I ended up with Ira instead. To this day, I suspect there was some foul play in it.

“What the hell!” I mutter under my breath, when one more short length dress finds its way to my hand. I don’t like short dresses.

Finally, my eyes fall on a maroon dress hidden in a corner and I exclaim, ”Oh God! It’s perfect!” It’s a floral knee-length, v neck dress. I feel the soft fabric on my fingertips. Soft and cozy. Just what I like.

I think to myself, smiling.

“It’s a full sleeve!” Ira makes a face and my smile falters.

“It’s a little chilly today, and she is always cold. So I guess it’s for the best.” Natalie offers a reply, and I am thankful.

Mom says scars on my back and arms are not visible anymore. But I think otherwise. If I can see those, I am sure others can too. Last thing I want is to talk about how I got them.

“So, are you still coming?” I smirk at her while removing my clothes to wear the dress.

“Told you, NO!” Natalie grumbles.

When I am about to get in the cab, Natalie gives me a kiss on the cheek and whispers, “Don’t push yourself…”

“I won’t.“ I tell her quietly.

“You don’t need to worry about anything.... He is perceptive and good in bed,” she tells me and I shake my head.

“Better than Jacob?” I ask, to suppress my resentment.

She is anxious, and I know it. But she needs to realize her worry is getting to me.

“Nooo! Obviously not!... But he will take care of you. If you know what I mean.” She winks at me.

Natalie had a date cum hookup package arranged for me. I couldn’t risk hooking up with someone unknown. I have seen this guy around in a few classes, so I am fairly confident and looking forward to enjoying my evening. Hopefully, I will break this stupid celibacy tonight.


The cab pulls over in front of the restaurant and I see him waiting for me already. He paces towards the cab and opens the door for me.

Such a gentleman!

“Thanks, Nicolas!”

He rolls his eyes. “For God’s sake! It’s Nico! I told you over the phone.” He complains and I laugh. We have talked over calls a few times to make sure we can at least hold a normal conversation.

We enter the restaurant and take a table in a corner for some privacy. I glance around and take in the surroundings. It’s a darkly lit restaurant with beautiful patterns of blue and red spotlights. The dark walls are decorated with posters and music equipment. Music is very light, as if they don’t want to suppress the chatter.

Nico orders some food for both of us. Because just like my clothes, I take forever to choose my food.

We talk about college, and career plans while enjoying our food. Conversation somehow falls at why he isn’t into relationships.

“It’s just not my thing! I don’t like being bound to someone. Believe me, I have tried and cheated once.” he admits casually.

“Oh!” I say, flabbergasted by his sudden admission.

“It was messy.“ He says, and I see a flicker of regret on his face. “I was wrong, so I thought I should try not to get into a relationship If I can’t be faithful.” He shrugs.

“Bold of you to admit that,” I say.

“Nice of you to keep calm and not walk out yet,” he laughs.

My eyes widen.

“Have you admitted this to girls before?”

“Of Course yes… you are not that special Riley.” He smirks and I laugh.

“What was the worst reaction you got?”

“Oh, well…” he says ruefully. “A girl threw her drink at me. Even though it was only a hookup setting, not some date…”

I gape at him. “It must be a sore topic for her,” I say, and he nods.

“I… admit it openly to make sure I don’t do it again. It’s a pleasant reminder why relationships and I don’t fit together…” He says, taking a sip of his drink.

He is honest. I like that.

“What about you? Why are you still single…” He shoots me back a question and I give him a naughty grin.

“What makes you think I am not in a relationship?”

He laughs. “Oh, come on! I am not blind Riley. I haven’t seen you with any boy ever since we joined college.I am sure you have been single for more than a year and a half.”

“Come on, tell me the real reason.” He coaxes. “I am surprised how boys have left you single for this long… “

I smile and admit truthfully, “I am still not over my ex.”

And the fact that he raped me.

Rape or whatever it was…

My heartbeat quickens and my mind unwillingly goes towards the same night. The last time we had sex… The consensual one. One that wasn’t forced.

“I think we should call it a night.” I blare out to force myself in the present.

The last thing I want is to fall into that rabbit hole of terrible memories.

A/N: Thank you for giving this book a chance. This story is a standalone spin-off for ‘My Hot Forbidden Neighbor.’

There would be no abuse. But this story can turn dark with some gray and questionable things, and I will give Trigger warning if necessary.

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